15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 15

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 15

trump liberty

The Statue of Liberty gives me hope!

President Trump has said from the very beginning… “we need to close our borders, we need to bring our businesses home, we need to become less dependent on other countries to survive, and we need to take care of America first!” This virus outbreak has surely made me think that we definitely do!

Daily News and Stats……..

  • World Wide Confirmed cases – 784,716
  • World Wide Deaths – 37,639
  • United States Confirmed cases – 164,248
  • United States Deaths – 3,164
  • The U.S.N. Comfort ship sailed into New York Harbor today
  • Makeshift hospital tent set up in Central Park


The U.S.N. Comfort sails into the New York Harbor and gives me hope… hope that we will win this fight! This ship looks so impressive on the screen… and there to help fight the war on the COVID-19 virus!

Day 15 is finally here… and now we begin to gear up once again… to continue “Stopping The Spread” for the month of April. What happens after this… no one really has an answer… but it’s what we all want to know! They say in the next two weeks, New York will peak… and let’s hope that they will begin to show the flattening curve on the graphs showing daily.

Social distancing is the word we hear every day… whoever heard this word before? Socializing is what we do on a daily basis… socializing at work… socializing in shopping… socializing at home with family and friends. Now we don’t socialize with anyone except on-line. Many are socializing through Zoom or Skype video chats… I’m readling online that friends are having “happy hour” chats… that would mean I would have to get out of my pj’s. I’ve become a less social person upon retirement… maybe I’ve always been somewhat of a loner, so it doesn’t seem to bother me as much to stay home. It does bother me that I feel scared to go to the stores… and many you can’t even go to.

My grandchildren are becoming more accustomed to their Google classrooms every day. They have daily Zoom chats with their teachers and often see their classmates now only on their screens. I don’t think the elementary children are as affected as maybe the teenagers are… they are more controllable in where they go or do. The teenagers have a mind of their own… thinking, like we all did… that they know it all. They aren’t all keeping their distance from what I’m seeing of photos on Facebook. I hope our youth will pay more attention as we go into being guaranteed for the month of April. We need to heed the socializing aspect of life now… so we can all come out soon of our “time outs!

Today is the first day since 1941 when auto manufacturers are not building cars on their assembly lines. They have all switched to building what’s needed to fight the war on the Coronavirus… we are now our parents generation in being part of a fight… a fight that will be in our grandchildren’s history books.

At times I hate to even watch the news today… even though I feel compelled to watch daily… I’m so tired of the name calling and finger pointing. At this time of pandemic… all our political parties can’t seem to work together? Every day, I’m waiting to hear the word “impeach” come up again… especially after someone referred to our President as “fiddling” around! It seems some must not be taking this fight against the virus as being real… but instead are using it as a political weapon!

To everyone who has take the time to stop and read my daily posts and leave comments… I truly Thank You for your time. I pray everyone is safe and healthy and will continue to be so as we hunker down for the month of April. Easter will be very quiet this year as we all celebrate by ourselves… celebrating that we are home and still healthy. I will continue writing during April on my planned A to Z April Blog Challenge. It will be a more upbeat than my 15 day “Stop the Spread“… so please stop by and enjoy the family stories I’ve written from my husband’s memories and the many family stories I’ve heard when I married into his family.

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1 Response to 15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 15

  1. Ann ♪ says:

    Praying for you, Jeanne. Sending you virtual hugs. 🙂 It’s sad that some politicians don’t care about people and just want to hate on the president.
    I remember you reading on your blog that you like reading Nancy Drew (me, too). I just put up a Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew fanfic novella https://hardyanddrewmysteries.wordpress.com/my-stories/the-hardy-boys-nancy-drew-in-damage-control-a-fanfic-novella/ – it’s a very current story and hopefully you’ll find some hope, comfort and inspiration in it. 🙂


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