2021: J – April A to Z: Mama in Photos… Jewelry, Jewelry and more Jewelry

2021: J – April A to J: Mama in Photos

I’m back for my sixth year (2021)… can you believe it… of participating in the yearly April A to Z challenge… and I’ve had quite a time in deciding on my “theme.” I had a few running through my head, but as I lost my mother last November, I thought I’d honor her through the many photographs I have of her… and tell the story of the photograph… as every photo has a story.

I’m fortunate that my mother had many photos of herself growing up… and I’m honoring her this year as the theme of my April A to Z… especially as was she was an April baby. Mama would have turned 91 this year… but she’s now back home celebrating this birthday with her parents and brother on the farm… where I believe she was always the happiest. The past few years my mother was fighting off dementia, while still managing to live alone until the last couple months of her life. I miss her every day… thinking of her daily and remembering all she did for me. She was the storyteller… She supplied me with my stories… and it’s because of her, that I write!

Mama’s last headboard she fell in love with… just because she could pin her jewelry on it! She loved looking at it all… not necessarily keeping it in a jewelry chest or drawers… she wanted it displayed like art!

J… Jewelry, Jewelry and more Jewelry

Besides jewelry pinned on the headboard, she liked to pin the granddaughters pictures!

I’m not sure how my mother accumulated so much jewelry over the years, but I’m thinking it might be from her many years of working in the clothes closet at the senior center. She was the one who sorted all the clothes and donations… and loved it… as it gave her first pickings! Mama never was one to want to buy new in a store… she would say, “why should I pay high store prices when I can pay a quarter… if you wait long enough, what you want will come in there.” For the most part, she was right!

When I began packing up mama’s jewelry… every time I thought I had found it all… suddenly I’d open a drawer or box… and discover more… as if it suddenly multiplied! In as many clothes as she had… she also had as much jewelry to match! There was jewelry in every drawer, hung on every hook and nail… and everywhere I cleaned. Then there was her headboard… she had to have… just so she could pin her earrings on… and I thought I’d never finish picking them all off!

I still haven’t photographed all the bags of jewelry I brought home… so guess I’ll have to add more photographs to this blog.

As I begin to sort mama’s jewelry… I’ll blog a show & tell!

Mama loved her jewelry and told me to be sure and take all her jewelry for the grandchildren to play with. I haven’t had time to go through… with all the running to Georgia to take care of her… and at times it was overwhelming as what was I going to do with it all. I have gone through some of it, separating all the decorative pins… hoping to make a framed arrangement of them one day. Pinterest has some awesome ideas… and maybe one will jump out at me.

Pretty much every photograph mama is in, she’s decked out in jewelry. At one time her hair was short, only covering her ear on one side, while the other side was swept back… and at that time she only wore one earring… just because she liked to be different… it became her trademark!

As Mama always said… “I can never have enough jewelry.”

We often dragged mama along to antique stores when we visited… but she didn’t really mind as often she’d find a large basket of jewelry to rummage through… and if the price was right, she’d buy. Usually you’d find a huge basket of costume jewelry in the beginning of those stores… so I knew I always had time to ramble as she looked through all the pretties She never really liked gold or expensive jewelry… saying how she’d probably lose it… she was a costume girl!

Just as having her hair always perfectly styled… she also had to have her jewelry on before she was ready to go… and she enjoyed having “lots” to choose from. Mama could never have enough… there was never any such thing as “too much“!


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9 Responses to 2021: J – April A to Z: Mama in Photos… Jewelry, Jewelry and more Jewelry

  1. Wonderful post! It is inspiring to see a person who does not put limits on herself but goes for what she feels like, and with passion. Not having things for the sake of having them, but for the joy, and also making use of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. scr4pl80 says:

    Love that headboard idea but I’d be afraid they would all fall on me while I was sleeping!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mollyscanopy says:

    Love that headboard! Like your mom, I have also collected jewelry on virtually every vacation and at sales during the year. It was the easiest thing to collect since it was portable AND you could wear it and show it off. How nice to have all of your mom’s jewelry to remember her by. https://mollyscanopy.com/2021/04/junior-prom-my-awkward-first-date-atozchallenge/

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was never one to wear much jewelry as she did… maybe I’ll have to give some of hers new life, and wear a few pieces. I tended to buy gold and now never wear. Most times I hide it… and then have to hunt it down.

      Liked by 1 person

      • mollyscanopy says:

        Jewelry is a great way to update an existing wardrobe. (The “shop your closet” concept.) So you may have fun trying a few pieces.


  4. ReginaMary says:

    One year for Christmas, my mama wrapped up all her costume jewelry for me and my sister. It was the best Christmas ever. They don’t make jewelry like that anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

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