Family History: Slave Name Roll Project: Releasing “Slaves Names” from will of Newdigate “Newday” Owsley

Family History: Slave Name Roll Project Releasing “Slaves Names” from will of

Newdigate “Newday” Owsley

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Releasing the names of…

Bob, Gellay, Nan, Cynthia, Priscilla, Bett, Bob, Gellay, Nan, & Cynthia

While writing a blog post on my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, I happened upon the will of my 5th great grandfather, Jesse Connell (1762-1807) in Hancock Co., Georgia. As his will was very lengthy and being a former slave owner… this was a perfect will for me to “release their names” in celebration of February Black History Month. By doing this… I hope it might open up a door for someone in search of their African-American brick wall. My posts are written and submitted to the the  Slave Name Roll Project (About the Project) administered by Schalene Jennings Dagutis; she blogs at Tangled Roots and Trees.

Newdigate “Newday” Owsley

Newdigate Owsley was born circa 1738 Prince William Co, Virginia, later as Fairfax County; (Fairfax County was formed in 1742 from the northern part of Prince William County); married Mary Ann West before 1763, posb. 1761.


ca. 1738 Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Present location. Fairfax County was formed in 1742 from the northern part of Prince William County.
17 July 1758 Loudoun County, Virginia
Sale of approximately 100 acres of land, inherited from his father, to his brother, William Owsley. The deed was witnessed by Holland Middleton. (Middleton was also a neighbor of Owsley in Hancock County, Georgia and Newday was involved in the probate of Middleton’s estate.) Loudoun Co. Deeds, A: 210, C: 472-477.
27 Sept 1773 Fishing Creek, Wilkes, Georgia
Grant of 200 acres.
Died 21 Jan 1797 Hancock County, Georgia
Probate 10 Apr 1797 Hancock County, Georgia


+ 1. Penelope “Penny” Poring Owsley,   b. 1763, Loudoun County, Virginia,   d. 04 Nov 1820, Powelton, Hancock, Georgia  (Age 57 years); married Jesse Connell
+ 2. William H. Owsley,   b. bef. 1775,   d. bef. 1830, Putnam County, Georgia  (Age ~ 55 years)  
+ 3. Robert Owsley,   b. 1769, Loudoun County, Virginia,   d. 1814, Jones County, Georgia  (Age 45 years)  
4. Anna Owsley  
+ 5. Sarah Owsley,   b. ca. 1780, Hancock County, Georgia,   d. bef. 1858  (Age ~ 77 years) 
+ 6. Chloe Ann Owsley,   b. ca. 1780, Hancock County, Georgia,   d. 1825, Butts County, Georgia  (Age ~ 45 years)  


Newdigate “Newday” Owsley

Last Will and Testament

Newdigate-Owsley-WillFIX Hancock County, Georgia Wills and administration records 1794-1807 vol A-4A ( Image 124)

Will of Newdigate “Newday” Owsley mentions beneficiaries of: Mary Ann West (wife); Penny Connell; Robert; Anna; Sarah and Chloe Owsley (children). Slaves: Bob, Gellay, Nan, Cynthia, Priscilla, and Bett. Witnesses: Will Dent; Zacharias Middleton; and Samuel Dent. (Penny is Penelope Owsley… married to Jesse Connell)


Black History_ Slave Name Roll Project Releasing

Releasing the Enslaved Names of Bob, Gellay, Nan, Cynthia, Priscilla, and Bett

To Mary ANn

Bequeath to my Loving Wife, Mary Ann all my Stock and household furniture and also one Negroe fellow by the name of Bob, one wench By the name of Gellay, one wench by the name of Nan, and one Wench by the name of Cynthia… for and during her natural Life.

Fifthly… I give and bequeath unto my Loving Wife Mary Ann, one negro wench called Bett… to her and her assigns at her absolute disposal…


To Robert Part 1

part 2

Fourthly, I give and bequeath my son Robert Owsley, Anna Owsley, Sarah Owsley and Chloe Owsley to be equally divided between them, that is to be after the death of said wife. Three featherbeds and fine furniture, four negroes, that is to say one fellow called Bob, one wench called Priscilla, one wench called Nan, and one wench called Cynthia… To him, their heirs or assigns forever…. (He left his married daughter Penelope “Penny” Owsley/Connell one french crown and no more… he left her no slaves. Was that because she was married? What is a french crown?)



Inventory Appraisement of the goods, rights, and credits of Newdigate “Newday” Owsley… Deceased

Inventory Appraisement:

  • One negro fellow named Bob… $300
  • One negro woman named  Priscilla … $205
  • One negro woman named Nan… $230
  • One negro woman named Cynthia… $130
  • Three feather beds and furniture… $100
  • One large trunk… $4
  • One bay horse… $43
  • One cotton wheal (sp)… $1.50
  • Five large pewter basons… $6
  • 12 large pewter plates… $5.50
  • 10(?) large pewter dishes… $1.50
  • One small pewter bason… $10.25
  • One table… $11.50
  • Six chairs… $1.50
  • Seven head cattle… $28
  • One broad ax… $1.25
  • One club… $1
  • Two weeding hoes… $0.50
  • Two shovel ploughs… $2.25
  • Three pots… $7
  • One Dutch Oven… $0.25
  • One frying pan… $1
  • One iron cover… $0.25
  • Two flat irons… $1.25
  • One grid iron… $0.50
  • One pair shears… $0.50
  • One Flax wheal (wheel)… $ 1.50
  • One loom & two stays (?)… $6
  • One cotton wheal (wheel)… $18 1/4
  • One check? reak?… $2
  • One horse bell… $0.75
  • One candle lamp… $0.37 1/2
  • One hand saw… $0.75
  • One books… $0.50
  • One stand… $0.25
  • Two ladders… $7
  • Three razors… $0.50
  • One wagon… $15
  • Coopers ware… $1.25
  • One foot odds… $10.75
  • Nine head hogs… $10

Total Assessment of property: $1504.12


Genealogy Snippet:

Name:  Newdigate “Newday” Owsley
Spouse:  Mary Ann Davis
Places:  Fairfax Co., VA.; Loudoun Co., VA.; Hancock Co., GA., Greene Co., GA.
Children:  Penelope Poring Owsley, William H. Owsley, Robert Owsley, Anna Owsley, Sarah Owsley, Chloe Owsley

Relationship to Jeanne Bryan Insalaco: 6th Great Grandfather

  1. Newdigate Owsley

  2. Penelope Owsley

  3. Elizabeth Connell

  4.  Penelope Askew

  5. Ann Elizabeth Dickenson/Dickerson

  6. Edgar Lawson McKinley

  7. Edgar Thomas McKinley

  8. Helen Rebecca McKinley (Bryan)

  9. Jeanne Bryan-Insalaco

(I can see that many names here need researching)

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© 2019, copyright Jeanne Bryan Insalaco; all rights reserved


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5 Responses to Family History: Slave Name Roll Project: Releasing “Slaves Names” from will of Newdigate “Newday” Owsley

  1. staceycwall says:

    Hi Jeanne. Thanks for sharing this blog post. Newdigate Owsley was my 7th GG-father. Fascinating reading. 1. Newdigate Owsley
    2. Penelope Owsley Connell
    3. Newdigate Connell
    4. Mary Ann Connell Archer
    5. Mary E. Archer Bledsoe
    6. Robert Britton Bledsoe
    7. Robert Levi Bledsoe
    8. Carol Bledsoe Cason
    9. Stacey Cason Wall

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  2. Leah Roberts says:

    Thank you for this!

    1. Newdigate Owsley
    2. Penelope Owsley
    3. Elizabeth Connell
    4. Benjamine Franklin Askew
    5. Susan Mae Askew
    6. Dovie Annie Ussary
    7. Clifton A Nichols
    8. Clifton LeRoy Nichols
    9. Leah Nichols Roberts

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