15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 10

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 10

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I wash my hands to protect these people!

There was so much talk last night about NYC being a hotspot… and it’s scary as it borders my state. I do feel sorry for those who work and live in the city… so many jobs that will not come back. Sad to see Broadway shut down and streets empty… I love going to musicals… but no one will dare to sit in those seats for a long time… they are extremely close. I remember my first experience there and shocked how close the seats were to each other… you literally are like a sardine sitting inside those theaters. But the experience of being there for a live production makes you forget how closed in you are… as the inside of each theater is spectacular… quite different from how the outside of the theater looks.

On the news briefing today… they mentioned that NYC might be flattening off… but that doesn’t mean we can go back to work and back to our life just yet… we can’t let our guard down too quickly!

I called my mother today before she called me to ask “is everyone ok up there?” While she doesn’t often remember one moment from the next lately… she seems to remember about this virus… and I keep telling her to change the channel! I’m surprised she hasn’t remembered to tell me her favorite words… “you know, God is getting tired of this world, and he’s letting us know”… while I’m not proficient with what’s written in the Bible, she has continued to tell me over the years, that it says how we “ourselves” will destroy the world.” We will not let this be the end… of which she speaks!

Lots of talk about the “bill” this morning… Talk, Talk, Talk… get it done! There are many people out there there that need those checks, and we don’t want to hear all talk and no action!

News today…

  • Prince Charles of England has tested positive for the Coronavirus… and they have isolated his mother, the Queen, to keep her safe.
  • When they pass this stimulus bill, it will be the largest bill ever passed in American History.
  • As of this morning, 436,159 confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the world
  • 19,648 deaths throughout the world – up 765 in last 24 hours
  • There are 55,238 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States today
  • 802 deaths in the United States… up 19 in the last 24 hours
  • Scientist now say that the Coronavirus is not mutating quickly, so it might respond well to a vaccine.

I liked President Trump’s words today of… “We should never rely on other countries for our own independence!”

Who knew such a vast amount of our pharmaceuticals and medical supplies came from other countries… I didn’t know we were this dependant on them as we seem to be! Did You? Maybe this is a wake-up call… a time to take back our country’s independence… bringing back the “Made in the USA”… what our parents and great grandparents grew up seeing. They never wanted to buy products made in China… they only wanted American made. We need to become, once again, the self-sufficient country we were… to not depend upon any other country for our own needs. There are many companies already stepping up to help produce the immediate needs of respirators, masks, glove and gowns so desperately needed in our hospitals, nursing homes and doctor offices. We can’t ever let this type of thing happen again in America! We can do this!

GiGi wore her teachers hat to grandchildren, McKinley and Grace today… and I’m sure my classes were much different than their usual classrooms. After breakfast and a half hour of “their choice” on TV, they had computer time on their laptops. Before lunch we watched a live feed on alligators, courtesy of our own Mystic Aquarium in CT. After writing exercises and science reading on insects, we discussed the insect of McKinley’s choice… the ladybug… who knew she was also known as a ladybird and that she could live up to three years! In working together, they both wrote a story about ladybugs with illustrations and I filmed them… sending video to their mother. Our history lesson came about when the Golden Gate Bridge screensaver showed on the TV…. and McKinley asked why it was so-named… off to Google I went. And the answer is, the body of water that flows between the Pacific Ocean into the San Francisco Bay is called The Golden Gate Strait… hence the name. Arts and Crafts ended our day with birthday card making for their great grandmother, “Angel” who turns 90 next month.

Teacher definitely was in need of a nap by this time!

cooking class

Pop took over the afternoon cooking class… sure he gets all the fun and rewards! They were excited to make brownies in his personal size cast iron pan! A fun project they’ve asked to make again.

In talking with granddaughter Ella in Florida… she reports how she loves the  homeschooling with mom… and sharing the classroom with sisters, Ana and Nina. She gives her mom an A+ as a teacher… sounds like things are going well there… but I bet mom was also ready for a nap later… as I was!

Great news hearing the Dow Jones was up in points again today… at over 21,147 points as of this writing. The Dow has gained the most points in two days since 1987… let’s hope this bill is signed soon, or that could all change. Wish I had the know-how and money to have bought stocks at recent lows in the past days… and sell at record highs. I’m sure there was much money made on Wall Street today!

If you’re  homeschooling your kids… let me hear how it’s going for you!


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  1. GP Cox says:

    Stay safe, but keep smilin’ !!

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    As a school employee, I have colleagues who are home schooling while teaching other’s children. A herculean task!

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