15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 12

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 12


It made me feel good to read about the many companies like Hanes… stepping up to produce over 1.5 million masks weekly and up to 5/6 million in the coming weeks. The fashion industry is also joining in… offering their many seamstresses to sew gowns, masks and scrubs. Beauty companies are producing hand sanitizer to distribute free to medical and emergency services. Crocs Shoe Company is giving away free shoes to health care workers.

Our generation has never been tested as it is today!

This is all being done even though President Trump did sign the “Defense Production Act” into place… which requires companies to produce supplies for the government; he will only act to invoke the law if he must. As long as companies are volunteering and able to produce, he doesn’t want to “nationalize” our U. S. industry. All this offering from private companies… stepping up to produce… just goes to show you that there still is greatness in our great country!

And the news today…

  • World Wide Coronavirus confirmed cases – 551,337
  • World Wide deaths – 24,863
  • U. S. Coronavirus confirmed cases – 104,142
  • U. S. deaths – 1,695
  • Connecticut Coronavirus confirmed cases – 1,291… Deaths 27
  • Hospital Naval Ship “Comfort” sails to New York City
  • Stock Market takes a tumble today after a three-day rise… let’s hope the signing of the bill will help to stabilize the market

Cooking Classes Today…

Ana and Ella baked in cooking class today!

My daughter-in-law cancelled all school classes today except for a cooking class in Home Economics… today the girls learned how to read a recipe and all that goes along with understanding the concept of it. I’m told there was one who sat on the sidelines… the taster waited impatiently for the chocolate cookies!

Ana and Ella making chocolate cookies… cookies enjoyed by baker “Ana” and taster “Nina”

Great job girls… Hint Hint… GiGi has a birthday in April… send cookies!

In reading through Facebook today… so many people are getting antsy to get out of their houses… and many who went on drives today reported seeing groups on the beach. I haven’t been out in a few days… maybe tomorrow we will take a ride by the beach… I miss seeing the water. Possibly our favorite Sundae House will be open… is it essential?… well, we will find out tomorrow!

The Stimulus Bill passed in Congress… sent to President Trump… and All Signed!

I read through many of the additions to this stimulus bill… and just don’t understand it. Money was added to so many things that I personally don’t feel should have been… but to get it signed… we all had to let it go. I hope people remember this when they’re up for re-election again… as they were clearly not thinking of the American people out of work. There are many people who really need those checks… hope they arrive sooner, rather than later… as government often seems to take forever… unless you owe them!

Stay safe… we will weather through this together!


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  1. ReginaMary says:

    Home Economics was my favorite course of study!

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