15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life Has Changed… Day 13

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life Has Changed… Day 13

Jeanne with maskFIX

I took this photo of me while sitting in my mother’s room a couple of years ago. She had been hospitalized for a droplet flu and the nurses made me wear while in her room. I feel for anyone having to wear a mask all day… as this simple mask drove me crazy in wearing while inside her room… I found it very smothering while wearing. Usually I don’t post photos of me… but thought this one fit into my post.

Today is Day 13 of the “Stop the Spread” that President Trump began… today he is now talking of an enforceable quarantine in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut! So what does that mean… does that mean we will see the Army patrolling our streets… stopping us on the roads? It will not pertain to truckers entering our states, but who will want to come in? I live in Connecticut… but not in the immediate area bordering New York… how and when will this end?

News of the Day…

  • World Wide Confirmed Cases – 622,000
  • World Wide Deaths – 28,000
  • United States Confirmed Cases – 111,000
  • United States Deaths – 1,800
  • Italy has over 9000 deaths in their country
  • The Dow is still up for the week, even with the down days we experienced… it’s still the best it’s been since 1938.
  • President Trump visited the U.S.N. “Comfort” ship in Norfolk, VA. to bless and send off to New York.

I’m told the grocery stores were busy today… and probably even more so after this announcement today… I foresee the hoarding to begin soon again for groceries. We were just beginning to see items as toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning items back on the shelf… and now we’ll be turning back to empty shelves.

The FDA approved new rapid tests that will now give results in 15 minutes… they will be delivered next week. Even with a quick turnaround of the test… it seems this virus will never end! They have said this is worse than dealing with the aftermath of 911… talk about scary! I am feeling panicky today… especially when my mother calls crying… over a thousand miles away… and I can’t do anything. This is not living!

In telling hubby today that I wanted to wipe off everything before bringing it into the house… he looked at me… “I’m not living my life like that.” He’s my sanity… and keeps me from losing mine. I don’t want to become paranoid, but if the virus can linger on boxes, cans and vegetables… what is really safe to buy? This is like no other war we have ever fought… our enemy is invisible!

I’ll sleep on all this… maybe tomorrow will look better! Stay safe… we will fight this all together!


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3 Responses to 15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life Has Changed… Day 13

  1. Its almost like hump day – except, the camel may be the two hump kind.

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    Learning the difference between living *with* fear vs. living *in* fear.

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