Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

New Haven, CT.




This memorial is located at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Park inside the Long Wharf Natural Preserve; it sits alongside I-95 at exit 46 in New Haven, CT.

The memorial was dedicated in 1988 and is of two parts; the base granite slab reads  “This mmemorial is dedicated in honor of the men and women who served during the Vietnam War from the surrounding cities and towns of New Haven, East Haven, West Haven, North Haven, Hamden, Orange and Woodbridge.

This V-shape memorial stands at over 11 feet high and inscribed with 55 veterans who were killed in conflict; also listed are 3 names for POW and MIA. Sculptors Kenneth Polanski and Frank Pannenborg are the creators of this memorial.



Robert E. Bush – John T. Gallagher – Frances J. McGouldrick


Everett L. Anderson – Richard J. Regan – Robert A. Tillquist – William M. Meglio, Jr. – Anthony Gianelli – Richard J. Wolcheski – Henry L. Whaley – Alexander J. McGlothlin – Joseph A. Pecora Jr. – John H. Raber – Henry M. Robinson Jr. – James A. Daniels –Pierce L. Robertson – Oscar Biehl Jr. – Henry J. Nelson – Gary C. Richards – Alfred J. Moody –Raymond B. Guarino – Archie L. Guthrie – Thomas A. Chialastri – Alan I. Smith – Calvin Belton –Ralph P. Costanzo – Griffith B. Bedworth – Kenneth Cushen – Donald P. Ferguson – Frank G. Navarro – Frank A. Barker Jr. – Creed L. Bryant – Calvin E. McGilton – Edward K. Duel – Albert P. Smeriglio – George A. Shavies – Samuel W. Brewer – Curtis Good – Bernard A. Zambrano – Arthur W. Bailey Jr. – Paul J. Maciuszek – Robert B. Read – Edward M. Hardwick – Michael G. Mennone – George J. Pascale – C. Carter – Roosevelt Hardy Jr. – Malcolm G. Williams – John J. Illingworth – Michael J. Dougan – Albert F. Graham Jr. – Christopher J. Neale – Anthony A. Price – Warren R. Brown – William N. Feaster – James J. Angelides – Henry J. Doneski – James G. Smith

A Korean War monument stands nearby honoring service in the global war on terrorism and lists 4 area residents from the First Battalion, 102nd Infantry.



These Gave Their Lives Defending Our Freedom – MAY GOD bless them. Sgt. Felix Delgreco – 09 April 2004 Spc. Robert Hoyt – 11 Dec. 2004 Ssg. Joseph Phaneuf III – 15 Dec. 2006 Cpl. Benard Corpuz – 11 -June 2006


These monuments are part of the waterfront park alongside Long Wharf in New Haven. This area was used by the British troops leaving New Haven after the 1779 invasion of the city.

A black granite Korean War monument features a map of the Korean peninsula with the  inscription, “In honor of those who served during the Korean War from the greater New Haven area. Forgotten war, forgotten no more. Freedom is not free.”

Next to the Korean War memorial is a granite monument honoring service in the global war on terrorism. It lists the names of four area residents from the First Battalion, 102nd Infantry who were killed in 2004 or 2006.

Another granite monument sits nearby and honors recipients of the Purple Heart medal. The monument reads.

Dedicated to all Men and Women Wounded in all our wars. 


My Stone is red for the blood they shed.

The medal I bear is my country’s way to show they care.

if I could be seen by all mankind maybe peace will come in my lifetime.

Erected by Department of CT. Military order of the Purple Heart


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