Connecticut War Memorials

Connecticut War Memorials

World War II Veterans Memorial Monument… restored in 1990 by the Historic Wooster Square Association

I yearly contribute to the Honor Roll Project of  Heather Wilkinson Rojo – the purpose is to photograph and transcribe Veteran names for family research. Heather’s Blog can be found at

Acampora. Albert
Aldieri. Sisto
Amarone. Benny
Arminio. John
Celio. Victor
Celone. Samuel
Corato. Peter
Damato. Anthony
DeCusati. Joseph
Diadamo. Rose
DePino. James

D’onofrio. Louis
Fisco. Frank
Iovene. Michael
Laucella. Victor D.
Lenzi. Joseph
Maresca. Domnic
Marzullo. Anthony A.
Migliaro. Salvatore E.
Raiano. Anthony
Ruotolo. James V.
Zimbardi. Pasquale

I have gone to Wooster Square Park for many events… and somehow this memorial that sits on the corner of Chapel and Wooster Place escaped my camera. Even in my early searches for all the war memorials in New Haven, this one never showed… but somehow it managed to catch my attention on Sunday when we rode by; my husband circled the block for me to photograph and preserve these veteran’s names.


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