15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 8

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 8

toilet paper

We are now in Day 8 of the President’s “Stop the Spread”… telling us to stay home unless necessary to go out for food or medicine… or toilet paper. Life has changed for us all… my granddaughters have no more outside activities like swimming, soccer, or dance classes… although I’m told their dance school is beginning virtual dancing for them to follow along on the laptop… sounds like fun! I don’t foresee any dance recitals this summer… but I’ll wait and see. We have experienced way too many life changes this past week… life has changed for us all… but We will survive!

Tonight at 8 p.m. in Connecticut, our Governor mandated a lockdown on all our non-essential travel… only essential stores will remain open daily. So what does that mean, are the police going to pull us over and ask where we are going? Yes, we can go to the grocery store and pharmacies… and the liquor stores. I do find it odd that they are open… is it really necessary… but after spending 24 hours… day in and day out with the kiddies and trying to homeschool them might warrant trips to the liquor stores! My son was just telling me last night about the computer work the school wants his girls to do at home… saying how it was mind boggling as he tried to download all the apps… then try and understand them himself… then explain to the girls how they work. We will see how this goes… and it will take time. When all this is over… and I’m hoping sooner rather than later… will the kids even want to go back to school when they realize they can learn from home… in their pj’s!

toilet paper

Hubby took the last ride out to Costco this morning… and finally, they had toilet paper! Hooray!!! He reported that he didn’t see one single carriage without a huge 30 roll package snuggled inside… and he reported that most people only took one roll even though there was no limit posted… no one was hoarding today!

The only limit they were imposing was on their 42 ct. case of bottled water… is our water going to be turned off… did I missed the memo? We have water running to our house daily, can you not refill a water bottle? I do like to keep bottled water in the house, mostly just so I have a bottle to refill… we don’t throw empties in the recycle bin… we return them for our 5-cent deposit we paid. I’m still not sure why you don’t pay a deposit in every state… I’m always reminded of  that when I buy water or soda in Georgia… it does save me a little money… but I still wonder why they don’t? Paying that 5-cent deposit pushes me to return them for my money back. I am not one of those who throw them in their recycling bin. While yes they are recycling… I still want my money back… add it up at the end of the year… it’s a nice piece of change!

All this type of hoarding extra shopping I’ve been doing lately reminds me of the 90’s when I heavily coupon shopped. While I only have two children, I was obsessed with buying almost anything that I could bring home “free” by using coupons. My mother lives in Georgia and their coupon face amounts were much higher than ours; they didn’t double their coupons. Mama gathered coupon flyers weekly at the local recycle center… coming home with bags of coupons, and sitting for hours on the living room floor cutting coupons. She made piles for me, herself and her friends… literally spending hours cutting those coupons… and I looked forward to receiving those heavy envelopes that arrived weekly! After my father-in-law saw how much I was saving, and all the “free” items I brought home… he quickly became a coupon user! He never would throw away a good coupon when he missed the expiration date though… not him… he’d just cut off the date… he had special cashiers he frequentedneed I say more! 

From all those coupons mama sent… I brought home many items for “free”… or almost free… and even one grocery store (Pathmark) gave me money to carry the items home… literally… as the coupon exceeded the amount I was to pay. As some items like soap, paper towels, washing detergent and soda have a long shelf life… I stocked up when I had coupons. Hubby said he counted one day all the bars of soap in the basement…  a total of 145 bars. All long gone now… nothing was ever wasted except maybe some of that soda as I brought home way too many “free” bottles of Mountain Dew on one shopping trip… and my kids didn’t want it. What was I even thinking.. but I gave it away to someone who drank it, so it wasn’t wasted.

We are at war with no ammo! I heard this today on TV and thought…. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus! How would anyone create/invent a new virus… and Why… the Why part scares me as that sounds like biological chemical warfare!

What are you doing to “help stop the spread“? For the most part we are staying out of stores unless necessary… I think I was already at that level as I’m often frustrated when I do shop in a “real” store… as they never seem to have the size or color I need. I don’t frequent many stores anyway except for craft stores… but by the time I reach the registers and find extremely long check-out lines…. more than not, I lay my items down… going home to just order online, mumbling to myself…. why did you even go there? If you want people to shop in your stores… you need cashiers to check us out! I’m a big pajama clad…armchair shopper… and I usually always find my size and color with online shopping, except for right now. So I’ve been helping the “stop the spread” in shopping online and staying out of the stores. I’m sure the UPS and postman know me very well!

Am I alone… or are you also finding it hard to remember to constantly wipe off everything you’ve touched… or hubby touched… or even the cat and dog touched? That would be an endless chore… as we touch everything! I do find it hard to remember to wipe and sanitize as I have not ever lived like this before… and am not conditioned to think in that pattern… but I try! When hubby returned from shopping today… I felt like I walked behind him literally wiping off the door handles and everything he touched as he came in before washing his hands. I fussed at him when he sat the shopping bag on the table… and he fussed back… telling me he wasn’t going to live his life being afraid of every single thing! I wiped the table off and moved his bag to a chair… and how do I really know that I’m wiping away germs… they could be on everything… even his clothes. Are we to run change our clothes when we return to the house or carry a black light around to spot germs… the day we do that… they have won… they are making us run scared! But I do want to know how do you go daily without touching your face… rubbing your eyes… scratching your nose!

The Stats today are Mind Boggling and Scary!

  • More than 378,846 confirmed cases world wide
  • Deaths worldwide as of now… 16,510
  • 41,511 confirmed cases in the United States
  • 553 total deaths in the United States
  • The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 195 countries and territories worldwide

As you can tell, I have been reading more than I probably should… and thank heavens I seem to sleep all night… not laying there counting statistics. Yes I watch more of the news than I normally do on a daily basis… but you can only take so much… and then I click Netflix on… and my mind wanders to what will I watch binge today. I can’t believe all the old series that I missed before… but now catching up on. I have shows I watch alone, and show we watch together. There are some shows that hubby would not really be interested in, although he’d never complain and watch anyway… or probably be on his laptop. So what are you watching… let me hear what’s keeping your mind off of wiping down every door knob in your home!


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  1. ReginaMary says:

    My sister had to order paper towels for my mom online! I have yet to see toilet paper at the store.


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