15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 5

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 5


Today marks Week 1 of schools closed… kids home… parents scrambling for daycare… and me still on the hunt for toilet paper… although hubby isn’t concerned about it… just me! What haven’t you found yet… that you think you need… and do you really need or just want?

President Trump has been coming to the press room for daily briefings, along with his entourage… have you been watching? There is way too many people in that room! I think I’d rather just have our President talk to us from the Oval Office… away from everyone… he and our Vice President need to be kept a safe distance from everyone. I know that’s hard, but I don’t want to imagine what would happen if they both became ill. And as to the media… I am tired of the ridiculous questions they often ask… unless he has a crystal ball, he can’t answer them! It’s all speculation… guesswork… there is no real correct answer he can give us. I feel assured that he’s doing the best he can… and I believe he wants the best for our country, but he’s not a miracle maker… just a man doing the best he can while so many are still trying to beat him down!

I think I went to the store again today… but it seems I’ve gone so often that I can’t even remember when I’ve gone or not!

So many nursing homes are closing their doors to visitors… leaving families to only communicate through phone lines. While it’s for the best… as it was a nursing home in Washington state where an outbreak first began. My mother still lives alone at home, and I worry about her now, as it’s mostly just her and Boo, her cat. She calls me often to ask how we are… several times a day. Sometimes I think she lives on the phone, although she often doesn’t remember who she has called. I hate that she’s by herself… but she is actually safer than being anywhere else right now. If she’d only watch a movie instead of listening to the news all day!

I’m seeing more joggers in my neighborhood… and I’ve chalked it up to that their gym is closed! I see more cars in the driveways and neighbors returning from the grocery stores… I should look more closely next time to see if they bought toilet paper!  add to another post

So what would I be doing today if I wasn’t out searching for toilet paper? Well, our favorite ice cream place opened last week, so I’d probably be heading to the “Sundae House” for my first “sundae” in celebrating Spring… but no, I’m obsessed in going to the darn grocery store. I don’t even know if it’s open… guess I’ll have to ride by and find out! I’m really missing my half peanut butter and half hot fudge sundae! Yummm… it’s like having a warm peanut butter cup melted over soft vanilla ice cream.

On nightly phone calls with mom she’s often talked about the world and how God is going to get tired of us one day… has the day come? What makes me think of that is in hearing how the once dirty canals in Venice, Italy are now running again with clear water… and they are seeing fish swimming and dolphins appearing daily… which they haven’t seen in years. I’m reading that China is now seeing blue skies appear overhead… coming from all the factories shut down and pollution at a standstill. Sad to hear how they they don’t see blue skies on a regular basis… as I enjoy watching the sky and the many changes of blues. I especially love the clouds and taking photographs with them in the background… they really make your photo pop! When we travel I always keep my camera nearby for great cloud photos, as well as anything else that catches my eye… hubby has been known to make a turnaround for a photo! Take notice in your travels as the clouds do vary from state to state in their forms and shapely appearance.

Nolan Fix

Take the time to enjoy the blue skies!

In regards to blue sky’s… I never thought about how other parts of our country have different colors of blue in their sky. I only realized it when I commissioned a photo of an old Southern home I loved… and the artist requested photos of the sky in that area; it was she who explained to me that every part of our country has a different shade of blue!

As I hear so much about what type of businesses are being asked to shut down… it does make me worry that we could never recover and end up in a depression. The 1929 Great Depression is something that I never thought I would ever live through… and I hope that it never happens… but the stock market is dropping every day. I am thankful to be retired, not having to go to work everyday, and my house is paid off. It’s not that way for my children… and I’m sure that’s a worry on their shoulders everyday. But let’s not put the cart before the horse… just take one day at a time. You can worry and worry… but where is it really going to get you in the end… except become sick yourself.

So what can you do besides staying home day after day… take a ride, enjoy spring popping out, and if you’re lucky to live near the beach, take a ride. There’s something peaceful about watching the water roll in and out… and we often enjoy sitting at the beach. The very early sunrise is the best time for the beach… the quiet sounds of the water lapping at the shore, while watching the yellow-orange glow of the sun rise from the horizon… but in as much as I enjoy seeing it, I’m not wanting to get up that early anymore. Who said seniors like to rise early? We enjoy late nights and sleep ins!

Stay safe… wash those hands… blow kisses to the grandchildren!


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1 Response to 15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 5

  1. ReginaMary says:

    I have yet to find paper products of any sort. Thankfully I use cloth napkins as well. No toilet paper or paper towels to be had, Missing my king arthur flour.


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