2022… U: A To Z April Challenge: Time Traveling… Unusual Posts

YooHoo… I’m super excited to be back with everyone in the “7th” April A to Z Challenge… and my theme is “Time-Traveling” through my blog – “Everyone Has a Family Story to Tell“. If you have stumbled upon this post and wondering about the challenge… The Blogging A to Z April Challenge is one month of every-day blogging through the alphabet. 26 days, 26 letters, 26 posts! Daily blogging is Monday through Saturday… leaving Sunday to rest, read other blogs, and prepare for the following week! From the first day in 2016 when I happened upon this challenge… I”m still just as excited… and always eager to begin! Who doesn’t love a good time travel of events… so where would you travel to?

Grab a coffee… as you follow me down the rabbit hole… Hippity Hop!

In searching for titles with letter “U”… I typed in the word “unusual” on my blog, and 94 posts turned up! These 3 posts below turned up with the word “unusual” in the post title…

2021: Q – April A to Z: Mama in Photos… Quirky and Unusual Photos

2019: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 3 (Jan. 15-21) Unusual Name

Family Stories: Remembering Unusual Food Combinations Eaten

Intrigued…. do check out the other Unusual 91 posts! Let me know which you found the most unusual! Enjoy the few I posted below…

Dragon at Shelburne Farms – Shelburne, Vermont… if ever nearby, do stop and check out this “unusual” farm, which looks more like a castle!

“Unusual” visit to Cane Creek cemetery over Here.

Unusual stops on genealogy hunting days

Unusual newspaper clippings found over Here

Unusual musings from Mama from our many nightly conversations….

Ponemah Mill (Taftville, CT)

One of our most unusual sightings that took our breath away on a Sunday drive… to just nowhere. Do check out the entire set of photos on the post.

Mama’s love of her life… meet Boo! Boo, her most “unusual” faithfull companion… keeping mama company and watching dutifully over her… especially in the latter years!

My most “unusual” last post in Conversations with Mama and more was the hardest to write… as it was the final… no more! I’m now left only with memories of the many unusual conversations with mama through the years. Thank You Mama for leaving me with all those conversations… family tales… funny stories, and memories… and because of her, I write! I feel truly blessed!

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3 Responses to 2022… U: A To Z April Challenge: Time Traveling… Unusual Posts

  1. cassmob says:

    Trying to get the sour mash wasn’t a great idea, and an expensive price to pay! I forgot to ask what happened to Boo after your mum died.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dyannedillon says:

    The drowning story certainly isn’t something you hear every day! And I think cats are the best of companions, and I’m happy to read how Boo gave your mom much comfort!

    Liked by 1 person

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