Family Photographs… and their stories: Finding Nancy Drew

Do you see Nancy Drew?

Isn’t it always the case… look for one thing… and find another unexpected surprise. My husband strongly believes that it’s meant to be. While looking for a specific photo today to complete a post… and after exhausting all the boxes he pulled out from under the bed… and not finding it… but I did find this awesome photo!

Before looking through several packages of photos… that were in a box of miscellaneous items… and wondering why they were there… I continued my original search. Suddenly thinking of Shutterfly, I looked there… and Bingo I found them. I know they must be somewhere on my computer, but at least they made their way online for me to retrieve.

So what did I find in those packages of photos that had been packed away where they shouldn’t have been? I found photos my daughter must have taken of her room… and no sooner than I looked at the one above… the yellow caught my eye. I immediately thought to myself… “could they be her Nancy Drew books on the bookshelf?” I was so excited to actually see them on her shelf… and so wishing that in all the photographs I had of my room as a child, that my Nancy Drews had shown up.

Last year hubby came up from the cellar with a box… placing it on the floor in front of me, saying, “I think you’ve been looking for these.” He was so right! When Melissa took the books off her bookcase, she packed them in a box and put them in the cellar… where they’ve been for a long, long time. They resurfaced at the right time… and now they are back on her bookshelves!

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  1. cassmob says:

    I was a Nancy Drew fan too 🙂 Love the ginger kitten.

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