Family Stories: Remembering 911… 21 years later

Remembering 911: 21 years later…

(Sept. 11, 2022)

I’ll never forget this day… I was at work on a regular day, or so I thought. You can read my full acount of my morning HERE.

I Will Never Forget!

This day is the largest event that has happened in my lifetime of 70 years. Our country was attacked… I felt the equivalent of how my parents and grandparents felt when Pearl Harbor was attacked. The only difference was that we retalliated against Japan for that attack and defeated them. 911 has truly never been vindicated for that attack.

My husband and I watched for weeks… watching over and over… of the daily events… and finally into the begining of the cleanup… it’s all we watched! New York City was under ciege… and the city was closed… you could not even leave Manhatten that day. I am thankful I had no family trapped there.

There was “no other” TV programming on the air… and no one wanted to watch anything else!

The attack in Manhattan, Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania affected everyone, and it hurt me inside tremendously when I heard others, who didn’t live near the area, say… “it doesn’t affect me, I’m not near there.” This affected all Americans! This was a time when we all needed to come together more than ever!

This was an attack on Amerian soil… it affected you… and I will never forget! It was an event that changed our country forever!

God Bless all who lost their life on that day… America will never forget you!

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5 Responses to Family Stories: Remembering 911… 21 years later

  1. Evelyn Smith says:

    I don’t think my friend and co-worker and I got a single thing done that day, as our boss had the television on and we watched this horror unfold.
    I’m glad I didn’t hear anyone say it didn’t affect them because it effected EVERY American, just as the attack on Pearl Harbor effected every American.
    No, I don’t think this attack has ever truly been vindicated and it seems too many people are trying to forget it ever happened.
    I cringe at the things I see going on in our country today and we all said we’d never forget.

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  2. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    It will always be unforgettable. For me it will always be gutbwrenching as I await word from my daughter, just 2wks a college student at PrattU. She called the night before so exited to go on an outing to the city observing architecture and the LES. And so many neighbors who worked on Wallstr children whose parents were working the city, and neighbors who served on rescue teams and those who served the teams,…the pain remains

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    • You must have been so worried. Few weeks later my daughter had gone to Rutgers to visit boyfriend on the train. When enroute home they closed transit for some reason that escapes me now but she was coming in on Metro which meant she’d have to get off in Penn and subway over to grand central. I was so upset she’d get caught in the city so made her get a ticket on Amtrak for direct train to New Haven. It was nerve wracking until she got home. Let’s pray it never happens again.

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  3. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    It was a dark time. Pray hard

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