Nancy Drew: Nancy Solved The Missing Delivery

The Missing Delivery… solved over three years later!

While this sounds like just missing mail… it does have a story… and if only the package could talk, I’d have the complete story…. but I do have my side of the story.

It was over three years ago… exactly on October 26, 2019 when I ordered Nancy Drew bags from a friend. They were being custom made with specific drawings I selected. I followed the package with the tracking number… and finally I was notified that they’d arrived, but nothing was in my mailbox. I waited another day, thinking the mailman had scanned them, but hadn’t delivered yet… and nothing again the next day. So what do you do next… you call the post office, which is a job in itself… just in trying to find the local number for your area. All they could, or wanted to tell me was… that their computer showed the carrier scanned them a few doors away from my house… on my street. Well that wasn’t much help! Sadly I waited… hoping if he delivered to the wrong address, that they’d be returned to the carrier. Not!

Mailed date stamp of Oct. 26, 2019

It was during this time that we seemed to not have a regular carrier… so no one wanted to take blame. I called back to the post office a week later, but was told the same story… how they were scanned on my street… no one wanted to take blame! It seems that if you’re going to scan the item as delivered… shouldn’t you scan at their address, rather than somewhere along the route?

Well, 2 months and 3 years later… and after me pretty much forgetting my loss… a package arrived on Dec. 23 (2022) in my mailbox… enclosed in a plastic bag from the post office apoligizing how my package had been damaged. Even though the top of the package had been ripped off, all the contents were inside. While I recognized the sender’s name, but didn’t remember placing another order, I contacted her with a photo of the package and contents… thinking maybe she accidently sent me someone else’s order.

The sender immediately answered with… “could this be the order that was lost?” After researching through our notes, I located that conversation from 2019 and there was the very same tracking number that was on the package in my hands. I was shocked!

Nancy Drew bags

So… had my package literally sat in someone’s house for over three years before returning to the carrier? I can just picture it sitting under mail and papers… sometwhere!!! Or had it been hiding in the post office truck, fallen behind somewhere… or possibly never made its way out of the post office, caught in one of the sorting machines and thrown to the side… and three years later they are just taking care of it? If the latter, then I guess their messages to me of “the carrier scanned it on your street” is the very message everyone receives… and how can you argue with them? There are so many scenarios you could conjure up, but in seeing how it was opened… with the top ripped across as you normally would in opening a package, it looks like someone actually opened it… and maybe Nancy played on their conscous to finally return it to the post office. I’d like to know what the post office thought in looking at the date of 2019!

You hear about letters and packages going astray… arriving years later, but you always wonder how they are really true! This package delivered three years and two months later has definetly made a believer out of me… but the sleuth inside will never stop thinking about the how and why it was never delivered in 2019.

Even though I wasn’t able to play Nancy Drew in locating the package when it was originally lost… someone played Nancy Drew, or maybe it was Nancy herself in returning my package to me… however it happened, it definitely made my holiday!

Merry Christmas Nancy Drew… wherever you are!

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4 Responses to Nancy Drew: Nancy Solved The Missing Delivery

  1. Anne Young says:

    Glad it turned up eventually. I had an express post letter that took over 7 months to be delivered. Unfortunately it was a cheque for my daughter to go to a scout jamboree. Because it was not delivered on time she missed out 😦 even though I followed up on the day it was supposed to be delivered the Scout did not accept my assurance it had been sent. I think it got jammed in the post box or something – no idea. My daughter was reasonably philosophical about the missed opportunity.

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  2. What an interesting story! I was receiving Hello Fresh boxes for a while and when one didn’t turn up I found the photo taken of the box after delivery and recognised the steps of a house in the next street. It was still there when I went to check and the owners were out so I brought it home. Same number, different street!

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