15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 14

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 14


I chose to reuse this photo again… it says it all!

I’m glad this is Day 14… as I’m getting tired and depressed reading the stats everyday and trying to wrap my head around the numbers. I log them in the morning and then later I see how the numbers have drastically changed… it’s scary!

While I have tried to have lots of “hope“… that when we reached Day 15… things would seem more hopeful… that isn’t seeming to be. I log the stats daily as I watch TV… finding it hard to believe that these numbers are coming from the country I live in. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever fathom I would live through a pandemic. I don’t live in what’s known as a third world country… we have up-to-date living conditions here… the best medical in the world… but yet, look what is happening… and becoming worse by the day! I remember the first day when I watched “The Walking Dead” TV show… and thought… could that ever happen here… but ,just look at the streets of New York now… it looks that way. They say we will overcome this… I want to believe… I’m trying to have hope!

Stats Today…

  • World Wide Cases – 691,867
  • World Wide Deaths – 32,988
  • United States Cases – 133,039
  • United States Deaths – 2,362

Entirely too much finger pointing still continuing today… even in a pandemic the politicians just can’t work together… sad for our country. It wasn’t like that during WWII… people pulled together more and stood together strong!

It seems the only ones working during this time, with no conscious, are the scammers that are  working hard to continue in stealing your money during this already stressful times. Be diligent as you review every email, message and phone call… and keep reminding your grandparents. Now that stimulus checks are on the way… I’m sure they will be mentioning that in their calls… how they need your checking account no. to direct it to you. Think Twice on everything before you click! I DO NOT click on anything… if I’m concerned, I go on the internet myself and then to their site… no clicking from within any emails sent me. I often forward those phishy emails to whichever supposedly site they came from… does it help… probably not, but it makes me feel like it does. It still boggles my mind… that we can’t track these people down… but, they sure know how to find us!

Tomorrow will be my last blog post in this series… I had hoped my last one would have more hope… but the only hope is that this will all end… sooner, rather than later! Stay safe everyone.


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