Weekly Chats: March 17, 2021

Grab a coffee….

Since my February Chat, I can happily report that I am on my third “patch dog”… and my fingers will be quite happy to have time away from pushing and pulling the needle. I enjoy hand sewing, but this was a little more work than I bargained for… and I still have two more to finish… but I might be saving them for later in the year. Hopefully by my next chat, I’ll have finished photos of the little patch dogs… as they are going in the Florida granddaughters Easter baskets.

Happy to announce… that I’ve I finally finished my 3 patch dogs… just ready now to remove the paper, stuff, and make all pretty! Two more to go…. and I’ve already began working on them for my CT granddaughters. I’ll post a complete photo of them in the next chat.

We arrived in Georgia a week ago… came down to clean out my mother’s house and get it ready for the closing. Even though I pretty much had taken home most of the items I wanted from here, it’s been interesting to find little things as we’ve cleaned and moved furniture around… oh my aching back! I have found pennies everywhere I looked… every cup, in drawers, or behind cabinets. I began to think that every time I found a penny that my mother was thinking of me… probably laughing at all the work I was doing! I even found a cup and saucer half full of them… and it’s definitely coming home with me, all full of pennies! I’ll think of my mother and her frugal ways every time I look at it.

I first planned to have most of the furniture at moms donated to the local charity/thrift store here, but last Saturday I thought…. why not advertise on Marketplace… and so I did. Over the weekend I sold most all the furniture pieces… even giving away a few things, but it definitely has made it easier for us to clean, having the furniture out of the way instead of waiting till the very end. It made me feel good to see the pieces have a new home and be used again. I”m sure every time I mentioned that I’d like to take something home… hubby rolled his eyes. Our car is only so big, and at the moment it’s packed full of things going to Florida. What I plan to bring home, will be left with a friend here…we will stop on our way back to pick it up… our car “should” be empty when we leave Florida. When kids leave home for good, it should be a must rule that they take every single one of their possessions!

I had contemplated bringing mama’s sewing machine home, but then I thought maybe I’d let someone else enjoy it as I do have one sitting at home. I listed it on Marketplace and right away a local girl bought it. I’m sure I’ll be leaving it in a good home. I did try sewing on it, after finally able to get it threaded… mostly because I can’t see the needle hole. I found it interesting that the machine had a slow and fast sewing button… I like that feature.

Hubby doesn’t like to just sit… so he took it upon himself to clean up the sewing machine before the new owner took possession. It looked so good… I gave myself second thoughts on keeping it, but it was sold, and I’m sure many beautiful clothes will be sewn on it for her children… mama would like that!

If you knew my mother, you would know how much she loved her jewelry and clothes… and she had more than she could have worn in a lifetime. I’m thankful I had the insight to begin going through them on our past couple trips as I never would have been able to go through them all on this trip. Mama always liked to carry money in a pocket… so naturally I had to slip my hand in all the pockets… this last clean-out only netted me like five dollars… and that came from the very last pair of pants! So with the pennies, I probably have an extra $5.50. Those pennies probably came from all the times she’d pick them up on the ground… she never walked by a penny without leaning over to pick up.

A quick google search on finding pennies talked about the “Spiritual Meaning” of finding pennies. Most people say that when you see a penny, it’s from Heaven… pick it up and it may bring you good luck. Supposedly if it’s heads up… means good luck… if tails up, don’t pick up! If you keep finding pennies after a loved one dies, it’s possibly a message from them… sending you their love. They say that pennies are rarely a coincidence… so if they are found on your path, it means that someone up above is watching over you and loves you very much… and you better lean over and pick it up!

So maybe all these pennies I’m finding around the house is mama still watching over me… missing you Mama!

Whenever I’m in Georgia, my taste buds run to sweet tea, fried chicken and all my favorite vegetables… but believe it or not, it’s hard to find a restaurant that offers them. Where have all the southern restaurants gone? Now it’s all fast foods just like we have at home… if they’re here, they’re hidden pretty good from me! We did do take-out from the local buffet-style restaurant here… and it has hubby’s favorite sweet potato casserole with lots of marshmallows on top. Hopefully we will get up to the famous Smith House in Dahlonega for a meal before leaving.

The one thing I have enjoyed while here is the weather. We left Connecticut in the thirties and arrived here in 70 degree weather; hubby is thrilled that it’s short-wearing time. It feels like summer to us with the doors and windows open daily… wearing short sleeves and feeling the warmth on us when outside. As of writing today, it was 18 degrees at home, and looks like they might have snow later this week. Almost all our snow was gone when we left, so was hoping for it all to be gone upon our return. I’m kinda liking… leaving all that cold weather behind… maybe it’s time to become a snowbird in the winter!

Today, St. Patrick’s Day, (March 17, 2021) is a very special day… our first granddaughter Ella arrived 11 years ago. Our “mostly Italian” little girl, definitely looks more like an Irish lass! It was so exciting when she was born… little did I know that four more little girls would follow.


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3 Responses to Weekly Chats: March 17, 2021

  1. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    WOW! You have been busy. Adorable doggy quilts. I still have my Brother sewing machine buried somewhere. Clearing out your mom’s house must be an emotional rollercoaster, but in a way a happy one. SHe gave you so much that enrich your life. Happy Irish Birthday to your sweet cannoli!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ReginaMary says:

    Clearing out a home is no small feat! I recall when my grandmother died in the 1970s, daddy had to go out to Missouri and hold an auction with the remaining family. It was a weekend long event. Thank heaven for Marketplace!


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