2021: Q – April A to Z: Mama in Photos… Quirky and Unusual Photos

2021: Q – April A to Z: Mama in Photos…

I’m back for my sixth year (2021)… can you believe it… of participating in the yearly April A to Z challenge… and I’ve had quite a time in deciding on my “theme.” I had a few running through my head, but as I lost my mother last November, I thought I’d honor her through the many photographs I have of her… and tell the story of the photograph… as every photo has a story.

I’m fortunate that my mother had many photos of herself growing up… and I’m honoring her this year as the theme of my April A to Z… especially as was she was an April baby. Mama would have turned 91 this year… but she’s now back home celebrating this birthday with her parents and brother on the farm… where I believe she was always the happiest. The past few years my mother was fighting off dementia, while still managing to live alone until the last couple months of her life. I miss her every day… thinking of her daily and remembering all she did for me. She was the storyteller… She supplied me with my stories… and it’s because of her, that I write!

Q… Quirky and Unusual Photos

Mama was walking around the yard as I was taking photos and suddenly picked up her “fake” snake she liked to drape in different places… and struck a quirky pose… and I snapped it! Sometimes she’d make the strangest faces when she posed! Her hair was having a wild and wooly day here… and she was in her nightgown… which she never cared, saying, “well if they haven’t seen anything by now, then let them look.” Mama was never bashful… and always wanted to go to a nudist camp… and would have if she’d have known of one! Even in the winter she’ll still wear the short or sleeveless shirts and head out of the house in her flip flops. Trying to talk her into wearing a jacket… oh yeah, I would have had a better chance in winning the lottery! “I’m not cold, I’m only going to the center,” she’d say.

Quirky is definitely here… she walked across to the neighbors yard and struck a pose!

Mama decided to give Bambi a smooch… always game for anything… and still insisting she didn’t like to be the center of attention. Sorry mama, I never believed that!

Mama found a new friend on the bench in Hoschton, along with Cousin IT… it was amazing there… and impossible to see them all… scarecrows were everywhere! We did find the entire Georgia Dawg football team outside of town in a field… even complete with spectators along the fence. At times, it was kinda creepy seeing so many… kind of like being on a walking dead set! If you missed Letter O… Out and About, click HERE for more pics!

Never mention you want something in a field… Mama never hesitated in pulling up the “wanted” cotton plant… hope the farmer wasn’t watching!

When I was at Mama’s, we were “in the road” daily, as she always said… and she didn’t often want to stop at every antique store we went by… but she didn’t refuse stopping here for a photo opp. Mama’s nickname was Angel!

Now why did she wear her petticoat for a photo? Who Knows? I remember wearing slips and half slips as a teenager… but who wears them now… many kids probably wouldn’t even know what a slip was!

Mama really can stand on her head… no wall needed! She told me,“no sooner than I did that… my father bent over and stood on his head… I don’t think I’d ever seen him do that.” Why oh Why didn’t someone take that photo?? Who knew granddaddy could stand on his head! I certainly didn’t inherit her or his balancing ability… as I could never even do a cartwheel… I’m one of those persons, who chicken out about the time the hands go on the ground, and then look all awkward… I just freeze up!

Mama was probably telling Stephen how she used to stand on her head… and showed him how it felt…

Mama sewed a cat costume for Halloween… complete with a long tail… and looks like someone pulled it! She reminds me of Lucy here!

This is what happened many times when I said, “let me take your photo.”

Yes… I See You!

Film Cameras give you the blur when you’re laughing… summer of cats in the yard. She tried hiding in the Ola Lily blooms! Mama loved a black cat!

Mama and I fooling around here… trying to fool the camera!

Mama loved talking about her pet pig… and how her father gave her the runt of the litter. She even brought him inside at night… letting him sleep under the wood stove in the kitchen for warmth. It makes me laugh to think of this little piggie following her inside the house… and granddaddy allowing it! But she always said she was “Daddy’s Girl”… so I guess that’s why!

After I married and l left, mama hung around way too much (LOL) with Willie Mae’s daughters, Karen and Pat… and look what they did… talked her into trying on their majorette flag outfit… I’m sure it didn’t take much twisting of her arm! Karen and Pat often came over to the farm and they’d all sunbathe together. Mama laughs about the story of the man painting the house one afternoon… and almost falling off the roof. The girls were sunbathing in their skimpy bathing suits and everytime they stood up… he looked! Those looks almost cost him a broken leg or worse that day!

My mother in her 40’s after I married… she never lost her girly shape! Slip Rock in Siloam was the local swimming hole… and at the end of the running stream was a pool of water… where you slid into from the long slanted slippery rock above. It was a very popular spot, and mama took me there often when I was young. I remember walking down the stream on its sandy bottom of small pebbles and sometimes little fish that led to the sliding rock… the water was so clear and clean, and I loved the feel of the smooth sand between my toes.

Everytime I see this photograph, mama reminds me of a movie star from maybe the silent film era… not sure what she draped around herself… looks like she hijacked one of grandmama’s bed sheets. I guess she and bestie, Willie Mae, were just being silly girls playing dress up for the camera!


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7 Responses to 2021: Q – April A to Z: Mama in Photos… Quirky and Unusual Photos

  1. Anne Young says:

    Your mother’s sense of humour is captured in these quirky photos 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ReginaMary says:

    These are great photos, Jeanne!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mollyscanopy says:

    The snake — the yoga headstand — the pet pig. Your mother was certainly unique and you are capturing her many facets well in this series. https://mollyscanopy.com/2021/04/questioning-everything-atozchallenge/

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cassmob says:

    I suspect you’re right…she wasn’t bashful but look at all the great “unposed” shots you’ve got from it. You’re right that petticoats/slips have gone the way of the ark.

    Liked by 1 person

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