Craft Junkie: Finishing up my WIP’s

Anyone who crafts… knits… and has a hoard stash of supplies… knows that you’ll have several WIP’s (work in progress) laying around. How many times have you searched for certain yarn… or a knitting needle called for in the knitting pattern in-hand… and where are those items? Of course you know… they’re attached to a WIP hidden somewhere in a bag or basket… or if you’re lucky… in a project bag… where at least you can transfer your stitches to a holder for safe keeping!

I made myself a promise after returning from Florida, that I would work really really hard in digging out my unfinished items… finish them… and return my knitting needles back to my knitting bag for future projects. And for the most part, except for starting one new knitting project, I am keeping to my word. So let’s take a peek at what I have completed!

I had finished two of these ribbon/lace curly scarfs… but in searching through a basket, out came a plastic bag and there was one unfinished. It really wasn’t what I wanted to tackle first, but… I quickly refreshed my mind on the directions and sat diligently all Sunday afternoon to finish. At first I didn’t think I’d ever finish, but before I knew it… I felt it was long enough and I still have leftover yarn. While not enough for another scarf… it will be quite useful when I delve into working on my junk journals. I have made a few small junk journals for the girls, but still haven’t tackled the ones I want for myself. I have gathered and saved so much “junk” for mine… so what am I waiting for! If you’d like to make a ruffled ribbon scarf click Here for video. So Easy!

And then I found the unfinished Mermaid Tails… lucky for me, I only had to finish the two purple ones. I loved the pattern the designer chose… once I managed to figure it out… but that’s what YouTube is for. I linked back to the designer (above) that I bought from…I lucked out years ago when I bought mine, as it came with the pattern for Barbie, an 18-inch doll, and young girls!

A few years ago I knitted all the granddaughters the Barbie Mermaid Tails and I knitted larger ones for the girls here for cold winter mornings. These tails will be for their 18-inch dolls, and most likely will lay on their beds along with the Scottie dogs. The blue one I made a little larger for “Big Baby” and that one goes to Nina for the big Madam Alexander baby doll of mine that I gave her. She fell in love with it one day, and I decided it should be hers to love and save! It’s almost life-like and it is a big baby doll… hence the name she gave it! I can’t wait to see “Big Baby” all snuggled inside!

Here’s a close-up look at the scallop pattern on the Mermaid Tail. Do you write all over your pattern when knitting like this? I usually make such a mess, but I try and write notes also… notes for another future knit. You do have to pay attention in using magic loop on this pattern, especially in remembering to carry the loop around the side… and there were a couple times I forgot… but no one noticed. I could have easily sewed the stitch in afterward, but honestly it wasn’t that noticeable to anyone, but me!

The very top one was given to me… it hooked me into making these quilted Christmas balls. Last Christmas I pinned pins into styrofoam balls every day until my fingers were sore!

I have a few left that need to be finished in completing this basket… hmm will I begin with new ones nearer Christmas this year? But I will finish these soon! Believe me, I went through thousands of pins last year in making all these… plus the ones I gave away!

I usually don’t attempt to knit animals… as I detest making parts and attaching… but I saw several women in my Facebook craft group show off their Magnus the mouse… and I thought him so ugly, but cute. I was hooked! Magnus is a creation of Arne and Carlos, so head over if you’d like to knit a Magnus. I usually never make myself anything, but this one is mine… and I need to think of a name for him. And you know they’ll be another… as he’s going to need a girlfriend!

Once upon a time… I started 12 socks on a 60-inch cable, but I have since ripped them off as I really wasn’t happy with a couple of the yarns and didn’t want to invest that much time… and not be happy with them in the end. Since then, I’ve decided to do 4 “at a time” socks… but I need to get back to them. Ever since I saw a few knitters online knit the 12 “at a time” socks… I really wanted to accomplish that… but I’ll get back to it another time. First things first… finish my WIP’s.

Only one more mitten to complete these two sets… and then knit one more pair for the girls in Florida on the few cold days they get. Mittens with fingers aren’t really needed there, but figured the open mittens would work.

A fellow knitting blogger knitted a few pairs of these awesome slippers… and graciously gifted me the pattern from Ravelry…. so awesome of her! I’ve knitted one pair so far and will gift them to someone. Stop over at Cosmicknitter’s blog and check out her awesome knitting.

It feels good to have completed many of my “works in progress”… plus I freed up my missing knitting needles… adding them back to my knitting bag.


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  1. ReginaMary says:

    Thank you for the shout-out! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed knitting the slippers. You’ll have it committed to memory in no time. I love all your knits, but those quilted balls really caught my eye. They are stunning.

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