Family Stories: My Favorite Posts of 2021

Every years end, I enjoy recollecting on some of my favorite posts of the year… especially as closing in on me. It’s now December with only hours left until the New Year rings in. While my shopping had long been finished… and way before the impact of the waiting ships were even mentioned… and they’re still waiting out in the waters off Los Angeles. What I was way behind in, was my wrapping, putting the tree up, and even trying to get in the Christmas mood… before it’s all over. I seem to always procrastinate on the wrapping aspect… then I stress myself out big time! When my kids were young, I always went overboard on the Christmas decorating, but in recent years… it just hasn’t been that important to me. I’m often not in the festive mood, until it’s upon me.

I opted this year to not put up the big tree, but instead to enjoy this ceramic tree my father had made especially for me. Daddy sent it to me in 1972 and I have treasured it every since. It still amazes me how it arrived in one piece!

I couldn’t resist buying hubby and I our very own camper this year… easier to care for than the larger size… but I would so love a camper just like this one. The knitted gnome I made last year.

Before 2021 ends, I’d like to share a few of my favorite blog posts of this year… and send a big “THANK YOU” to all my readers who stopped in to read!


All About the Marbles had me remembering my son as a little boy, coming into my kitchen with a shirt full of marbles… wearing a grin from side to side! I have now given all those marbles back to him after safely guarding them for many years. Now his girls enjoy playing and looking at them.

One of my favorite fruits… blackberries… had me writing Blackberry Winter and more in the dead cold of winter… and has me so thinking of a blackberry cobbler! Alexa, add to shopping list… blackberries!

Before January ended, I finished one of my stories on the iconic fun houses of Savin Rock… set right in hubby’s hometown of West Haven, Ct. Their own little Coney Island of fun!


My Weekly Chat was the start of me showing the English Paper Piecing patch-dog I was sewing for all the girls for Easter… and Pops creation of lap tables made from wood remnants of old kitchen cabinets from his family home. I hope they carry those tables with them forever… remembering that Pop made them!

Another March Weekly Chat had me blogging from Georgia as we were sadly cleaning out my mother’s house… readying it for sale later in the month. While it was sad, it was a time of remembering all the good times we had there. I’m sure I brought home more than I needed to, but it was hard to let go of things.


This month brought me back for my sixth year (2021)… can you believe it… of participating in the yearly April A to Z challenge… and I had quite a time in deciding on my “theme”, but after losing my mother last November, I thought I’d honor her through the many photographs I have… and tell the story of the photographs… as every photo has a story. I had the best time in looking back through the many photographs I had of mama through the years… it brought back good memories to me at such a sad time in my life. I truly enjoyed sharing them with the world… and revisiting them during the month. Thank You Mama for leaving me with great photos and memories!


This month had hubby and I celebrating a milestone of 50 years of marriage…. best friends still going strong! It was a fun write… and remembering fun times and planning for more!

My Scottie (EPP) patch dogs were finally all completed… and now a post written complete with photos of all girls and their Easter dogs! I hope they save them forever… and maybe one day, they might tackle their very own creation.

After my writings on Savin Rock Fun Houses, I was contacted by Laff in the Dark website and asked to write a story on them for their site. I was psyched! It is published on their site HERE.

My very long Weekly Chat on May 12th covered my closing out of my mom’s house in Georgia and our April trip to sunny Florida to spend some “much needed” time with my son and his family and celebrate my birthday.


With father’s day closing in on me… I began remembering the last time I said goodbye to my father in My Last Goodbye to Daddy.


The many buttons I brought home from Mama’s, plus all the ones she had already given me… pushed me to write Button, Button, Who’s got the Button.

I ended July with an exciting Nancy Drew find in Family Photographs… and their stories: Finding Nancy Drew


August 7th, had me blogging on National Purple Heart Day… writing on the family members who received a Purple Heart.

I had scribbled notes on hubby’s Boy Scout memories for years… and finally put them to paper.


Thought it was finally time to put the Family Tales and Lore all in one post. Everyone has family stories… and they need not to be forgotten.

911 Remembered… 20 years later. I can still remember it like yesterday. Glued to the TV all day, every day!


I’ve had much fun in posting family photos and delving deep in the behind the scenes… and this one of daddy with his Navy buddies was interesting.

Another photo I enjoyed dissecting was Me with my parents in 1957… simple photographs that told so much more than shown.


November was a busy month traveling and spending time in Florida with my son, daughter in law and 3 beautiful granddaughters… but I’m back. More stories to follow on that visit, but two photos popped up recently that made me dissect all the details in Family Pictures at my Grandparents home in Union Point, Georgia. The one post I haven’t been able to bring myself to write this year, is the closing and sale of my mother’s house… a house I called home for over 50 years. Hopefully in the new year, I can bring myself to write that story.

In searching for notes for a post… I came across notes I’d written for my annual April A to Z this year… but sadly didn’t write… so guess what… I wrote two additional posts and added them into the April blog. You can find “Mama’s Doors” Here… Everyday Places that were Mama’s Favorites over Here.

It was so much fun to write the post, Crafting with the Florida Granddaughters at Thanksgiving… and remember all the fun times and photos… and the warm days… and all the delicious foods my son and daughter in law cooked for us. We were definitely pampered!

Upon returning home in December, in between my knitting and Christmas crafting, I found time to write… 2021 Christmas Ornaments and more… adding many of my Christmas crafts this year and also finished the post on my 2021 Christmas Advent Calendar I made for the granddaughters in Florida.

Before we all ring in 2022, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! I pray that our New Year brings changes in allowing us to get our lives more back to normal. I expect I’ll be staying home most of January and see how things go… I should be able to catch up on some of my pending posts just sitting here on WordPress… waiting on me to complete! At present I have 105 started posts… so I suppose my New Years resolution should be… to tidy up that folder! See you in the New Year!


If you’d like to read more family stories, click HERE.

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