Weekly Chat: August 5, 2021… I’m Back for catch-up chatting

I’m Back…

I seem to have burnt myself out after the 30 “daily” writing on my 2021 April A to Z this year… but I’m trying motivate myself in finishing some of my blog posts I have pending… and writing this new weekly chat. I’m thinking now I should have really called these… Monthly Chats!

Do you also have several blog drafts started… meaning to write… but then other things get in the way… like life, knitting, cooking, vacation? I have so many things I want to finish, but I just can’t seem to accomplish them all at the same time. I really need to dig into my stash of junk journal supplies and get busy creating some journals… as I’ve accumulated lots of stuff… now only need to start; I’ve wanted for the longest to create a travel and Nancy Drew junk journal for the many things I’ve saved. The first thing though… is to clear off my dining room table, which has become my craft “holding” table!

Magnus the Mouse… and that tail that intrigued me in knitting him!

I’ve been on and off with my knitting… but still have socks to finish, and socks I want to begin. I recently sent off knitted slippers I made to my daughter in law… as there’s always a few chilly mornings in Florida. Finally finished my knitted Magnus the Mouse, his clothes, and even his tail… but in thinking he needed a girlfriend, I began another. I had struggled slightly with the first one in reading the directions, so wanted to perfect the pattern better… but that didn’t quite work out, as the second one befuddled me just a bit more… but I finally finished her… just need clothes now. There were no clothes pattern for a girl, so I’m going to have to look around at something that might fit her. Wish I was one of those knitters who could just knit a simple jumper dress out of my head… but that’s not going to happen! If anyone knows of a knitted dress for like a 9-inch stuffed mouse… send my way. If you’re curious about Magnus, check out the link HERE; it’s a Carlos & Arne pattern.

One of the main reasons I’m not a fan of knitting animals… is having to make so many components to complete the end. With Magnus, there were 2 legs, then attach to make the body… then 2 arms to attach before knitting the head. Afterward, having to knit 2 ears… and then that 8 inch tail… and besides having to knit all those separate pieces… there’s often sewing involved. And just when you think you’re finished… you have to dress them… meaning that you must now knit clothes… which consisted of pants and a sweater for Magnus. I’ll soon be writing a separate post on knitting the Magnus… once I knit a dress for his girlfriend…. hmm, she also needs a name!

So what are you knitting?

This is the scenery I see everyday by riding by the beach area! Whenever we travel, it’s always the first place we come upon returning home! This area is known as Bradley Point… and a favorite walking spot to relax way out under the two trees at the point. Many years ago, there were even houses on Bradley Point… so hard to imagine today!

Summer in Connecticut has been a little iffy this year… and while we’ve had many hot days, we’ve also had more than our share of rainy days… which has made it hard to plan anything. Summer music on the town greens were back this year, but often with rain preempting much of it. As of the past week, with more dry days… things are finally starting to look promising, but summer is dwindling down now, as we’ve headed into August… and school starting later this month. We did enjoy attending a few summer concerts… and just recently attended the Savin Rock Festival which took place alongside the beach area in West Haven.

We spend many mornings and evenings sitting at the beach relaxing with friends. There’s something about sitting alongside the water that’s calming, and cool… even on a hot and humid day. Several evenings there are DJ’s there… Thursdays being my favorite, as they play the oldies… but Sundays draw the biggest crowd. I’m always saying I’m going to bring my knitting or sewing… as I hate wasting time, but even when I bring it… it seldom comes out of my bag.

My granddaughters, McKinley and Grace with mom Melissa walking out on the breaker pier wall!

Sunflowers planted along the boardwalk… adding some color to the beach!

While I don’t have any vacations planned for the summer, we will be heading to Florida when the weather cools down a bit… and I can’t wait. I do enjoy hitting the road and living out of my suitcase. I’ve also been thinking of heading up to maybe Maine or New Hampshire for a few days… just stopping wherever we please with no specific agenda! Although if we hit Maine, I want one of those potato doughnuts at the Holy Donut; my favorite is the maple bacon! (We usually stop at the one in Scarborough on Rt. 1)

Marketplace, on Facebook, is another site I seem to be spending a lot of time on… as I’ve been selling there. I decided last year that it’s time to downsize, and let go of many things we’ve collected through the years. Funny though… I know I’ve sold many items… but I’m just not seeing space yet… what am I doing wrong? And don’t say “I’m buying more“. I’m trying to be more unattached to things… in order to let go. Funny how it doesn’t seem to bother me as much now to let them go! Are you letting go of things… any secrets to share?

I finally managed to finish my post on our 50th wedding anniversary… only took me two months, past our wedding date to finish, but after 5717 words later… it’s done; can be read over HERE. It was really hard in deciding… and remembering… what to include, and often now I think of something that I should go back and add in.

Well… gotta run and work on more posts to finish up… although there is always housework, but it’s not calling me this morning. I’m thinking I should have called these… Monthly Chats!


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  1. Loved catching up. I’m interested in your 50th wedding anniversary post as ours is next year but it won’t take me through on my iPad when I click on Here. Maybe I’ll try on the computer.

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