Family Stories: All About the Marbles

Enjoying the marbles today… glistening from the rays of sunshine… while my penguins keep watch over! The penguins are another acquired collection I found at my mothers… something attracted me to them!

How did I acquire all these marbles… you ask? While I wasn’t a marble collector, but I’m sure hubby had a few from what he says… he often talked about shooting marbles, but nothing was saved. This collection of marbles was brought into my kitchen one afternoon by my son Steve. I looked up as he came running into my kitchen saying, “look what I found in the garden.” I didn’t know what to expect, but I didn’t expect marbles… maybe thinking he picked something he shouldn’t have… as he was only about 8 years old. But he stood there, all proud, holding something heavy hidden in his t-shirt and with pockets bulging.

About this time… every mother would be right on top of their child… looking to see exactly what he was hiding… and I certainly was… and was soon quite intrigued as to how he found all these in our garden. We certainly had not planted marbles!

Such pretties…

As we sat at the kitchen table looking at all those “found” marbles, my neighbor came upstairs. She laughed when I showed her what he’d found in the garden… and said, “I threw those in there, they were my boyfriends… and I’m not giving them back to him.” Well that settled the mystery… and one happy boy left the kitchen with a shirt full of marbles.

I packed them up today, out of my pretty jar which I now have one of my many button collection in… and will be taking them to him on our next visit. They need a new home!


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2 Responses to Family Stories: All About the Marbles

  1. ReginaMary says:

    I have some marbles that were my daddy’s. He played with the in the 1930s. They are magical to me.

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