Monthly Musings: 2022… March Musings

March began as a tough month for me… and not to go into any detail… I’m happy to see it move on… allowing me to move on with my life.

Grab a coffee and enjoy!

I left you with a photo last month of a new starting project… now showing you what it has turned into – a hand-sewn needle book. I found this pattern on the site of Ann Wood… but you really don’t need a pattern, just imagination. I decided to use it for practice, in order in showing the granddaughters and let them practice their “not used” sewing skills as a craft. Not sure if they will be interested… or even finish, but maybe it will be a work in progress (UFO) for them. Children today don’t have the patience to complete a time-consuming project… hand sewing isn’t nearly as fast as pushing that button on their I-Pad! I love technology, but at times I do feel it is the ruination of children. Living in a fast-paced world isn’t always the best. Give me paper and pencil or fabric and thread and I can easily amuse myself for a long period of time… children are far and few in-between in that scenario today. That saddens me!

If you have a great kids sewing craft project… do send my way!

March seems to have become a tough month for me… as just last year, I was in the process of cleaning out my mother’s home… a house she called home for over 40 years… a home that I visited every year… and even though I never grew up in that house… it felt like home to me! It was only a few weeks after the house closing last March, when the new owner called… to tell me that he’d mailed me a box of letters he discovered on her back porch. For the life of me, I don’t know why I didn’t go out there… guess I was so busy in the house, and thinking hubby had taken care of what was out there. When the box arrived, I wasn’t ready to sit and read through at that time… but recently I sat and went through them. Mama seemed to have saved every letter and story that I ever wrote her… and there were lots! I even learned things I had forgotten.

Mama was my biggest fan of all I wrote! Besides this box sent to me, I had already found many letters saved in past years. One day, if time, I need to sit down and read them in order… lots of memories, I’m sure I’ve forgotten!

I also found postcards mama wrote her father while he was recuperating in the hospital… telling him how we had been to the farm and cut down a tree for Christmas. So… now I know that we really had a “live” tree at one time! Another postcard mentioned that I had gotten a new coat and how I thought I was “looking real good.” Sure wish I knew what coat that was?

I’m looking forward to a couple things in April… first, the release of the 1950 Federal Census… and even though I won’t find myself yet on a census, I will find my parents married, now living in Union Point, Georgia in their first home… of where I will join their family in 1952. If I’m still kicking in 2032, I will then find myself on the 1960 Census records.

I’ll leave you with a tease on these fabric squares… another “UFO” I’ve added to my basket! If you take a sneak peak at the link below for HandyMumLin… you’ll probably discoverer the outcome… or what I hope to achieve! FYI… never throw away old jeans… they can be recycled into so many projects!

I enjoy hand sewing and find it mesmerizing to watch the so very talented HandyMumLin on You Tube… a woman in Malaysia with truly amazing sewing skills… both by hand and machine. I learn something new from every video; she leaves me wanting to craft every one of her creations! Time… that’s my problem! Let me know your thoughts if you have a chance to watch her create! I will admit, I dragged my scrap bag out the other night and began cutting small house shapes to hopefully create an applique sewing art she sewed by hand; but I’m not nearly as creative! It is one of my “to do” soon projects… and hopefully I’ll create something to show one month, but as of now it’s become another of my UFO’s.

The sewing of clothes is way too much intimidation for me, although I did sew a few clothing items for my daughter when she was a baby and also sewed several Raggedy Ann dolls,.. which called for clothing. I’m not sure why clothing sends me into a tailspin of intimidation; I so wish I sewed more when I see the beautiful creations online of what people have sewn. Lately I’m wanting to sew more and create a quilt… not any of the highly pieced design quilts… I’m more a crazy quilt girl, as I want to hand quilt like my grandmother.

I often wonder, if others like me have oodles and oodles of crafts running through their head as I do? Surely I can’t be alone! In attempting several crafts… does it leave me not having enough time to truly perfect them… or is that just me feeling that way? As a for instance… I’ve gathered so many items for my junk journals, but haven’t yet created any for me… only making a few small ones for the granddaughters. I feel intimidated at times to just begin… which is how I feel on most projects until I just “start”. That was how I first felt when begining to knit my first pair of socks… but once I mastered the concept of sock knitting, I lost that feeling of intimidation. I don’t seem to have the time to knit as many socks today as I’d like to… although I can be a time waster on many days.

April is approaching fast and I’ve began compiling my April posts for the A to Z April Challenge of daily posting… on a specific theme. You might have seen me announce my intentions over “here“… joining once again for a 7th year! This year I will “Time Travel” through my blog since taking the plunge in 2014.

Spring making its appearance!

Like in previous March years… ours came in like a lamb… but certainly is going out like a lion. Early morning temps in Ct. this last week will have us waking to low 20’s, unlike the past weeks, where we’ve been spoiled with temps almost reaching into the 70’s!

Take a moment to pray for the people of Ukrainne… it’s heartbreaking in seeing the destruction taking place across the globe!


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