Down on the Farm Blog

These stories are written from listening to my mother talk about her life through the years. She loves to reminisce about life growing up on the farm and the stories her father told. I am  thankful she has shared them with me and I share them here in written  form for my children and family.

 I have them thanks to my mother!

Many people  today are not as fortunate as I am in having family stories passed on to them. Years ago, parents didn’t talk about their lives, much less their parents, and unless you lived close-by, you might not have even known your grandparent’s names.

People felt it was more  personal information and not shared like today. My children can tell you who their grandparent’s and great-grandparent’s are, where they were born and hopefully have many remembrances of. I feel very blessed that my mother has shared so many family stories with me all my life – now they will be shared with generations to come and never be forgotten.

 Thanks for the memories Mom!

© 2015 Jeanne Bryan Insalaco