Family Stories: Dear Uncle Leroy

Always on Memorial Day I remember my Uncle Leroy… who didn’t come home from the war to live his life… a life at age 19, that he gave for his country… so we may live a free life. I so wish I could have met him.

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Family Stories

Dear Uncle Leroy

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Dear Uncle Leroy:

On this Memorial Day (May 27, 2018) I’m writing to “Thank You” for your service during WWII, where at the young age of 19, you gave your life for this great country of the United States. A life that should not have been lost to parents Edgar and Ola McKinley… their one and “only” son and “only” brother to my mother Helen Rebecca McKinley.

What would life have held for you if you had returned home safely from the war? You often wrote home in your letters of how you looked forward to helping your father plow the fields once again when you came home. Funny how often the very thing you once disliked doing, became the very thing you dreamed of coming home and once doing again. I’m sure your letters gave grandmamma and granddaddy much…

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