Turner Family Research: William Pinkney Turner – Who are your Parents

Family Stories: William Pinkney Turner

Who Are His Parents?

1846 – 1899


It’s been two years since I wrote a post on my great great grandfather, whom most called Pink or Pinkney Turner. It was when I discovered him and his unusual name that I finally solved the puzzle of who my grandfather Paul Pinkney Bryan was named after. My original post can be read at…Week 42: 52 Ancestor 52 Week Blog: William Pinkney Turner and Laura A. Gooch

Recent contact on the above blog post resulted in new family contacts and questions… questions that I couldn’t answer, such as…

  • Where was William Pinkney Turner born?
  • Who are his parents?
  • Where did the unusual name of Pinkney come from?

And once again… I’m pulled back in for another g0-round of searching for William Pinkney Turner!

I’ve planned this post to be an ongoing post…. adding to it when new information is found; making it’s a little different from my previous posts, which I have posted in completion. Maybe at some point, I will be able to stamp it completed when I discover Pink’s parents and of where the name “Pinkney” originated!


Once again back to Basic 101 of what I know!

  • 1846: William Pinkney Turner was born April 6, 1846: Source – gravestone
  • Birth date of July 1846 on Civil War Declaration of Intent papers (he gave)
  • He stated born in Franklin Co., GA on Civil War Declaration paper.
  • He gave his description as 5 ft., 6inches, blue eyes, sandy hair with light complexion.
  • 1864: He mustered on Oct. 20, 1864 at age 18 and 4 months.
  • He mustered  as a Volunteer in Cleveland, Tenn. as a Private in Co. F, 5 Reg., Tenn. Mounted Infantry.
  • He can not write, but made his “x” on the Declaration paper.
  • 1850: A William, age 4, is listed in family of a John & Hannah Turner in Davis, Lumpkin Co., GA. (Is he my William P. Turner?)
  • 1865: Nimblewill Baptist Church was established (Samuel Gooch gave land for church)
  • 1867: William P. Turner married Lauria A. Gooch in Lumpkin Co. GA.
  • 1870: Census lists him as Pinkney Turner, ag 23, farmer, with wife Laura, age 19, with one son Barney, age 3 months. (census didn’t ask where born or parents)
  • 1880: Census lists him as William Turner, age 33, farmer, born GA., and both parents listed born GA: wife Lauria A., age 28, with son Barney, age 10, daughter Missouria, age 8, daughter Mary E., age 5 and daughter Sarah, age 2.
  • 1899: William Pink Turner dies at home in Nimblewill, Lumpkin Co., GA.
  • 1900: Civil War Pension Application file had a letter from his father-in-law, Samuel Gooch, stating that he attended his wedding to his daughter and he had known William as a young youth.
  • Widow Pension records stated, Laura A. Turner, widow of William Pink Turner.
  • 1914: Wife, Laura A. Turner died; son Barney took care of estate – no mention of daughters, Mary E., Missouria, Dolly, or Sarah T. Bryan.



In 1840, a John Turner was in Union, Union Co., S.C. with possibly a wife – Hannah? If this is John and Hannah Turner, then it seems they have possibly just married. Son Oliver P. was born in S.C. 1841 and Elizabeth b. 1843. If my William is the William on the 1850, Davis District, Lumpkin Co., GA census. Between 1843, and by 1846 when William was born… the family had moved to GA (Moved to Ga. between 1843-1846)

1850: Davis, Lumpkin Co., Georgia

Family No. 35

  • Turner, John, age 26, born S.C. (1824)
  • Turner, Hannah, age 30, born S.C. (1820)B
  • Turner, Oliver, age 9, born S.C. (1841)
  • Turner, Elizabeth, age 7, born S.C. (1843)
  • Turner, William, age 4, born GA. (1846)

I do believe, at this time, that this is my William P. Turner in the family of John and Hannah. Living directly next door is Clementh Abercrombie, whose daughter Sarah Fanny Abercrombie marries Oliver Turner.

Family No. 31

  • Turner, Berryman, age 20, born S.C.
  • Turner, Eliz (Edna Eliza Hicks), age 25, born S.C.
  • Turner, William, age 3, born Louisiana

While this William is clearly not my William, but could Berryman be a brother to John Turner – family is three families away from each other.

See new posts at …. Turner Family Research

A work still in progress…..

If you have any suggestions on searches – Please contact me or leave a comment!

If you are a TURNER researcher – Contact Me!

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