Monthly Musings: 2022… February

Monthly February Musings…

…grab your coffee

Last months late snow gave granddaughters, McKinley & Grace, a chance to finally try out the snowshoes we gave them for Christmas. They took mom and dad along for a hike up Sleeping Giant… their favorite hiking path up to the castle. If only my knees would allow me… I’d love to try out a pair and join them! I laughed when I saw this photo… as they look like “snow bunnies” ready for the real snow slopes!

The “Sleeping Giant” mountain in Hamden, Connecticut. In 2018 a tornado ripped through Sleeping Giant, and my daughters neighborhood nearby… read HERE.

Update: Feb. 2nd had Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow… meaning six more weeks of winter; forecasted by a “groundhog.” I haven’t felt we had a strong, cold winter this past season and as of today (Mar. 21, 2022)… first day of spring, we’ve been enjoying many spring-like days. Just last week it almost reached 70 on one sunny day. Just as a sidenote here… Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania have been predicting the seasons since 1887… and I was amazed at the high officials official uniform! But, I’d just like to know of where “Phil” received his meteorology degree from, as we have our own woodchuck living in our backyard… somewhere. Maybe hubby and I will have our own “groundhog” day here in 2023! Read more over Here!

In digging through my WIP’s (works in progress) basket… I pulled out my “almost finished” knitted mini dolls from 2020… and they are almost “all” ready to go. Last month I mentioned both words… WIP and UFO… and just recently learned a new name from Arne & Carlos for unfinished projects… PHD… meaning “project half done.” Little by little, I’m still working on several PHD’s! Sounds more impressive! Often while knitting, I enjoy listening or watching Arne & Carlos on YouTube… they do make me laugh, especially Arne! If you haven’t watched… do check them out!

I need to find a pretty bowl for display until I find their forever homes!

I couldn’t wait to knit and stuff this new mini pocket doll I recently discovered… pattern over here. She didn’t make my PHD basket… finished her in one day!

Are you playing Wordle… and if you haven’t heard of this on-line daily game, jump over HERE. Hubby and I play every morning… both muttering over vowels and consonants in the wrong places… and when he finishes before me, he likes to give hints… grrrr! I jumped in on the bandwagon in late January, and wrote a post, Do You Wordle?

Valentines Day had me finishing up heart knitted pouches which held hand-sewn hearts for the granddaughters… Nina, Ana, and Ella with theirs!

Just before Valentines Day, I happened upon felt heart kits online, which had me grabbing my graph paper to sketch out patterns… I was soon busy cutting and sewing. While they’re too late for Valentines Day, I’m thinking I’ll string the three together to create a Christmas ornament this year. This pushes m way ahead of the game now… as usually it’s like November when I begin sewing or knitting ornaments… and stressing myself out! I’m sure I’ll still come up with more ornaments to craft. Like mama always said… “you have way too many irons in the fire,” What would I do with myself if I wasn’t always knitting, sewing, writing or crafting something? Whenever I’m sitting on the couch… doing nothing… hubby will ask, “are you alright?

While they weren’t finished in time for Valentines Day… it puts me way ahead for Christmas now!

Hubby did receive a special Valentine Love Letter “just for him”!

I recently bought new sock yarn just for myself, and also yarn for a hat… while I’m not much of a hat person, I instantly fell in love with the pattern “Alaska” the other day… and her choice in graduated color shades reds and greys just called to me. Not sure when I’ll be posting a “PHD” of it, but do check it out on Ravelry if interested. In case you’re wondering… the “4 at a time” socks are still on my needles!

What does have me stressing now is the annual A to Z writing challenge in April… it’s a daily blog, on a specific topic; last years topic was Mama in Photo’s… and I had such fun blogging my way through the month. I lost my mother in 2020…. and I so enjoyed revisiting all the photos of her life and remembering the fun times. See below for previous years. While writing this, I googled ideas and am thinking of revisiting some of my favorite blog posts over the years… so now to think of a title. If you’ve never read any of my A to Z daily blogs… doo drop in and let me know what you think… oh, and grab another coffee!

My previous years of A to Z Challenges:

Eggciting news…. my son and daughter in law added chickens to their family last September, and were excited to discover them laying this month… their first 5 have now turned into 3 laying hens and two roosters… one more than hoped for! I’ve been asking daily, “are they crowing yet”, and just last week Rose heard the first crow, and even managed to record it for me; I may be odd, but I enjoy hearing roosters crow. Just this week, they added three more hens to their brood, and enlarged the hen house so both roosters could be separated. A couple of the newly acquired hens are a Turken, and a Sexlink… such odd names; the latter is supposed to be a high producer of eggs, while the other, hence the name, has a distinctive turkey look.

Let’s meet the chicks…

The three laying hens… notice the Turken in the background with the “no feathered” neck!

Diesel, the crowing rooster and hens… Lucy & Ethyl, who don’t seem to be laying at present… maybe they’re waiting for Desi! Diesel was sent to live with the new hens… whom he’s taken a liken to, isn’t liking him at the moment… and while who does like him, he pays no attention to. LOL… even in the animal world, relationships are tough!

And We Have EGGS!

Nina and Ana are the first ones in the hen house morning and evening… and what I wouldn’t give to have seen their faces when they found that “egg.” I’m shocked it made it to the house… Intact!

And this one “first” egg has led to…

I can’t wait to gather eggs when we go down!

February has been a tough month to get through… hoping March is better! Hope all is well with you, as Life gives you ups and downs… and you just have to take one day at a time in order to push through!

My last project started this month… I’ll leave you hanging with this one… to be completed in March!

See ya next month! Stay healthy… and keep knitting… or whatever makes you happy!


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