About Me

Hi Y’all….

I’m Jeanne Bryan Insalaco… Southern born in Georgia but now living in Connecticut. Yes I crossed the Mason-Dixon line… and I know that’s a no-no for Southerner’s, but I married a Yankee!

I have been researching my Bryan and McKinley roots for several years and began this blog when I joined a challenge in 2014 to write 52 stories in 52 weeks. Happy to say I completed it… on time. The link to those stories is on the top of my header.

Besides researching family history and blogging, I also knit, crochet and love to find new crafts for my granddaughters. I’ve done many different crafts through the years and have more pinned on Pinterest than I’ll ever get to!

If you’ve landed here searching for Bryan or McKinley history, I look forward to hearing from you. And if you’ve just landed from one of my many tags…. hope you’ve enjoyed the read, as I love to hear from new readers.


Email me: Jinsalaco@sbcglobal.net