Family Recipes and Memories: Zucchini Apocalypse makes Squash and Eggs

In reading a post entitled Zucchini Apocalypse by fellow blogger Vera Marie Badertscher… I laughed as I thought about the many summers of having more zucchini than recipes in my overstuffed recipe box, but today the abundance of zucchini hasn’t arrived yet… having to resort in buying mine in the dead of February winter.

After chuckling over Vera’s chosen word of “apocalypse” and clearing my head of zombie attacking zucchini… I began to think of my introduction to this strange vegetable. It was only after I married and living with my in-laws, did I learn the many ways to prepare this simple, and very tasty vegetable.

Today’s recipe on zucchini is an old Italian comfort food of zucchini and eggs! Another dish I’m sure I turned my nose up at… but it soon became a favorite. My mother in law could whip this up in a second… a fast easy meal! A dish of this, along with a slice of Italian bread… and often hard to stop taking seconds, and thirds. My father in law was always happy with any meal that required Italian bread in one hand whle eating.

Chopped zucchini and onion… I like to leave a little green when I peel my zucchini.

Zucchini was one of the first vegetables my father in law planted in his garden… along with tomatoes… and just like tomatoes, once they began coming in… they didn’t seem to stop. I remember dad bringing me out to his garden in teaching me how to pick zucchini… as there are tricks. First, they must grow the “coveted” yellow blossoms… and that is another post (HERE) as you need to know exactly which blossoms to pick… there are both male and female. The zucchini grows only from a female blossom, and once they start, and after the garden has had enough water… they grow quickly like weeds… you must check every day.

Dad often inspected his garden morning and evening… so easy to miss that one hidden among the many vines. And if you miss one… and find it days later… it’s grown three to four times its picking size by the time you discover it… now only usable for frying like eggplant. I remember many evenings when dad returned from his garden with one of those gigantics… of which had escaped him for days! They do enjoy playing “hide and seek” with you!

Directions: Saute the chopped onions and squash together, adding a small amount of either olive, or vegetable oil. Cook on low so they don’t brown too much. Add salt and pepper to either squash and onions, or your egg mixture… or both. When squash feels soft, pour the mixture of eggs and parmesian cheese in. Let cook for a minute, then lift sections with spatula… keep turning sectons until all egg is cooked thoroughly.

Recipe: Zucchini and Eggs

Ingredients: zucchini, onion, eggs, parmesian/romano cheese, oil, salt & pepper, Italian bread

It’s hard to give amounts on this type of “feel good” meal… often depending on how much zucchini you have, or how many people you’re feeding. For the two of us today, I’ve tried to give measurements, with always a little extra. Who doesn’t want extra?

  • 2 cups zucchini abt…. chopped in bite size pieces. (I don’t peel my zucchini completely of all skin, but instead cut a peel, but then leave a peel… continuing around; this leaves some green showing.
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion abt… depending on your taste and want
  • 5 eggs (scramble well in bowl)
  • 1/2 cup abt. Parmesian/Romano cheese; whatever your favorite; the mixture of eggs and cheese should be thick.
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Vegetable oil… 2/3 tablespoons to ccok squash and onion in.

There’s no set rule on amounts… depends on how many you are feeding, so judge from my ingredients which would feed two very hungry people, or possibly three… with bread and salad on the side.

Another family favorite way to prepare the apocalypse zucchini in the summer, is the zucchini quiche… the one my mother in law was famous for. She was always the first one to make it every summer… and everyone said hers tasted the best! My husband seems to have inherited her cooking genes… as I think his is the best… and everyone else who’s lucky enough to be around! I can never resist it warm… but it’s also great cold. Family zucchini quiche recipe is highlighted above.

Do drop me a line if you make!

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  1. Dan Oliverio says:

    Sometimes I add in a small can of Mexican blend tomatoes w/ chiles for a snappy morning wake-up call…… ( and sometimes again some Tabasco when plated)

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