Monthly Musings: December 2021

My December antics

December began with hubby and I still on the road… or as my Mama would say… “in the road.” You could never win that argument with her either… in that she was not “on the road”, but “in the road” traveling. She would look at you and say… I was “in the road.” Case closed! Yes Mama you were in the road!

We arrived home to cold Connecticut the first week of December!

Being home was already causing me stress in knowing I was now on a time crunch to finish up holiday crafts, straighten up a house (that won’t happen)… I left in a mess, and possibly bake some cookies. I haven’t baked cookies in years… just can’t get the mojo going… but I’m going to try really hard this year to make that a reality… as I’ve been missing my Cherry Wink and Thumbprint cookies. (I took myself in the kitchen after receiving an unexpected box of cookies in the mail from friend Marcy! Thank You!!!

It was my mother in law who taught me this recipe…. Pecans taste the best when making Thumbprints!

I did make one cookie this year… Thumbprints with my Georgia pecans! Sadly the Cherry Winks didn’t follow yet, but they will make an appearance in the new year… too many cookies in the freezer at the moment, so I’ll wait on the Cherry Winks! I was also gifted a box of cookies from a friend… and they were very much appreciated, and delicious; Thank You Marcy! A few days later a tray of cookies arrived from my daughter.

Once home… I went non-stop in finishing up crafts… and so like me to find new ones that I also wanted to make in the middle of December… I must be crazy! Two of my craft posts went out today… with the end of the year rapidly approaching, I needed to finish a few up for this year before 2022 pounces in!

My Xmas tree dishcloth was an easy knit… although the cotton thread was making my hand cramp up, but it was an easy pattern to knit. Pattern HERE. Once I got into the swing of knitting it… it no longer cramped my hand. We used them to adorn the Christmas table in holding the warm dishes. Too pretty to wash dishes with!

December was a non-stop of finishing my many handmade gifts… wrapping… and trying to find time to finish up a few posts… two went out today on holiday crafts, so I won’t list them here. They can be read at…. 2021 Christmas Ornaments and more over Here … and the 2021 Christmas Advent Calendar over Here.

Travel has been on the light side since coming home due to the new Covid strain… hope you and yours are safe and well… and enjoyed your holidays. I might need to stock up on more yarn to keep me home over the winter! I also have thoughts on a few projects… and one is to either make a jewelry cone tree or a framed jewelry tree with the vast amount of jewelry from my mother. She was a jewelry hound and always asked me to never throw her treasures away. One thought had been to place them in a large jar… and that’s still on the burner. Love to hear your thoughts on making these if you have tackled such a craft. I have a friend making a wreath out of rhinestone pins… and it is gorgeous! Maybe she will allow me to showcase it when done.

Off to finish a few more posts before the end of the year… and it’s definitely breathing down my neck!

While on vacation in sunny Florida, I worked on my Nancy Drew patchwork Scottie dogs like I made the girls for Easter this year. Hopefully mine will come together in the New Year. Cross your fingers for me!

Christmas Eve held a nice surprise for me when our doorbell rang. I opened the door to discover this little snowman sitting at my door… all by his lonesome! I’ll have to put on my Nancy Drew hat to discover who my crafty neighbor is! I’ve made plans with the granddaughters to paint our own snowmen over the summer to surprise neighbors, family and friends next year!

In remembrance of my mother this year… I bought myself a box of chocolate covered cherries… they were mama’s favorite. I always sent her a box at Christmas… and in mama’s honor this year… I bought myself a box and enjoyed every one of them… all while thinking of mama! I guess this will now be a yearly thing!


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