15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 11

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 11


Thank You Truckers!

The past day or so I’ve seen several photos on Facebook of meat cases full and photos of almost full shelves of toilet paper. The truckers have been working non-stop to bring in supplies… but they often disappear almost immediately. Hopefully, if the stimulus bill is passed… people will slow down in their buying and not feel as if they must run out to buy everything in sight. We need to get back to normal!

every morning… the news of the day is depressing!

  • World Wide confirmed cases… 487,648
  • World Wide deaths… 22,030
  • U. S. confirmed cases… 69,97
  • U. S. deaths… 1046
  • A record 3.3 million people are filing for unemployment. The state web-sites were so overwhelmed, that many even crashed. 1982 was the previous, highest unemployment… so sad, as we were presently at our “lowest” rate of unemployment in history before this crisis; we had been at our lowest since 1969.
  • Navy Hospital ship, “Mercy” heads to Los Angeles with a 1000 person medical staff.
  • US Stocks rallied for 3rd day of gains… closing up at 6.2%, while the Dow finished up at 6.4%: Tuesday closed at the highest since 1933; I hope this continues.

The stimulus bill passed the Senate last night… now onto the House… and finally to President Trump… sad that it must take this long! What really upsets me… is reading the “pork” additions that have been snuck written into this bill. I thought it was a stimulus bill to help our Americans out of work… where do we draw the lines on some of those issues? I just want this to all go away… and we have our lives back… and loved ones safe!

I just sat shaking my head this morning as a newscaster talked about getting our lives back… but mentioning nail salons and hairdressers and how our roots are showing! I think the new word “Covidiot” applies here!Really, you don’t know how to color your roots or paint your nails… you do have the time now! I’m sure there are YouTube videos… if needed! I’ll just head over to my granddaughters house… they are pros in the nail painting department! 

Since my granddaughter learned to knit, I find her paying attention to everything I have that ties to knitting. She picked up a knitting pattern book yesterday and asked what it was for. I flipped through it showing her how it gave you directions to create different pattern stitches. She later picked up one of my WIP’s (work in progress)… and in looking at the stitch pattern, said… “this pattern looks like my mermaid tail blanket you knitted.” She was absolutely right…. Good eye McKinley… my budding Nancy Drew! I think I’ll look for a simple project soon, and show her how to follow a pattern… especially as she’s reading more and more every day.

The WIP was a mermaid tail I’m knitting for all the girls. I had previously knitted them Barbie mermaid tails, but these new ones will fit a larger 18-inch doll. Even though they don’t all play with them, I thought they’d enjoy laying them on their bed… and having GiGi with them every night. McKinley and Grace also spotted my 4 socks I was knitting for them… and thankfully they each liked a different pair… as they both vary in colors.

Little sister, Gracie, was writing sentences yesterday for a story, and every time she didn’t know how to spell a work, she’d ask big sister… and big sister would quickly rattle off the spelling; it was interesting to sit and listen. Spelling has always come easy to me… not so much the math though… maybe Ancestry will soon test for spelling genes. They have tested my DNA for so many things from “bitter sensitivity” to “sprinter gene” and much more. I can safely say I am not bitter sensitive or possess any sprinter genes!

It seems my grandchildren will not return to school until the fall… but isn’t that the time when the flu rears its ugly head… and what about this Coronavirus… as I keep hearing that it may come back around again. We can’t continue to live like this… our roads and buildings are beginning to look like areas from The Walking Dead. I’m not trying to be depressing… but I do worry about where we are heading, and what the future holds for my grandchildren! I worry about when it may begin to affect them… when will they realize they aren’t going back to their classrooms… or see their teacher until the new year, and what grade will they return to? I don’t think anyone really has that answer… but I still think about it… and wonder!

In California, many banks are waiving mortgage payments for 3 months… except for Bank of America… only waiving 1 month. I have never liked BOA after dealing with them for a family member… their customer service associates were exceptionally rude and nasty with me on the phone. I’m sure families are very appreciative of all the help that is being offered… hope it extends throughout the country.


Be Like Rosie… wash those hands!

It’s time to stop the name calling… name blaming… Let’s all take some responsibility and pray that God gives us another chance to make this country “Great” again. We are all coming together to do what we can… and what’s been asked of us… continue washing those hands!


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