Turner Family Research: William Pinkney Turner – Are John & Hannah Turner your parents? Post 2

William Pinkney Turner: Are John & Hannah Turner your parents? Post 2

A continuation of findings, facts and more in my search for William Pinkney Turner’s parents…

My original post on the search for William’s parents can be found Here – it was written January 4th of this year. Since writing it I have decided to make follow-ups in order for a  better continuation of information. The more you look and study the facts – the more of a chance to find a piece of info you have over-looked!

Before I go any further, I’d like to add all I know about John & Hannah Turner


1840: John Turner, Union Co., South Carolina – Pg. 178 (On Family Search, I found 2 John Turners in Union Co., S.C. – could the other one  be John Turner Sr?)

Free White Persons – Males – 20 thru 29: 1                        John Turner
Free White Persons – Females – 20 thru 29: 1                     Hannah Turner
Persons Employed in Agriculture: 1                       John Turner
No. White Persons over 20 Who Cannot Read and Write: 2              John & Hannah Turner
Free White Persons – 20 thru 49: 2             John & Hannah Turner
Total Free White Persons: 2             John & Hannah Turner
Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 2            John & Hannah Turner

In 1840, a John Turner lived in Union, Union Co., S.C. with possible wife – Hannah? If this is John and Hannah Turner, then it seems they probably just married. Son, Oliver P. Turner, was born in S.C. 1841 and also Elizabeth b. 1843. If my William is the William on the 1850, Davis District, Lumpkin Co., GA census, then between 1843, and by 1846 when William was born… the family had moved to GA (Moved to Ga. between 1843-1846)


1840 Union, South Carolina: John Turner / David Turner – Pg. 189

Turner John and David SC 1840 Clip

John Turner: 2 males under 5; 2 males 5 under 10; 1 male 50 under 60; 1 female under 5; 2 females 5 under 10; 1 female 15 under 20:  Seems this family of John Turner has no mother living unless it’s the last female 15 under 20, but highly unlikely as she possibly would have been 15 or younger having first child.

David Turner: 1 male under 5; 1 male 30 under 40; 1 female under 5; 1 female 15 under 20; 1 female 80 under 90: Could this David be a brother of this John Turner. Probably no mother in the household, but the older female is either his mother or mother-in-law.


1850: John & Hannah Turner – Davis, Lumpkin Co., GA.


Family No. 35 – Davis, Lumpkin County, Georgia

  • Turner, John, age 26, born S.C. (1824 – although most times it is 1821)
  • Turner, Hannah, age 30, born S.C. (1820)
  • Turner, Oliver, age 9, born S.C. (1841)
  • Turner, Elizabeth, age 7, born S.C. (1843)
  • Turner, William, age 4, born GA. (1846)

I do believe, at this time, that this is my William P. Turner in the family of John and Hannah. Living directly next door is Clementh Abercrombie, whose daughter Sarah Fanny Abercrombie married Oliver Perry Turner.

1860: census has not been found… as of yet!

Believe me, I have looked every which way, along with others, and John and Hannah are just not to be found. Anyone reading this – I’d love for you to take a shot at it, and I’ll be in your debt forever if you can locate it! It’s very frustrating, as I know they didn’t leave Georgia, and John was listed just 4 years later on the 1864 Lumpkin County Militia Census… so why, or how, were they not listed on the 1860 census?

1864: Lumpkin County, GA. Militia Census – John Turner


County of Lumpkin, District 935: Age 42 years, 11 months (abt. 1821). I found different occupations, other than regular census, which had always listed him as a farmer, but here he is listed as a “hatter.” Also listed as born in South Carolina. Under “gun” column he lists that he owns a rifle, and in good condition. Under “cavalry” he lists nothing, so I’m assuming no horse owned.

This is the only found mention of him after the 1850 census as no researchers have turned up the 1860 census. I have searched in many ways, but nothing as of yet. I went back and searched his neighbors, but no John or Hannah; I have found families listed inside other family surnames before. This 1864 proves that he remained in Lumpkin Co., but where was home? I know the war had been raging since 1861 – did he possibly not want to be counted in 1860 for military reasons?

1870: John & Hannah Turner – Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co., Georgia.


Name:                Family No. 904 Age
John Turner 48
Hannah Turner 55
Sarah Turner 18
Francis Turner 17
Mary Turner 14

In 1870 John is listed as a farmer, age 48 (b.1822); real estate valued at $500; a personal estate at $350; born in South Carolina. Daughter Mary’s future husband, Samuel Rider, is just two households away.


1880: John & Hannah Turner – Hightower, Lumpkin Co., Georgia


Name:                      Family No. 55 Age
John Turner 59
Hannah Turner 64 (too old to have a 6yr., old daughter)
Oliver Turner 39 (not actually living in household)
Elizabeth Turner 35 (could Darian be her daughter?)
William Turner 34 (not actually living in household)
Sary Turner 28 (could Darian be her daughter?)
Marion Turner (last census he was listed as Francis, now using his middle name) 25 – He is listed as a “widower” – assume he’s back home and working on fathers farm. Could Darian be his daughter?
Mary Turner 23 (not actually living in household)
Darian Turner 6 (whose daughter is this?)

John lists his father as born South Carolina and mother born North Carolina.

For some odd reason, John & Hannah listed all their children in the 1880 census, whether living with them – or not. I’m not sure who Darian (female) age 6 belonged to, as I don’t believe Hannah, at age 64, was still having children. I’m thinking possibly no one lived home now, unless the two unmarried daughters, Elizabeth and Sary, of which I have found nothing on, still lived with parents and female Darian, age 6, belonged to one of them, or the widowed brother Francis M. Turner, who is back home.


Oliver Perry Turner

Son of John & Hannah Turner


Son, Oliver Perry Turner, married Sarah A. Albercrombie, September 30, 1866 in Lumpkin Co., GA. (Not living in household of parents, John & Hannah Turner in 1880)


William Pinkney Turner

Son of John & Hannah Turner

Nimblewill, Lumpkin Co., Georgia


Son, William Pinkney Turner, married Laura A. Gooch, Nov. 14, 1867 in Lumpkin Co., Georgia. (Not living in household of parents – John & Hannah Turner in 1880, as shown where John is listed.)

Name:              Family No. 99 Age
William Turner 33
Lauria A. Turner (Gooch) 28
Barner Turner 10
Missouria Turner 8
Mary E. Turner 5
Sarah E. Turner 2   (married William Clark Bryan)

Questions on this 1880 census:

Family No. 97 has a William Gooch with a servant listed of a William Turner, age 9, living in the household as a servant. Which family did he belong to and why at the young age of 9, was he living in this household?

Family No. 98 is a George Turner, age 27 living next door to my William P. Turner., age 33: I know they aren’t brothers, but could they be cousins, and if so, well who is his father?



Marriage record of my William Pinkney Turner to Lauria A. Gooch

November 14, 1867 – Lumpkin Co., GA.


Mary Turner Rider

Daughter of John & Hannah Turner

1880 Barrettsville, Dawson Co., Georgia

Name Age
Samuel Rider 20
Mary (Turner) Rider 21
John Rider 3

1880: Auraria, Lumpkin Co., GA. Household of daughter Mary Turner (daughter of John & Hannah Turner) and husband Samuel Rider. (Not living in the household of parents John & Hannah Turner.) By 1900 they were living in Dawson Co., GA.


Elizabeth Turner

 Daughter of John & Hannah Turner, born about 1845 in South Carolina. I have found no marriage, death or links to Ancestry trees on Elizabeth.


Sary / Sarah Turner

Daughter of John & Hannah Turner, born about 1852 in Georgia. I have found no marriage, death or links to Ancestry trees on Sary.


Francis Marion Turner

Son of John & Hannah Turner, born about 1855 in Georgia; married Clara Lee “Carrie” (Helmis/ Helms sp?), born Sept. 24, 1876, in Coweta Co., GA., and died April 20, 1917, of pneumonia at Scottsdale, GA. Info of name and dates from the Georgia Baptist orphanage admission notes on children admitted to orphanage due to father being unable to care for children. Father, Francis M. Turner’s, address listed as Decatur, GA. (not all page was copied – copy sent to me by Lee Harvie). Married about 1885 using the 1900 Shoal Creek, Lumpkin Co., GA. census. 1910 census, Browning Distr., Dekalb Co., shows they were married for 4 years.)

  • Albert B. Turner, born June 1907 (twins)
  • Alfred D. Turner, born June 1907 (twins)
  • Frances Turner, born June 10, 1910
  • Henry Taft Turner, born Nov. 13, 1912

Georgia Baptist Orphanage Relinquish form: May 11, 1917


This is a partial copy of a page from their admissions to the Georgia Baptist Orphanage – Relinquish form of May 11th, 1917. Frank’s wife, Carrie Turner, had just died of pneumonia on April 20, 1917. Sad that he could not support his children after the wife’s death and had to relinquish them in order for them to be cared for.

This orphanage began in only a ten-room house in 1872, located just 2 1/2 miles from Atlanta. This home began to help children and families in need, as such the case with Francis Marion Turner. His wife and died and he was destitute… I’m sure it was a sad day for him and those children when he walked out… leaving his only family of four children in the care of the orphanage.

Ulysses Grant was president at this time and there were only 37 states in the United States. Our nation was not only still in turmoil, but changes were happening. It was the women at the Second Baptist Church of Atlanta who saw that need and first began this home in 1872 for destitute and helpless children who were left orphaned by the Civil War.

Frank M. Turner stated on the form that his present address was RFD #2, Decatur Georgia

The grave of Carrie Turner was found by a FindAGrave volunteer who documented the find on her blog, Adventures in Cemetery Hopping. What a great story she wrote… do stop by and read her adventures!

  • 1850 John & Hannah Turner with family in Lumpkin Co., GA.
  • 1860 Turner Families not found
  • 1870 Lumpkin Co., GA. Census lists Francis in the household.
  • 1880 Lumpkin Co., GA. Census lists Francis as a widower. (he listed all his children as living with him on this census – not sure why?)
  • 1910 Dekalb co., GA. Census lists Francis as M2 and Carrie also as M2 – meaning this marriage is their second marriage. (Need to find their first marriages; were there children? Carrie lists 5 children she had, 4 living in 1910)


1891: John Turner (12-18-1891) Jones District, Lumpkin Co., Georgia


This is the second time I’ve found a listing for John Turner as a hat-maker! The first mention was the 1864 Militia Lumpkin Co. Census. (Source: History of Lumpkin County by Andrew W. Cain)

The excerpt reads: John Turner, of Jones District, this county, the old hat-maker, was in town Wednesday. He is still making hats. He had three along with him. The only objection to his hats is that they never wear out. The old gentleman is more than three score and ten and is hale and hearty.


Mrs. John Turner (obit)

June 2, 1893 – Dahlonega Signal

Possibly this is Hannah Turner, John’s wife


This obit was found in Deaths, Murders, and  Lynchings; Abstracted from Lumpkin Co., Georgia, Newspapers 1873-1900 by Jimmy E. Anderson

Could this be our Hannah Turner, wife of John Turner of Lumpkin Co., GA? We will be looking into this, hoping it (more) will yield more information. Our hopes that this is our Hannah is because the obit was posted in a Lumpkin Co., newspaper; possibly posted as it was her family’s home. (The entire obit was searched at the Uiv. of  Georgia Archives – she is not our Hannah Turner)


1900, Barrettsville, Dist. 0019, Dawson Co., GA.

Daughter Mary A. Turner, wife of Samuel Rider. Mary’s father, John Turner, is living in the household.



John listed in the family of Samuel and Mary (Turner) as father-in-law; within two months John Turner died. He most likely moved in with daughter after wife, Hannah, died; John and Hannah were both listed as born in Kentucky on this census, but all previous ones listed them as born South Carolina, which I believe to be correct. On this census, a year of Jan. is given, along with 1821, which seems to be the year given most times.


1900: Mt. Zion #1 Church

John & Hannah Turner were members

John Turner died Aug. 15?, 1900


From copied member pages of Mt. Zion #1 Church, we have an exact death date of Aug. 15, 1900 for John Turner; this proves which church they belonged to. I previously thought they had belonged to the Nimblewill Church. The cemetery for Mt. Zion #1 is now located inside the ranger camp; it has been visited and no stones were located for Turner, but John and Hannah may still be buried there. (Source: Roz McLelland)


Hannah Turner

 Mt. Zion No. 1 Church Member Records

Due to copies being in bad condition, I can not determine a date



John Turner: Application of J.J. Shedd for Letters of Administration of the Estate of John Turner

November 5, 1900


A partial copy of the estate of John Turner on microfilm at Dahlonega, Georgia library; transcribed copies below.

John Turner – Estate of
p. 278
application of JJ SHEDD for Letters of Administration of the Estate of John TURNER:
Georgia Lumpkin County to the ordinary of said county the petition of JJ SHEDD A citizen of said county shows that John TURNER late of said county deceased departed this life in August 1900 and as he believes intestate leaving Property real and Personal of the Probable value of two hundred fifty dollars lying in said county of Lumpkin and that said estate should he administer upon for the Purpose of collecting the debts due to and owing by said Estate and for the Purpose of Making distribution therefore among the Heirs at law of said deceased whereof yore Petitioner Prays an order directing citation to issue and be Published in term of the law that if no good cause is shown to the contrary yore Petitioner be appointed the Permanent Administrator of the estate of said deceased this 5th day of November 1900.
W.S. HUFF Petitioner’s atty
Read and conceded and it is hereby ordered that citation issue and be Published is required by law this
Nov 5th, 1900. WHC TATE ordinary

p. 279
Georgia Lumpkin County
to all whom it may concern JJ SHEDD has in due form applied to the under signed for permanent letters of Administrator on the estate of John TURNER late of said county deceased and I will Pass upon said application on the first Monday in December 1900.
Given under my Hand and official signature this the 5th day of November 1900.
WHC TATE ordinary of Lumpkin Co., GA

JJ SHEDD applicant for letters of Administrator on the Estate of John TURNER deceased
Upon hearing this case it is adjudged by the court that letters of Administrator upon the estate of said deceased issue to JJ SHEDD upon his taking and subscribing the oath and giving the Bond required by law the amount of which Bond is hereby fixt at five hundred dollars.
Granted this Dec 3d 1900.
WHC TATE ordinary

p. 280
Georgia Lumpkin County
I JJ SHEDD do solemnly swear that John TURNER died intestate so far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly administer on all the estate of said deceased and disburse the same as the law requires and discharge to the best of my ability and my duties as Administrator on the estate of said deceased so Help me God.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this Dec 3d 1900

State of Georgia Lumpkin County
the Honorable the ordinary for the county and state of aforesaid to JJ SHEDD
Whereas John TURNER late of said county and state aforesaid deceased died intestate having whilst he lived and at the time his death Real and Personal estate within the county and state aforesaid the means whereof the full disposition and Power Granting the Administration of all and singular the Real and Personal estate of the said deceased and also [?]

the accounts calculations and reckonings of the said Administration and a final dismission of the same to this court is manifestly known to known to belong & desiring that the Real and Personal Estate of said deceased may be well and truly Administered converted and well disposed of do hereby Grant unto the said JJ SHEDD

Full Power by the tenor of these Presents to administer the real and Personal Estate of the said deceased which to him in his lifetime and at the time of his death did belong and to ask issue for recover and receive the same and to pay the debts in which the deceased stood obligated so for forth[?] as his Real and Personal estate will extend according to their rate and order of law being first sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God to make a true and perfect inventory thereof and to exhibit the same unto the court of ordinary aforesaid in order to be Recorded and before next [?] and to render a just and true account calculate when thereunto required

p. 282
and I ordain and constitute you the said JJ Shedd Administrator of all and Singular the Real and Personal Estate of the said deceased

Witness the Honorable ordinary for Lumpkin County [blank] day of [blank]


Frances Marion Turner and Carrie E. Turner

1910 Census: Browning, Dekalb, Georgia

Name Age
Francis M Turner 56
Carry Turner 34
Albert B Turner 2
Alfred D Turner 2
Francis Turner 0

Children of Francis Marion and Carrie E. Turner

Albert William “Bill” Turner,  June 10, 1907, to parents Frances Marion and Carrie Turner.; Carrie died in 1917 and is buried in Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Tucker, DeKalb Co., Georgia. Albert’s mother died of pneumonia and his father, Frances Marion Turner, age 65 and unable to care for the 4 children, placed him and his 3 siblings in the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home, Hapeville Ga. He left the orphanage in 1925 and went to New Orleans, LA, where he became a merchant marine and lived that life in New Orleans until his death on Nov. 15, 1976; he is buried in Melwood Cemetery, Stone Mountain, DeKalb Co., Georgia; Plot: Lot 319 – Section 2 – Block A – Grave 2: he never married and had no children.

 Alfred Tine Turner , twin of Albert, was born June 10, 1907, Tucker, DeKalb Co., Georgia; he left the orphanage and eventually married Ruth Sams of Fulton County, GA, and moved to NC, where they lived until his death on August 30, 1963, in North Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co., N.C. and is buried in Arlington Memorial Park, Sandy Springs, Fulton Co., Georgia.

Frances Delano Turner, their only daughter, was born on June 24, 1909, in Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia. After leaving the orphanage, Frances eventually married Allen J. North of Georgia; they had no children. Frances died March 27, 1987, in Powder Springs, Cobb Co., Georgia.

Henry I. Turner, born Nov. 13, 1912, died Sept. 1980, in Jersey City, Hudson Co., N.J. and was cremated; the only sibling to have children (4). From Find a Grave, it is listed as… He is survived by a loving nephew and 3 loving nieces and their families in NJ. Henry seems to be the only one not actually listed on Find A Grave with a gravesite; maybe because he was cremated, there is no actual grave? (At some point before 1951, he was living in California as his social security number was issued there.


1920: Georgia Baptist Orphanage Home – Hapeville, Fulton Co., GA.

Children of Francis M. & Carrie E. Turner



In 1920, the census lists the four Turner siblings in the Georgia Baptist Orphanage Home in Hapeville, Fulton, Georgia. (Info on Henry was found on the 1920 Census and the U.S. Soc. Sec. Death Index on Ancestry ) There are two more Turner’s listed, but they are listed as a separate family on the census.


A work still in progress….. Click Turner Family Research to read more.

If you have any suggestions for searches – Please contact me or leave a comment!

If you are a TURNER researcher – Contact Me, we may be related!

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