Craft Junkie: 2020… The Year of Sewing Masks

Sewing Masks… What I Had to Do!

I haven’t sewn in awhile since learning how to knit socks, but I quickly became obsessed. In as 2020 began on a bad note… and sent us all spiraling into a pandemic with the Covid virus… and how we should all now be wearing masks… I dusted off my machine, bought fabric, and searched for patterns.

Patterns were found all over the internet, but which “first” ones to sew was frustrating. I finally chose a “looked to be” somewhat easy-peasy pattern, and off I went to the store for fabric. Me spending time in a craft/fabric store, is like a kid in a candy store, but I tried to stay focused… only spending time on the fabric side.

I came home with lots of fabric… and soon busy cutting masks!

I won’t bore you with pattern names or styles or links… as by now you have all found your favorites. By the time I sewed more than I could even count, I became a pro at adapting one style with another. At this writing, I still have several cut out… but I’ve lost interest in sewing them at the moment.

There were several things I discovered from the hunt of elastics and supplies… that no one seemed to have any unless you ordered on the slow boat from China. I quickly learned that I really didn’t like measuring elastic and guessing the fit from adult to children… and all adults needing different sizes. What I did like was when I discovered how to make a casing for the side, which let you add longer elastics to tie and hide in the casing… letting everyone retie to their face fit. What I soon liked even better, was the use of tee-shirt ties; one shirt made more than you’d ever need. Amazon was busily delivering items to my front porch weekly… who doesn’t like to peruse items there in the wee hours of the night… and like everyone else, we all have more supplies now than we’ll ever use. Maybe I should gather my unused 2020 mask supplies and bury in a time capsule for 3020… hmm just saying!

My masks and models!

My Florida Girls

My Connecticut Girls

My first attempts were the pleated masks… which I didn’t like as I had to guess at elastic sizes for everyone’s ears!

Even “Baby” received a mask! Gracie loved that!

And then “Elf on the Shelf” needed a mask… I dug out my knitting needles for that one!

It was funny how I liked one style, and my daughter liked another. I even sewed the new 3-D mask pattern, which looked smaller, but they liked the fit.

Did you sew masks during the pandemic… love to hear from you… what was the hardest thing you encountered in sewing or gathering materials?

My daughter yelled “No More”… even though I have more fabric cut… I have now fallen off the wagon!


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3 Responses to Craft Junkie: 2020… The Year of Sewing Masks

  1. Kathryn P Graham says:

    Absolutely love your blog! You are a very gifted writer. I am working on an analysis of the minutes of White Plains Baptist Church and am knee deep in the baptism chapter. Would love to see some of the pictures you have of Jernigan’s Bridge. It was used for a baptism only once during a dry season and the well water for the church was low. The members baptized there were Mrs. E. L. McKinley, Frank Lipscomb, Mary Cooper, and Margie Dell Underwood. My email address is My name is Kathy Graham and I am the sister of Donna Moore married to Ike Moore and the sister of David Price of Price’s Service Station. My mom is Thelma Price. They all live in White Plains and I live right outside Athens, GA. My number is 706-207-1169

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kathryn Thank You for enjoying the read. My Mckinley line lived in White Plains for awhile but mostly in Siloam We do have many family members buried there. The Askews there are also my direct line. Do you belong to the Greene Co Georgia History Facebook group. I can post you a link to join if you need. I’d be interested in seeing any pages with McKinley or Askew. I do have some personal photos of us as girls sunbathing in the wide flat rocks st Jernigan bridge. 😂 if you’re tecky you could cut us out to have pic of area. I css as n look for them when I’m home Presently in Ga as my mom, age 90, passed away. I’ll email you a quick note so you have my email and you can jog my mind on the pics. The Mrs EL Mckinley would be my step great grandmother.


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