Family Stories: Remembering the Best of 2022!

Remembering the Best of 2022!

In looking back at 2022, my writing wasn’t as strong as in past years… only 49 posts this year. There certainly wasn’t a lack of stories to write, as there are hundreds of posts in my draft file… patiently waiting to be finished! While it’s always hard to pick favorites in writing… you always have a few that really pulled you in to write… pulling at your heart… and the Nancy Drew in me always perservered to write that story.

Enjoy a look back with me…

“My New Years” post often begins in rememberences of the previous year of writing… and early January Ist of 2022 began with Superstitions and Sayings... superstitions of celebrating the new year. New Years is often sad, as it brings back memories of my parents and grandparents… times long ago… and never to be again. It’s funny how I never fail to think of New Years without remembering daddy’s phone call at midnight and mama talking about eating black-eyed peas and turnip greens. I often think it funny in remembering mama opening the front door at midnight to let the new year in… and while I never did, I do remember my kids running out and ringing my grandfather’s farm bell… which stood in our front yard. That tradition has passed now to my son… and his girls running out to ring that very bell… which has transplanted itself now in Florida. From stories told, that very farm bell traveled to Georgia from North Carolina… from Georgia it came to Connecticut, and now it resides in Florida; it definetly has endoured many miles of traveling!

I began 2022.. in hopes of journaling a “Monthly Musing”… writing on family events… along with my regular family stories. It was a struggle all year to continue those writings… and often I combined a few months in one post. It was the end of the year when I really struggled to play catch-up. Not sure if I’ll commit to those in 2023… maybe I’ll decide to only surprise you with a musing here and there! The granddaughters enjoyed them as they often found themselves in pictures on the internet… it’s exciting to them and often have said… “I’ve made them famous“! If you’d like to check out my first January Musing... click over there; more musings can be read HERE.

Writing on family photographs is always fun… as the sleuth in me really pulls my detective hat on… in writing those stories… while also learning. It’s funny how a simple short story can be written on just a single photo… often rewarding you in more history than you ever knew. If you’ve never written a story on dissecting a family photograph… do give it a try. In writing on Daddy in Balboa Park, San Diego, California… I first had never even known where this photo was taken, or its story until I took a deeper look at the writing on the back… and from there I pieced together a story on how my father came to be at Balboa Park in California.

Another family group of photographs I wrote on was of my husband in the Air Force… and while more were planned, I never finished. Hopefully in 2023 I will add more, but I began with this photo of hubby’s locker in Thailand… with so many familiar items. I never really looked deep into this photograph until I began my writing… and it began to tell me so many stories.

January also began my Wordle craze… I had just jumped on the bandwagon a couple months earlier, never knowing how fast this the craze would grow. It was actually late December of 2021 when Wordle first became very popular on social media. I remember seeing a few of my family and friends playing from day 1… but I hadn’t been hooked. The statistics show that it quickly went from around 90 players on November 1st 2021 to quickly 300,000 by January 2nd, 2022… and later spiking to over 2 million players only a short week later… and today ? It’s written that popularity has declined since the takeover of The New York Times; I’ve found no exact number count for players today.

March had only 6 writings… from musings to more family photograph stories of Mama and Me in our Yard and Me in My Room. When the 1950 Census release was announced… I immediately began writing, 1950’s Census and Stories: Anticipating the 1950 Census. While I did draft more stories when it was released in April, I sadly never finished them… 2023 needs to be my year of tidying up my so-neglcted draft folder.

April seems to be my busiest writing month with the addition of the A to Z writing challenge that hooks me ever year… 2022 made 7 years of writings. 2022 had me “Time Traveling” through my previous 8 years of blogging… although it was my very last “Z” post which really had me excited to write… do check out “Z… Zee Last Thing I Expected to Discover on the A to Z.”

Previous Years A to Z April Challenges… incase you want to take a browse through!

2016: A to Z Southern Foods and Memories… they said write what you know… and being a girl born in the South… well this was what I knew.
2017: A to Z Conversations with Mama… it was a somewhat easy one for me to write as I’d journaled our conversations for years… I researched favorite topics to write.
2018: A to Z All About Nancy Drew… this one has been my favorite topic so far, and I don’t know if I’ll ever come up with another one to equal it
2019: A to Z Italian Famiglia Foods and Memories… I felt it was time to finally write the favorites of my husbands family foods.
2020: A to Z Family Stories… writing the stories of my husband’s family.
2021: A to Z of Mama in Photos... blogging on my mother through photos and memories

“Cowgirl Jeanne”

Take a peek through my May postings and discover a couple “musings”, a blog on Cowgirl Jeanne, Memoria Day, and Uncle Leroy. My cowgirl photograph was such fun to research and as usual, I always learn something new in scrutinizing a photograph… the begin to talk to you!

June, July and August kept me very busy at the beach… as you can see from my catch-up musing. I can’t wait for summer of 2023 to arrive… already feeling depressed with winter rolling coming in. The one thing I always think about on January 1st is… it’s all downhill now… and I’m counting the days to spring… and then summer! How are… or will… you deal with the winter blues?

Seems like only yesterday when I wrote September Musings… lot of happenings that month… along with my annual 911 post… and the begining of writing my Family Homes posts... of which I need to also finish in 2023.

October musings was a late write-up… finally written and posted (in December… ouch)… but November and December still sit in my draft folder; at this late date, they won’t be finished until into the New Year rolls in. I really need to commit to a better writing commintment! Do hold me to that in 2023!

While 2022 wasn’t my best and most productive writing year… I continued to write and that’s always better than no writing! Hopefully 2023 will push me to commit in finishing those unfinished drafts!

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