15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 7

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 7

In waking up today… there are 27, 107 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the United States… and 349 deaths. Yes the confirmed cases are going up… as we were told it would… before it peaks and level off. Connecticut has 223 cases now… a plus of 29 new ones.

Times square empty

New York today March 22, 2020… Bare to the Bones!

Our governor has now issued a “stay home order“… which goes into effect on Monday at 8 p.m. Is that going to make people run out today and tomorrow to “hoard” more stuff… I imagine so! Yes, I do want to go to the store… but I know if I dare mention that to my husband, he’ll probably tell me to go, but there’s no room in our freezer for anything else! I’m going to resist the urge to go.. we have food… but I’m still worrying about my toilet paper… and other things I just realized I might need for cooking… like vegetable oil, and Ritz Crackers. Why Ritz… well I wanted to cook chicken tenders in the oven and needed them for breading. See it’s the things you take for granted as always available or being there… then they aren’t! Oh well, I’ll come up with something else!

In being a genealogist, I’ve read about how the generation of our parents and grandparents lived, and survived, through WWII. They are known as the greatest generations in our country… they were strong. Now, we are being asked to become that “strong” generation… and I pray we live up to what is being asked of us!

While this is a “virus”… which is affecting us different… they had worries when they sent their sons off to war… worrying that they would never return. While we aren’t experiencing life in that aspect… we are worrying in a different way. Both of my children work in “essential” jobs… going to work everyday… and thankful they have jobs, but I worry about all the “in contact” they have with so many people every day! I have a mother that lives alone… 1000 miles away from me with no family nearby… and she turns 90 on April 6th. She is continuing to live in her home… but has memory issues… but still ok to live alone with her cat, Boo. She watches way too much news and often will call me upon waking after a bad dream to ask if we are Ok… or during the day after paying too much attention to TV… and ask again, if we are OK. Boo is her companion, and has been with her since 2007… he’s a very sleek, 11 pound black cat…. and when she first brought him home, he was the tiniest thing. In Mama’s house… it’s all about Boo… whatever Boo wants… Boo gets!

melissa and boo

Here’s BOO… with my daughter when he was just a wee kitten!

Boo in window

And Boo today in his favorite place at Mama’s window…

So what have I learned in the past 24 hours… companies are now looking into changing what they normally produce… to now manufacture what is immediately needed for hospitals, such as respirators, sanitizer, masks and gowns. Just like in WWII… when our factories changed their regular production lines to produce what was needed for the government to fight the war… Even the liquor distilleries are stopping production of their whiskey to produce hand sanitizer… I still have yet to find one bottle in the stores. Actually, I think the only one I have, sits in the side panel of my door… and I put that in the car a long time… keeping it there for travel purposes when eating in the car. I now use it whenever I go in and out of the car…. cleaning my hands and wiping off door handles.

As of today, there are 7 states that are beginning a mandatory “shelter in place” order… and my state of CT is one of them… along with California, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregan, Illinois, and New Jersey.

My mother was 11 years old when Pearl Harbor was hit on Dec. 7, 1941… and war broke out. She’s often talked about her brother Leroy who was drafted and sent to fight… and was killed in Metz, Germany. She’s told me stories of how life changed and how she saw it… the first time a plane flew over their farm she thought they were there to drop bombs on them; she had heard the adults talk about planes dropping bombs. Another time a truck came to the farm with workers dressed in uniforms to help on the farm, and she went running to find her father yelling “the Germans are coming“… she honestly was scared!

Fortunately my mother lived on a farm… she never went without food… and tells me they ate very well. She might not have always had the clothes she wanted, but she never went to bed hungry… unless she fussed at the table over what was served… and then sent to bed without supper. I’m told she was a little fussy… and her father did send her away from the table some nights… but her mother always snuck something to her.

Many foods were rationed during WWII, such as sugar, flour, coffee, even gas was rationed. Among my grandfathers things saved… were his ration books… with many of the rationing stamps still in place as he didn’t use them. Mama told me that he was always too proud to use them for the most part… often only using maybe the sugar and coffee, as he couldn’t grow that… and granddaddy liked his coffee! He only farmed with a mule or horse… so he didn’t use much gas, as they stayed home during the week… only going to town on Saturdays to pick up things they needed. I think his main reason for Saturday visits was so he could go to the filling station (gas station) to converse with his cronies on politics, and whose dog had been in the lead on Friday night fox hunts.

Ration books were put in place to ensure the government had supplies for the Army… in WWII it was all about having what our men needed and the families at home were willing to ration… in doing their part! Would we give up our coffee and sugar today and ration?

What will we remember when this finally ends… I am trying to think positive as life must, and will go on. I have five granddaughters and want them to have a future… lives will continue, but in a different way. Let’s hope we don’t quickly forget, as many have done in the way they remember 911. Living very close to New York, only a couple of hours away by train, definitely affected me… but thankfully all my family was not in the city on that day. Even though I’ve never forgotten 911… I have moved on… and at times hard to even believe it really happened, as it als stopped our country in its tracks! I pray we will do the same with this virus pandemic, but I’m sure I will probably hoard food for awhile… especially my coffee. Often I never even finish my cup… it’s just the attachment of having that cup in my hand… I guess it’s my cigarette!

I’m still journaling daily in my actual paper journal… as I have done for years but did fall off the wagon for a few years. What will my descendants think one day… will they laugh at my antics I’ve written… and think me crazy for hoarding coffee… and so obsessed in my daily writings!


We will get back to  the “hustle and bustle” of our “before” life!

Let me hear… what you are doing with more free time… if you are at home? As I’m already retired… I had free time. So what do I do daily? I sit on my couch having my coffee every morning, pondering what I’m going to watch on Netflix while I knit… I enjoy knitting and am presently knitting two pairs of socks for the granddaughters… knitting them all at the same time…  on one long circular needle! And if you’re reading here… you know I write; I began my blog in 2014. I enjoy watching the traffic outside as I’m near a four-way stop of local roads… and I’m constantly noticing how “No One” seems to want to stop… blowing through those stop signs. Lots of tickets could be given out here! Thankfully, I haven’t seen a major accident there since it was a two-way stop… that’s why we have now have a four-way stop… that they still ignore!

I know I said I wasn’t going to the store today… and I didn’t… hubby went! Don’t laugh, but I think he wanted another can of Spam! Several weeks ago he came home with this one small can of Spam… saying “we’ll have to try this for lunch one day, we haven’t eaten this since the 70’s.” And we hadn’t! The other day he made us a sandwich at lunch… and it was pretty good, definitely worth having in the house for emergencies… so off he went searching for another can… even though I told him, “I bet you don’t find it“… and he’s already called from the store saying he only found Light, Turkey, and Smoked Spam… I couldn’t resist the… “See, I told you so!” Every time I tell him that certain things are hard to find… he scoffs me off… so I had to set him straight! But he did find Ritz crackers and vegetable oil… I’m good now! Yes, I sent him with a list… hey he was going anyway, why not!

Still no flour, active yeast, sanitizer… and No toilet paper! He did ask, “why did you want yeast?” Me… “I’m going to make bread in the bread machine.

So How’s Your Day Going?


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7 Responses to 15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 7

  1. I try not to worry about the food supply as my pantry is pretty well stocked and so is my freezer. I have canned fruit for when the fresh runs out and dried milk as I’m already out of the fresh. Thank goodness we are retired and can stay home without losing a job or endangering ourselves.

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    Always a joy to hear from you, Jeanne. We are in NY. My 93yr old mother is across the street. She lives alone, and currently, my son is her aide, since we have asked her regular one to stay home (she is in worse health than mama will ever be!). I did find yeast. I also inquired at one of our local markets with a in house bakery if they would sell me a pound of fresh yeast, which they did. I prefer the fresh either way. Wondering if I can mail you some of my dried? Stay well, my dear.

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    • What a sweet offer to send but it’s like wanting snd really needed. I have a jar and package in the fridge now… outdated and hardly was used. I usually get the urge to drag my bread machine down in the winter… often during a snowstorm to make a Sally Lunn loaf of sweet bread. It’s nothing I drastically, but sincerely thank you for the offer. You’re lucky your mom is that close as mine is 1000 miles away with no immediate family. I depend on friends and it’s difficult at times in making that work… especially in these times. At times now, I feel my mother will outlive is all… even with her faulting mind! I just keep writing and knitting to keep my mind off the next phone call from her and the next problem. Stay safe and do let me know what you’re baking! If you’re on FB maybe you’re even in my knitting groups.

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