Day 3:Vacation / Genealogy Trip -October 16, 2016

Vacation / Genealogy Trip

Day 3 – October 16, 2016


We missed celebrating our daughter’s birthday today – Happy Birthday Melissa! I promise to make you your favorite “carrot cake” when I return! It’s just not her birthday without the carrot cake. (This year I suggested/begged hubby to make it for me as I was working, but I did offer to make the frosting. And I have to say he did an awesome job on the cake… tasted just like mine! It was so good that I didn’t even get a photo – oops!

Day 3:

Today we decided to stay close to home and do a little antique shopping… there are two awesome antique malls where mama lives – and both are located inside cotton mill factories that once operated during the cotton boom. Each one is better than the other and we seldom leave without a few cast iron goodies, although our finds are getting harder and harder each year. I guess everyone wants a cast iron pan now – and the dealers often think they are worth way more than they are.

Whether we buy anything or not, we discover awesome ideas and hubby always remarks how clever people are in what they re-create from odds and ends. You’re often reminded of your childhood when you discover the toys you grew up with, but sad when you realize how people think they’re so collectible now. I’m feeling old… much older now!


Love the water tanks in the South!

Once in awhile mama accompanies us to antique shops…. trailing behind pointing out “all” the things her parents had at the farm. You are listening to… “look at this, daddy had this… mama had one of these…. or they want how much for this…. or I wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for that.” Now what exactly is a plug nickle…. and if you know, well please leave me a comment!


Monroe Cotton Mill

Today was a good day for a grocery store run to buy a few local Southern things like “sweet ice tea”, Sunbeams BBQ bread and why can’t I find Pillsbury orange cinnamon rolls at home anymore, but I can here…. so they were a “must buy” for breakfast. We finally lucked out that there is now a real Dunkin Donuts in town – Yoohoo! In years past, if I ran out of coffee, I’d have to go over to Athens, to the one DD there. Don’t people drink coffee down South, like we do up North? I sometimes think not!

Finally we returned to mama’s and hear, “I thought you’d never get back”.... usually she calls while we’re out, worrying as to why we haven’t come back yet. A mother never stops worrying! Today I think she took a nap and forgot about us?

I pulled the laptop out to continue working on my 31 Days to Better Genealogy – why is it that I’m always getting myself involved in yet another monthly challenge while on vacation! I seem to be a glutton for punishment, but somehow I seem to manage in pulling it off, never missing a day. Hubby can’t sit as still as I can, so he decided to trim mama’s shrubbery outside and  wash the car… or cars, before coming in for the night… and trying to watch or rather trying to find something to watch on TV.

Today is Day 16 of the 31 Days to Better Genealogy and the topic is…. “Use the FamilySearch Word Lists“. I have never looked at those lists before so I quickly headed over to check out what I had been missing…. and learned several new Italian words while browsing. It’s definitely going on my saved searches to check again. If you have never checked it out, well what are you waiting for…. get on over there and learn something new!

While hubby “tried” to find something on TV to watch, which often takes awhile…. I pulled out mama’s photo books I discovered by my chair and went down memory lane looking at my kids early photos. Back in the day, I actually had photos developed and extras made. Today, I have lots of digital photos… but very few prints. It’s a terrible thing as I have boxes of actual real photos of my children. And as if I don’t have enough, I scoffed a few of her photo books… Shh, mums the word!  I’ve brought her in the digital age now with a new digital frame that I load new photos in when I come home. She seems to really enjoy it as everytime she walks by, on the way to the kitchen….she stops to look and sometime “talk” to the girls as they roll by. I think it makes her feel like she sees the girls more.  She laughs at the older photos I slipped in of her with her parents; on one of her photos, she actually asked me, “who is that”? I guess we all forget some of our oldest photos at times, or maybe we want to.

And no matter what she says, she walks to the kitchen quite often looking for something to eat, and that comes from a person who tells me she’s never hungry. Well of course she’s never hungry…she constantly picks!

Well hubby has finally found us something to watch on TV, so I’ll close for now…

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1 Response to Day 3:Vacation / Genealogy Trip -October 16, 2016

  1. Lyn Smith says:

    Good to know the cotton mills are being put to good use. I can imagine the old stuff they have and the stories those items could tell.
    Plug nickel? I’ve heard the expression my whole life but couldn’t give you a definition if my life depended on it. Just one of those old sayings we grew up with. Didn’t you do a story a few months ago about old sayings?
    My sister and I drink coffee most all day, every day. Rare occasions when I don’t. Neither of J’s sisters drink coffee at all, not even in the morning. His brother-in-law drinks Dunkin’ Donuts coffee but not all day. Sometimes, he’ll make a pot in the evenings, at least when I’m there he does. Let’s not mention that I don’t particularly care for that brand but ‘when in Rome’.
    Which reminds me, why don’t you buy Dunkin’ Donuts to brew at home?
    I won’t tell Helen you snitched her albums. Your secret is safe with me.
    I’ve thought about getting one of those digital frames but haven’t done it yet. Probably because I’m afraid I won’t be able to figure out how to load it. Haha. Yes, I’m a little technologically disadvantaged.
    Glad to see your vacation was fun and interesting.


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