Craft Junkie: Magnus the Mouse

Magnus hanging out with Nancy Drew!

Often I feel like Alice in Wonderland… as I fall down the crafting rabbit hole. It’s so hard to see something… and just say “oh that’s pretty” and move on. Nope not me… I’m quickly rummaging through my yarn/stash of whatever to begin a new project… before finishing the present one. Hopefully I’m not alone!

I first discovered Magnus in my Facebook group “The Last Homely House East of The Sea”… a group for the blog followers of You-Tuber “Kate” on The Last Homely House. The woman who first posted Magnus had knitted several of them in all different sizes… so I figured, “well how hard can they be.” I bought the pattern (Arne & Carlos) and soon discovered I was in for a time, but I never give up on projects! While mine have a few issues, they are finished and dressed… another WIP crossed off my list!

Beginning Magnus wasn’t difficult, but I did find myself having to concentrate more on the pattern as I began knitting the legs… and saying to myself… “this is why I don’t like knitting animals… they have two legs!” For some reason, I just don’t seem to make two of anything… the same size!

My suggestion is… if you are going to knit Magnus… knit both legs and arms first.. and also the ears and tail. Another suggestion is to even make the clothes ahead of time also… so when you stuff Magnus, you’ll be able to judge if the clothes will fit. My first sweater was too tight… so I had to make another one.

After both legs were knitted, I thought the body would have been an easy knit… but I was soon scratching my head and mumbling in trying to decipher how to attach the legs using magic loop. I’m sure many followed the pattern easily, but in as I don’t usually knit animals… and not using dpn’s… I struggled trying to figure out in my head, which needle side to add the leg stitches to. I think if I had used the “dpn’s” from the beginning… instead of trying to knit magic loop… I might have had an easier time, but I finally figured out how to add the leg stitches on the dpn’s and continued to knit the body… and finally completing it!

Arms attached and almost ready for his head… but my magic loop was twisting the neck… I had to make the switch to DPN’s!

If you have the arms knitted beforehand and waiting… it will make the knitting process so much smoother. Or is it just me? Adding the arms seemed to have puzzled me more than the legs… and I thought socks were difficult! They are a cakewalk compared to knitting Magnus!

Now on to knit that long tail… which is what intrigued me about him!

Magnus looked like an alien with the opening for the snout and nose… but after knitting his snout and that cute pink nose… finally looking like a mouse!

The pattern originally called for dpn’s, but since learning magic loop… it’s been my go-to for everything, but I think I should have followed the pattern more… and used the dpn’s! I did complete much of it with magic loop until I reached the neck… as then the stitches seemed to twist, and I couldn’t tell if it was me, or just the way I had the stitches on the two needles. After transferring my stitches to dpn’s, I found it somewhat easier to understand the pattern, and see it transform into a face… and with a nose. At one point, I said, “I’ll never make another,” but for some reason I never seem to make only one of anything!

Yes I did make another…. I must love punishment… and I seemed to have had more trouble in figuring out how to add the arms again to the body on the second go-around… now why was that? If I ever dare to make another, I’m definitely going to start my dpn’s much earlier and just maybe, I’ll be able to follow the directions somewhat easier! I’m not a newbie knitter… but this pattern definitely had me muttering… often out loud!

I managed to knit the opening for the snout with no problem… even picking up stitches at the end to complete that cute pink nose. The only thing left now was the ears and eyes… and sewing them on. I procrastinated on that for a few days, as I couldn’t decide on where placement should be… but I finally faced my fears! Magnus was complete, well almost… had to raid my button jar for his eyes!

Magnus was almost finished… but still naked… needing clothes and that darn long tail sewed on. I decided to not sew his tail on until his pants were finished… as the tail had to fit through the hole in the back… but easier than I first thought!

Onto the clothes…

And also with the sweater… I had to knit two arms before finishing the sweater… did I say I hate making two of things!

The pants pattern really confused me when I began decreasing on the inseam of the legs… but possibly if I’d placed them on the dpn’s from the beginning, I might not have become confused! Somehow, I managed to knit the pants and attach both legs… turning them into pants, but it wasn’t as easy as I felt it should have been; was it me, or the pattern not being clearly written. The one writing the pattern always understands… but sometimes the knitter doesn’t always follow along as easily. I’ve shown patterns to better knitters than me… and they couldn’t fully understand what the author was asking on certain patterns… but it is what it is!

I did not enjoy knitting these pants!

I knitted Magnus a girlfriend named Millie… but she somehow ended up larger than Magnus… who knows maybe I grabbed a wrong needle size! I wanted a simple knit dress for her instead of the sweater/pants or overalls they gave in the pattern, but as I’m not one of those knitters who can knit patterns out of their head… I instead opted for a pink sweater in making her look more girly. If anyone has a simple knit dress pattern that would fit her… send my way!

Magnus with his friend Millie the Mouse!

Have you ever knitted a pattern, thinking you’ve figured it out… even making notes… then you proceed to knit another… and you’re still confused! Do let me know… hope I’m not alone!

If you’ve knitted Magnus… let me hear how it went for you!


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