Family Stories: What the Grandchildren Say… and more

In April I wrote a post entitled Zee Things the Grandchildren Say… and more. It was in my 2020: April A to Z writing challenge… it’s that what I came up with for the letter Z. How often do you think or say… “I’m going to remember that… well, you won’t… unless you write it down. I so wish I blogged when my children were small, as I’m sure they said things that I didn’t want to forget… but I did. As the grandchildren came, I often chuckle at some of the things they’ve said… or eavesdropped on their conversations and immediately now I jot that conversation down for safekeeping.

So Enjoy…

How did I forget how McKinley learned names of stores by associating their colors… the orange store was Daddy’s favorite store, Home Depot; the red store was Target, and the purple store was Mommy’s workplace, Stop & Shop. (I reminded her the other day and I could see the wheels turning… then… “Oh yea I remember that!“)

2016: While at a carnival in West Haven, McKinley said in walking to the rides… “ are we going to just look at the rides or actually ride them?”  I told Melissa and she said earlier that Grace had done something and McKinley said, “Seriously Grace, Seriously! Melissa said, “she gets all that from me, she seems to copy what I say.”

Dec. 13, 2017: I told Mama today about going over to Melissa’s and helping make cookies. Grace and I were unwrapping the Kisses, but Grace was biting off the tips on them until I caught her! Then she helped me put the Kisses on top of the warm peanut butter cookies. After smooshing one, I cut it in half and gave to Grace telling her to be quiet…. Melissa looked over and saw Grace chewing and asked, “what are you eating?” Grace looked at me and said, “Gigi gave me a cookie.” (Boy it’s hard to get the kids to keep a secret!)

When Gracie was 4, (2018) I made Kraft Mac and Cheese for lunch one day… she took a few bites, and told me… ‘this is horrible”, we only like the frozen one“; Such food connoisseurs she and her sister are!

April 9, 2020: I asked Grace today if she knew who the president was, and… “well, Barbie was a president!” Then I asked her if she’d like to be president… “no, (laughing), I’m only a kid!” I then asked, “well how old do you have to be to be president“… “Oh, about 100.” I then asked if she knew where the president lives… “he lives in the White House, it’s a big house.” I continued with, “do you know what the president does?” “Not really, but I’ll learn all about it when I go to college.” “So what do you want to be Grace?” “I want to be a yoga teacher.”

May 2020: Gracie was sitting in the living room chair crafting with glue and paper. I asked her “aren’t you supposed to be at a table using glue and paper, and not in my chair?” Miss Grace replied… “isn’t this Pop’s chair?” Me… “I think you’re cruising for a bruising from me today!” (She knew exactly what she said… and what I meant… I could tell from the look on her face… and off she went to the kitchen table)

Somehow as I cooked in the kitchen later, a fuse blew. As I realized the internet modem was off, and trying to get it back online, Gracie said, “our generator just turns the lights back on when we lose power!” Eye rolls by me!

May 18 2020: We watched an Indiana Jones movie with the girls today… and they actually liked it… catching details I missed… like when professor Jones was teaching class, the girl in the front row had the words “Love You” painted on her eyelids. Good catch McKinley! I didn’t even see it! At one point McKinley turned to me and asked, “Is Pop going to quiz us on the movie?” I smiled… “he might.”

I asked McKinley today if she was getting her hair trimmed before school… she said, “if I can’t go to the hair salon then daddy is going to cut it.” I’m assuming daddy told her that… but don’t young girls think their daddies can do everything!

McKinley was excited about her 3-day birthday present her parents gave her to Camp Odetah, and said ‘I’m going to take a bath before I go, so I don’t have to take one there… their bathrooms are gross and the water is cold.” I told her she could take a cat bath there in the cabin bathroom … she’s like “what’s a cat bath?”

May 20, 2020: The other day Grace noticed my small Nancy Drew mini books in my cabinet and asked “can I have one of those small Nancy Drew books?” “Why do you want one Grace?” “I want it for my Barbie”. Guess she probably thought Gigi mean… as my answer was No; one day she’ll understand why I said No! If she only knew… those small Nancy Drew books are from an American Doll collection.

June 22 2020: I can’t remember what I was doing, or saying, except that Miss Grace said to me… “Ok Nancy Drew”! It gave me a laugh to think how she associates me with her. Probably because I wouldn’t let her take my miniature Nancy Drew books in the bookcase the other day for Barbie. One day Miss Grace you can have them!

July 13 2020: I made popcorn for our afternoon movie of Mighty Joe Young… Gracie immediately said… “don’t burn it this time”… then she gigged! Last time I didn’t read directions and over guessed the minutes… and came in the kitchen to find smoke pouring out the microwave door … and a week later it’s still smelling like burnt popcorn!

What kids don’t say… while watching Mighty Joe Young with McKinley & Grace, the patrons of the club had gotten poor Joe drunk and as everyone was running out of the club, I asked “Is this how you’d exit in an emergency? Shouldn’t you exit in an orderly way?” Gracie says… “I’d push them all out of my way!” 😂

July 29, 2020: I asked McKinley today if she was looking forward to going back to school in the fall? “No, I don’t want to go back wearing a mask all day. My friends mom said if they say we have to wear a mask she’s not letting her daughter go… she’s afraid she’ll die in gym class.” McKinley is only 8 years old… thinking those thoughts of what could happen… it made me just stop in my tracks, and I didn’t even know how to answer her. Children shouldn’t have these worries and shouldn’t have to worry about what is going on… she’s afraid!

Aug 19, 2020: I asked the girls today if they’ve been swimming lately, and Gracie said, “I wanted to do a lap around at Aunt Ruthie’s pool the other day, but then I noticed the pool was too big… Aunt Ruth has an Olympic size swimming pool.

In riding by two graveyards today on the Ella Grasso Blvd… the girls were looking and Gracie said, “that’s a big graveyard“… then when we passed the second one… she said “it just keeps going on and on.” I told them it was an Irish cemetery and they even put the name of the town in Ireland from where they were from, so if you’re researching your family history it’s a big help. McKinley said, “well you can just go on to search.” I asked, “how do you know that?” McKinley said, “I see it advertised on tv… with Covid now, we spend more time at home. We go out more now, but when it first started we stayed home all the time and went nowhere.

Gracie and McKinley went with me today to look for fabric as I’ve been sewing masks for them… and they found way more choices than I wanted to sew, but… Gracie then said, “Gigi, you’re very crafty… you can make anything!” My heart melted… “Thank you Miss Grace.

Aug. 29, 2020: I posted a Facebook meme of “when did you stop believing in Santa.” My daughter told me that McKinley (age 8) supposedly figured it out last year, but said she wouldn’t tell Grace, now 6, but Grace was somewhat suspicious last year. My mother told me that I figured out who Santa was after she left out tomato slices for him… only my mother loved to eat them… she should have left cookies!

Sept. 20, 2020: Melissa and the girls joined us at the beach today for coffee. Gracie headed out in her tank top and barefoot. She’s a barefoot girl… hardly ever cold. Eventually she untied her sweater and put it on as it was so windy; probably wouldn’t have if we hadn’t yelled to her. McKinley went out with her sweater on but still barefoot and yelling to us to come feel the warm sand. Then she proceeded to lay on the warm sand. It was super windy, but she quickly figured out how to tame her long hair blowing in her face… which is super annoying! She wiggled out of her denim skirt that was over her leggins, and pulled it over her head and snuggled it on her shoulders… solving her hair dilemma. Leave them to their own… and they’ll devise a solution. We were all laughing at her invention… you go girl! Where there’s a will… there’s a way!

Sept. 28, 2020: McKinley found a bag of balloon animals to blow up that Pop had sitting somewhere. I put YouTube on the tv set for her to watch and she soon began twisting them into shapes. Gracie had a hard time holding them to twist, so she said, “Sissy I’ll blow them up, and you twist them into shapes.” I sat there laughing as Gracie was putting all her might into stepping on Pop’s air pump to blow them up. When they left, McKinley asked if she could take the air pump home… of course Pop said yes.

Nov. 9, 2020: Grace brought to me one of my empty plastic bear “animal cookies” jar and asked if she could have. I hedged in saying yes as I use them for my crafts, but before I could say anything, she said… “well, you have two of them so you should give me one.” I laughed… and of course she left with it. I did tell her not to leave it laying around as her mother will throw it away!

Nov. 16, 2020: McKinley was sitting on the couch with me this morning and I looked over to see her cracking her toes. I told her that I crack my fingers all the time, but I can’t crack my toes… it hurts. “Well it only hurts the first time, then it’s ok.” LOL… that comes from a girl who can look at food like it’s going to attack her!

Nov. 24, 2020: The girls arrived this morning and as Pop held the door, he asked Miss Grace if she was cold as she was wearing a coat… “No, they made me wear it, I wasn’t cold.” McKinley yelled out… “daddy made her wear it.” Grace came and bounced on my bed and I said, “I heard you wore a coat this morning”… “yes, daddy told me to.” Then I asked, “do you listen more to daddy than mommy?” Grace smiled and said, “yes a little.”

As school has been off again – on again this year, I asked McKinley if she was happy to be back in school and not distance learning at home? “Well, I’m happy to see my friends, but I’d rather be home and on the computer, I don’t like having to wear a mask all day.” (That broke my heart… I hate that our children are having to endure this pandemic.”)

Nov. 26, 2020: The girls came over for a Thanksgiving breakfast and Melissa began telling us about the flying squirrel that Gina was fighting with at 5 a.m. in their bedroom. I then asked, “I wonder how far they can fly?” McKinley quickly answered, “90 meters.” She’s a sponge on learning information regarding animals! Melissa said the entire time Frank was trying to capture it, she kept spouting off info on flying squirrels. I’m surprised she wasn’t asking if she could keep it as a pet. Just so you know… Frank captured and released it outside… and it quickly scurried away.

Dec. 7, 2020: Melissa told me today that they were having movie family night and watching Home Alone. I told her we tried to watch it with the girls one day, but McKinley didn’t want to watch… she said it was too scary. Melissa said, “I guess she’s older now, as in the morning she’ll get up before all of us and go downstairs and I’ll find her on the couch playing video games. She tells me it’s the only time she can be alone!

Dec. 30, 2020: I’ve had this running story with the girls that I’m really a witch. Out of the blue today Gracie says, “you can’t be a real witch as they have warts and pointy noses and a broom.” “I have a broom Miss Grace.” Immediately, she came back with, “can I see it?” Me… “Oh no, a witch never shows off her broom.” What this child must think! Hope she doesn’t want to bring me to school for show and tell one day… I’ll be in trouble!

I asked McKinley today if she’d like to learn to ice skate. “I tried it once, but I’d rather have a pair of those skates that have four wheels.” Duh… did I feel old! I guess she thought I’d never seen them before. Then I told her, “I have a pair of those type skates.” Immediately she said… “can I wear them?” One day I’ll show her my skates with all the pom poms that her GiGi wore as a teenager. Wish I could skate just one more time… and not break anything!

And that’s all I have for 2020… see ya next year with more of what the grandchildren say… need to get to Florida to hear what my girls there are saying!


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