Monthly Musing: 2022 October Catch-up

Somehow I fell off the writing ship after September… I kept monthly notes, but just couldn’t bring myself to pound the keys… in putting those words online. Maybe to blame was my preparing for our annual Florida trip… or maybe I was just plain lazy! Who knows… but I’m trying to climb back onboard before this year ends… and document my notes… in playing catch-up!

Last visit to the beach before leaving for Florida… beach was pretty except for the murder of crows which seemed to have discovered the beach this past summer… and still lingering. This noisy guy perched on my mirror to say goodbye. I quickly let the window up… afraid he was coming in.

Last month I mentioned how I had finished my second mitred blanket… free pattern from The Knitting Squirrel blog site. As September ended, I continued knitting onto my third, and possibly my final blanket… but I soon become very addicted in knitting this style of blanket. I made a color change to No. 3 and began each square with two rows of black, which would give me a black border around each solid color square. It was hard to wrap my head around on if it would really work… but I soon discovered I was correct in my planning. The only thing that wouldn’t be completely outlined in black, was the top and left side, but I soon solved that by picking up stitches across the top and side, and after kniting two rows of black… Easy Peasy, the blanket was completfully outlined! Hopefully I’ll finish this blanket before hitting the road… or I’ll be kntting, while navigating… yes, I’m somewhat of a back-seat driver!

When I began my first mitred blanket, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but once finished, I had the urge to start another. I just couldn’t stop knitting this pattern… so I soon began No. 2… and that led to No. 3… and that led me thinking I’d gift them to my granddaughters in Florida. Do they really have use for a knitted blanket… well probably not for most days, but they have a few cold days… and on those days, they can wrap my love around them!

With the end of October almost gone… and me knitting night and day to finish before Nov. 6th… not really wanting to carry yarn on our trip. I don’t think were will even be room as those three blankets will take up enough space. Hubby is already shaking his head at all I’ve piled to bring… and there are other things I’m planning on packing, that I haven’t even told him about yet!

Blanket No. 3 finally finished… and I’m really liking the black border… looks like stained glass. Reminds me of the granny square blankets I crocheted with a black border. The granny square pattern was one of the first ones my mother in law taught me… along with the ripple afghan.

All three blankets ready for packing!

Our trip in early November is nearing close and I’m feeling more nervous each day… thinking of all I’m piling up to pack. The actual packer is hubby… and he hasn’t really seen the pile yet, but he’s great in filling up every nook and cranny! We’ve planned a short stop in Savannah enroute to Florida… as both of us have come to enjoy a day or so there every year. Hoping to ride one of their two paddle boats this year, eat, and maybe even re-visit the Bonaventure Cemetery. We enjoy just driving around through the historic area and looking at all the strings of moss hanging from their beautiful trees. You can never get lot with maps on your phone! If time permits, I’ll stop in at Books on Bay for my Nancy Drew fix!

I learned a new knitting terminology name… “Free the Needles”… although somehow I don’t think that will ever happen in my house! I still have granddaughters socks on my needles… just can’t get back in the knitting socks mood. At this rate, they might go off to college with them!

Halloween ends October with the girls Halloween photos!

My oldest, Ella, dressed as a Hippie… if only she had been closer, I had real “hippie” items she could have used.

Ana, a lover of animals, dressed as a Fox, while Nina dressed as Princess Jasmine.

My two gouls in CT. went as “prom queen” and the “grim reeper”. Where do these two, Grace and McKinley, get their goulish ideas?

CT ghouls may have gotten their costume ideas from their witchy mama!

A couple earlier Halloween pics popped up on my Facebook memories this last week… the girls have sure grown!

Ana, McKinley, Ella and Nina ……………………… McKinley and Grace with friends.

© 2022, copyright Jeanne Bryan Insalaco; all rights reserved

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