Monthly Musings: 2022… June/July/August Summer Catch-Up!

After my daily blogging in April, I took the summer off from pounding the keys… to sitting daily along the beach boardwalk… enjoying the sound of the waves slapping at the shore! I often thought of all the blog posts to be finished, but just couldn’t bring myself to write… now hoping to get myself back in the swing of things soon.

Lifeguards On Duty!

On many later afternoons, Nancy Drew kept me from knitting or word-search puzzles as we sat alongside the boardwalk… people and dog-watching… and listening to music.

Meet “Miss Lucy”… our favorite dog at the beach… belonging to Aunt Dolly! I have to say that Lucy happily agreed to model her new summer beach attire and never stops smiling! She’s such a happy dog (Pomeranian) and very much a one-owner dog… with eyes always on mama!

Even though we haven’t reached the final days of Summer… every day is getting closer and closer here in Connecticut. We also celebrated a couple more family birthdays in June with my daughter in law, Rose, on June 4th and hubby on the 16th; no more birthdays now until October and November.

I shipped these crochet chicken hot mitts and coasters to my daughter in law Rose as part of her birthday present… it seems everything in her life has turned to chickens now, so thought I’d add a few more to the household. Pattern can be bought on Etsy.

We celebrated hubby’s birthday of June 16th with dinner at Abate’s Restaurant on the famous Wooster St. in New Haven… we were so busy enjoying our appetizers and meal to even take a photo… you’ll have to imagine our table, full of fried dough, pizza, mussels, garlic bread and everything Italian. I ordered chicken franchise in a lemon-wine sauce… my favorite; one of the best parts is bringing most of my meal home to enjoy again… as I usually fill up on salad and bread! I made hubby’s favorite Ice Box Cake for his birthday, which really isn’t a cake! If you’ve never enjoyed this, it’s a one dish of chocolate and vanilla pudding with graham crackers on the bottom, in-between the layers, and on top. His mother taught me to make Italian cream pudding from scratch, so it’s how I always make it. Let me hear from you if you make this dessert. Some people also put layers of bananas between, but hubby isn’t a fan of adding fruit… so on his day, I make exactly to his liking! I need to make another soon, take photos and write a recipe… stay tuned!

School was finally out for granddaughters here mid-June… we picked them up on their last day and took them to our favorite spot… the beach boardwalk, where they practiced their skating.

McKinley and Grace working on their roller skating at the beach boardwalk…

These two have had enjoyed quite the summer vacation… and were off to spend a week in July at Camp Stanley with their aunt and uncle… where they paddle boarded, kayaked, and even McKinley was challenged to water ski! I was impressed with the water skiing… bringing back memories of how my friends, Pat and Karen, attempted to teach me… but it definitely didn’t work out this way. And as their summer vacation isn’t quite over… they are off for a week in August to the island of Bermuda. Nice summer memories they have made!

I began this baby blanket gift in late May for cousin Nicole… finishing just in time for my baby shower gift in July; I can’t wait to see it wrapped around their new baby girl! It went everywhere with me… even joining me at the beach, where everyone watched my progress. This was my first knitted baby blanket, as I’ve only crocheted them before… and I have to say that crocheting goes way faster than knitting! It didn’t remain as a WIP very long though, as I knitted daily to complete… but never took a completed photo! I’ll have to wait for a baby pic!

Granddaughters, Nina, Ella and Ana returned to school on August 10th (2022)… the twins, Nina and Ana, head into 4th grade while Ella begins 7th this year. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings them!

I began this mitered knit blanket earlier this summer… not sure how big I intended to make, but finally deciding on a lap blanket… as who needs a large afghan? In seeing the many edge strings hanging, fringe came to mind… so I fringed three sides; the alternate was to crochet a border edge. I’m liking the fringe and I think the granddaughters in Florida will enjoy this one… although they’ll have to flip a coin in using, as I’ve only knitted one… so far! The blanket pattern is free from The Knitting Squirrel. I enjoyed knitting it so much that I’m beginning a second one with sock yarn… as that’s what the pattern called for… with the purpose of using up extra sock yarn amassed. In that this pattern is suppose to be a “pick up” project at your leisure… that is what the sock yarn blanket will be, as I’m not finding it as enjoyable in knitting, as I did with the DK yarn. I’ve since begun a second one with the DK, but this one will be all solid squares, unlike the first one. In knitting this one, I’ve had an idea on how to possibly frame each square in black… and that means I’ll probably begin a third one soon… just to test out my theory! Stay Tuned…

We were supposed to have gone this month (August) to a reunion at the late Loring AFB in Carabou, Maine. While I so wanted to go… as they had secured a B-52 to land at the now closed base… first time a B-52 will be on base since closing in 1993. In knowing we’d be driving to Florida soon, at over 1500 miles, I just didn’t think I wanted to now drive another 500 miles… so opted not to go, but when I watched the video of it landing… I so wished I could wiggle my nose and be there to watch it land. My husband worked on the B-52 while stationed at Loring, and it was at Loring where he asked me to marry him… over the phone! While it wasn’t possible for him to ask me in person, he did have to see the base commander and ask permission to marry me… which always gives me a chuckle when I think of him standing in front of the commander’s desk and asking to marry. Like he’s always told me, when you are a GI (government issue), they are your mother and father… and you must ask permission on everything!

B-52 flying into Loring on August 11, 2022… courtesy of Barksdale AFB in Louisiana… many thanks to those guys for bringing it back to Maine. Listening to it online in landing, was awesome… just wish I hadn’t procrastinated so much in going. I’ve always wanted to see one in-person flying and landing… and sadly I missed my chance!

My summer travelers, granddaughters Grace and McKinley, winded down their summer travels with a trip to Bermuda with their parents. The color of the water, the sand, and the waves, are spectacular!

You know summer is over when the kids begin school…

My un-finished projects have now dwindled down… guess that means I need to add more projects to my needles… and soon will be beginning another mitered knit blanket… so much fun to knit… and was what kept me off blogging this summer!

Besides knitting the blanket, I’ve been at the beach every evening… enjoying the summer day no matter what the temperature was… and like I tell everyone… there’s always a breeze at the beach!

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