Family Stories: My Favorite Posts of 2020

Family Stories:
My Favorite Posts of 2020

Knitting at a time Canva

It’s always fun to review your writings for the past year… and I certainly started off strong in 2020, with my very first post of Knitting FAAT Socks, which I had every intention of finishing, but… at this time… one year later… they are still sitting on my needles, taking up space. Now why didn’t I just finish them as I’m not far from turning the heels now. Probably because I’m like a fish… something else caught my eye and off I went in another direction. I am definitely going to push myself to put this on my list of UFO’s to complete before winter’s end!

My Valentines Day post had me remembering so many things… from my saved Valentine candy box from hubby… to reminiscing and rereading our love letters, but the biggest memory was in remembering that our daughter married on Valentines Day!

A funny post I wrote entitled… If I Invited You to Dinner was quite comical as I set the table and thought about how it would be to have these family members at the table once again! Who wouldn’t want just one more meal with some of your favorite family members?

Finally in March I blogged on my annual Christmas ornament of 2019… knitting all the girls a very detailed Scandinavian-type mitten with their age knitted in along with the design. They were very time consuming, and actually were from an advent calendar pattern. My original intent was to make two advent sets… giving one to each family. After beginning, and finding them so detailed… I knew I could/would never finish in time… and actually didn’t want to knit that many… meaning 50 mittens! What came to me quickly was that they could easily become my yearly Christmas ornament, by knitting the one that matched their age. The girls were thrilled!

Every April I join in on the April A to Z… and I had so much fun on last years as I wrote Family Stories… mostly on my husband’s side. I began with All The Family’s Cars…. but the one that was the closest to my heart was the writing of Cleaning out the Family Home... it took me almost five years to finally be able to write it… even though it was my husband’s family home, it held many dear and loving memories for me. I learned to cook in my mother in law’s kitchen and where she taught me to knit and crochet. It always felt like home to me also… and I still miss it. I’ve recently learned a nice young couple have purchased it… and I hope it becomes a loving home where they raise their family. The Traveling Wedding Dress post was so awesome to write and I so wish that I had been at those weddings… as who ever heard of so many family members wearing the same dress! After coming up with that post idea, I had to follow up on my in-law’s Honeymoon Mystery… after discovering so many cute photos she had taken. If only I had asked more questions… I would have known exactly which Inn they stayed at in Vermont… and I could have had a conversation with dad on those roads he traveled in arriving there! I put my Nancy Drew hat on in searching out the name of the Inn… but every door I opened, I hit a brick wall. Memories of the Farm finally had me pinpointing exactly where their family farm was originally situated before I-95 came through their farm and shuffled them out. I ended my A to Z with Zee Things the grandchildren have said… which has led me to still continue in remembering and writing their funny quips… the ones that come out of the mouths of babes. I’ve learned from my own children… if you don’t write it down… you will forget!

And how could I be amiss to not mention my favorite heroine and detective Nancy Drew? Nancy celebrated her 90th birthday in 2020 and I didn’t forget to write on it in April. I always laughed with mama in calling her Nancy Drew, as she shared the same birthday month and age with Nancy!

2020 was a tough year for several reasons… one being that I was suddenly having to realize that my mother was now dealing with and changing daily due to dementia. My days of having conversations with her were few and far apart, and I began focusing more on stories I hadn’t written… begining with Best Friends… ironically, and sad that and mama and her best friend both ended their lives with the same disease. After later discovering a new photo of mama in school, along with many other school photos that one of her favorite teachers had saved in a scrapbook… prompted me to write Mama’s School Memories.

With all what we all have endured this year in 2020… I chose this special mini doll as my annual Christmas ornament to make for the granddaughters… Do check them out over HERE... hope you like them. It is a free pattern and I have posted the link on my blog post.

My last post of 2020 seemed fitting as part of my life has ended… the part I have shared with mother for over 68 years. If you have followed me along the past several years, you have possibly read some of my nightly conversations with my mother. It’s been a struggle this year for me… in coming to terms that I was losing her… and mama in herself knowing that she was losing bits and pieces of her memory, and her life was changing. I’ll not go into her life here, but I have written bits and pieces on it in my last and final Conversations with Mama… no. 51. I’m still finding it hard as I sort through her treasures… don’t we all have them. Ever so often I see or hear something and think I’ll tell mama… and quickly realize I can’t do that anymore. Often I only have myself to tell that to, as I have no siblings… it’s been all my decisions… right or wrong… and I pray I did my best in doing right by her at the end of her life, although I often still question myself.

If you’ve stopped by my blog during the year, I sincerely “Thank You” for stopping in and enjoying what I have shared over the past years. I hope your holidays, despite the pandemic, went well and that the “new year” brings you good health… as that is what we all strive for at this time. I’ll be writing in the yearly April A to Z of 2021… but it’s still up in the air as to my theme this year… which I’m finding to be so frustrating, as usually by this time, I have began my posts, but it’s now into the new year, and I’m still tossing ideas around… I need to get busy and solve that dilemma! Send some suggestions my way!

See you soon… with more bits and pieces of… whatever pops into my head!


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