Craft Junkie: Sweater Pumpkins

Who knew Pumpkins grew from sweaters?

Last year my daughter sent me a photo of pumpkins she saw that were made from sweaters… she knew it would “sucker” me in… to create them. She was right!

So off to youtube for ideas… and I found several… from covering a foam pumpkin to cutting and stuffing the sleeve of an old sweater. That sent me searching through my closet for old sweaters I wasn’t wearing anymore, but still hadn’t donated. Is it just me… even though you aren’t going to wear any longer… you still hate to discard… or even worse… take the scissors to! I bit the bullet and grabbed my scissors… my closet enjoyed the purge!

One of my favorite stems… made by twisting burlap ribbon… and it resulted into this! (This was the foam pumpkin)

I first watched how to transform a styrofoam pumpkin with parts of a sweater… and while I liked it, I kinda wanted the squishy feel of stuffing inside… so off I went searching for other methods; I did like how she made the stem.

In searching for stuffed pumpkins… so many videos to choose from, but this one gives good detail and supplies needed. If you’re like me, you look through several in gathering all your ideas. I sent hubby outside to gather several thick branches to cut for stems… he also cut a few thick dowels in various lengths… but feel free to use your imagination. After gluing the dowels on the center top, I wrapped twine around them… even on the very top.

Pumpkins I sent my daughter-in-law…. nicely nestled with the fall quilted balls I sent this year. I was lucky to have found a couple of different colored orange sweaters.

As I didn’t really have all the colors, or type of fabric I wanted, I headed to my local goodwill store to rummage… we have a goodwill that has bins and bins to pick through, but you need to go prepared… with gloves; sweaters were cheap as you pay by the pound. I was lucky on my first time out and picked up a maroon cashmere which luckily, had a hole… Bingo… I now didn’t feel so bad in cutting it up. Flannel also works well, but the flannel shirt I picked up was brand new, so hubby claimed it. Now I’ll have to wait for him to discard one of his old flannel shirts!

I was lucky on that Goodwill visit in grabbing several fall colors of sweaters to start my pumpkin patch… next to gather supplies of needles, (long tapestry needle works best) and yarn to somewhat match the color of fabric or use a generic brown to make all the lines on the pumpkin, stuffing, stem supplies, twine. Feel free to use your imagination! Afterward I thought about adding some fall color leaves on the stem, but! Burlap twisted and turned around a strip of twisted tin foil can make an awesome stem as well as cutting out leaf shapes from burlap to also add. I’m sure you will think of other ideas… please share your ideas!

I think I may have lost a couple of my pumpkins, as every time the granddaughters come, they’re like, “can I have this one”… and out the door they go… building their own pumpkin stash!


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4 Responses to Craft Junkie: Sweater Pumpkins

  1. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    WOW crafty! Pumpkins look so cozy

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  2. Very creative. I love the colours too!

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