2022: Z… A to Z April Challenge: Time Traveling… Zee Last Thing I Expected to Discover on the A to Z!

YooHoo… I’m super excited to be back with everyone in the “7th” April A to Z Challenge… and my theme is “Time-Traveling” through my blog – “Everyone Has a Family Story to Tell“. If you have stumbled upon this post and wondering about the challenge… The Blogging A to Z April Challenge is one month of every-day blogging through the alphabet. 26 days, 26 letters, 26 posts! Daily blogging is Monday through Saturday… leaving Sunday to rest, read other blogs, and prepare for the following week! From the first day in 2016 when I happened upon this challenge… I”m still just as excited… and always eager to begin! Who doesn’t love a good time travel of events… so where would you travel to?

Grab a coffee… as you follow me down the rabbit hole… Hippity Hop!

Z… Zee Last Thing I Expected to Discover on the A to Z!

For this April (2022) A to Z, I had decided to “time travel” through my blog of eight years… while adding a few new comments here and there, But… a surprise happended on letter H! I traveled back to June 5th, 1947, to the “Honeymoon Mystery”. A mystery of which I wrote on my in-laws wedding and honeymoon photos found… which prompted me to piece together a story. From a later newspaper clipping, I discovered their honeymoon destination was actually Vermont… but I had first began my search in the White Mountains of New Hampshire searching for honeymoon Inns.

Now, lets rewind to April 9th, the day my letter “H” posted… and by late evening, blogger Donna Smith, messaged me that she thought she’d found the Inn! I was esstatic! Hip Hip Hooray!!! She noticed the name “Top” on the signpost out front and in searching for Top Inn in Vermont, she turned up the The Mountain Top Inn, in Chittenden, Vermont. She compared my post of the forest skyline behind my father in law relaxing on the chaise lounge to a few photos on the Inn’s website… “Bingo”… one in particular on their back new terrace caught her eye… clearly showing such a similar comparison. She then went one step further… downloaded the photo of my father in law on the chaise lounge with the clear view of the mountain skyline… and layered it over the photo from the Inn’s page… it matched up identical! She immediately contacted me and sent me that photo… It was so exciting to see the comparison in the layering… how could it not be the same location? I think the mystery has been solved by Donna!

The puzzle pieces fit… as the original was layered over a new photograph!

If my Nancy Drew hat hadn’t been so cock-eyed on my head, I would have went and searched again after discovering that there honeymoon destination was actually Vermont, and not of which I first thought, in New Hampshire…. but… read on! Donna Smith and I seem to have more in common besides blogging… Nancy Drew! She was a contributor to the book, Nancy Drew Anthology… of writings and art! It seems, even though my Nancy hat was slightly askew, it was our favorite sleuth, Nancy Drew, that drew us together!

I immediately emailed Mountain Top Inn with my strange request of… asking if they would they look at my blog story and photos, and match them to any early photos they might possibly have. I double/triple crossed my fingers in sending off my request! I’m sure whoever opened that email… scratched their head!

It was Laura Conti, Marketing Director, who received my email… emailing me back to say she was quite intrigued with my request and offered to help. Within a week, she sent pictures of several photos that hang in their lobby… and it seems to both of us that we have a match! YooHoo!

While waiting to hear back, I began searching out more information, such as… do mountain ranges ever change their shapes through the years. It seems that they do maintain their shape through the years… and my photos were matching up very identicle to the ones of today… 75 years later! I can’t believe that I’ve finally discovered of which Inn in Vermont, of where my in-laws honeymooned! All thanks to one of my fellow blog readers.

In this original photo, I hadn’t caught the word “Top” on the sign… and also had searched in the wrong state. Check photo below of which I was sent… and while you can’t clearly see the words in the photograph, the shapes on the sign match.

This photograph of the original building hangs in the lobby of The Mountain Top Inn… you can clearly see the sign post… a more closeup is below, although the image isn’t clear for the words, but the shapes match up identical to my original photograph my in-laws took.

The Mountain Top Inn became very well known in 1955 when President Eisenhower vacationed there during a fishing expedition. A luxury room in the main lodge was soon named after the President… soon known as “Ike’s View”. (Another clue was the front porch in this photo… depicting the same striped fabric awning, and partially seeing how the front side doors in the original photo match to this photograph.

I can now almost close the book on their honeymoon mystery, but there’s still a couple of unsolved questions… first, how did she find this place, as the Inn was new on the map… no one else in the family had gone… so no word of mouth, but somehow she, or I’m assuming… had found it! I doubt that question will ever be answered as there is no one left to ask, but I never though I’d find the Inn either!

The second unsolved puzzle on their honeymoon mystery, is… where was this photo of Celia taken… with the sign behind saying… “Crossing this lawn Prohibited by order of the Police.” Is she outside a jail… Canadian border? Were they out sightseeing? They weren’t close to the Canadian border, and I’ve never heard her mention that they had been to Canada… could they have detoured near Niagara Falls on the way home? Figuring this one out might be short of a miracle!

The Inn was only open a few years at the time my in-laws chose The Mountain Top Inn in 1947. It first began as a converted barn… and actually had been a turnip farm founded in the late 1870’s. In 1940 Mr. William Barstow purchased this farm for his wife, Francoise. Through the years, there were improvements and additions to the original barn… turning it into a full Inn & Tavern. Later in 1945, William & Margery Wolfe purchased the Inn and continued to make improvements. They would have been the proprietor’s when my in-laws honeymooned there in 1947.

Advertisement found in a magazine… and from the looks of the cars, I’d say late 40’s or early 1950’s… possibly how my in-laws discovered their honeymoon get-a-way from an advertisement as such!

More changes came to the Inn in 1964 to take advantage of winter sports and encouraging year-round guests… a cross country ski center was soon developed. Today, the resort boasts over 60 kilometers of trails and known as some of the best cross country skiing around.

Sadly, in 1977, a fire managed to destroy the majority of their original Inn’s lodging… and of where my in-laws would have stayed. The Inn was later rebuilt in a similar post and beam construction lending similance to what once stood in their lobby… giving warmth and charm to what their main lodge had once offerered their guests.

I hope this summer to take a road trip to The Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont… seeing it in person… and maybe we’ll even spend the night to take in the treeline of the Green Mountain National Forest… the very same view my in-laws enjoyed.

As of April 30th, there has been 105 view on Letter H…

Thank You to all my readers who followed me along in this A to Z of “time travel”… connecting daily with me. And especially a big “Thank You” to fellow blogger, Donna Smith… for taking that extra step!

April is over… so everyone can take a very well-deserved rest… but don’t forget to blog hop and catch up on all you’ve missed… before writing your “reflection” post!


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16 Responses to 2022: Z… A to Z April Challenge: Time Traveling… Zee Last Thing I Expected to Discover on the A to Z!

  1. Anne Young says:

    Congratulations on finishing the challenge.

    What a fantastic finish to solve that mystery.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How exciting to solve a mystery on the A to Z! To think you can thank Nancy Drew for the result makes it all the more exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I totally love this. What a fabulous end to April’s journey! The Nancy Drew vibes work in mysterious and wonderful ways don’t they? Congratulations on a challenge well played.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. eschudel says:

    Amazing! I loved reading all your posts, but this was such a fun end to the challenge. Congrats!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kristin says:

    Congrats on completing the challenge and wow! What an amazing discovery you made piecing together the evidence with a little help from your fellow sleuth!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congratulations on finishing the A to Z this year!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. cassmob says:

    What a fabulous end to the challenge wrapping it up perfectly thanks to Donna and Nancy Drew. The serendipity of blogging and the kindness of bloggers! I got a good smile out of Zee which I now realise is also how you pronounce Z.
    You really do have to treat yourselves to one night at the Inn, without a doubt. your reward for all those A2Zs you’ve done!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. dyannedillon says:

    You are a terrific sleuth! How wonderful to solve the mystery of the Inn. It looks like Dirty Dancing could have been shot there!

    Liked by 1 person

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