15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life Has Changed… Day 4

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life Has Changed… Day 4

Survive sign

This photo reminds me of 911… there were many signs of hope around the country!

So what am I worried about today… I’m worried that my son is working over 12 hour days at work… and I’m worried that my daughter comes in contact with way too many people every day… worried that soon the grandchildren are going to really question why they are not going back to school… and if I don’t find toilet paper soon… there’s going to be a problem… but I do have coffee and cream!

What’s also is scary… is the nose dive Wall Street has been on this week… it’s a roller coaster only going in one direction… down…. down… down! I normally have never looked at my 401-K that often… yea I know I should, but I just don’t know what to do with it! So I’ve left it alone, but this year in January before I began my taxes, I logged in and took a look at the last few years… and was a little excited to see that I was making some money back… especially after that last hit years ago. And now… I’m very afraid to log in and even see.. as there is nothing I can do about it now. I said to hubby in January… should I lock myself out of the stocks I have… and put the money elsewhere… but he has no clue on that either… so I just did nothing. Whether I was right or wrong, I don’t know… but now it is what it is!

We will survive… we will overcome this… I have faith!

The White House is talking about a stimulus package to help out all of us, but I believe that has to come from Congress. And we all know what happens when these politicians begin talking about bills and what they want. Let’s just get together and talk about what is needed directly at this moment… forget what else you want to include…. do what is right for America… or there won’t be an America to come back to!

In researching my family lines, I followed my ancestor lines from the late 1700’s as they built their homes, had families, and traveled from state to state for better opportunities. They survived many illnesses through those travels, and they persevered to build this great America. We need to pull together and do what needs to be done. Our country has been going strong the past few years… we do not want to go back to living like they were in 1700… we are still a strong country! We built this country to go forward – not backward!

Little things make me smile today, like… my daughter called this morning to tell me that McKinley (age 7), first thing this morning, picked up the loom I gave her yesterday. In looking for kid crafts, I’d found a cardboard loom online… and quickly began hunting for cardboard to make one. She immediately took it over yesterday when she came for the day… and she’s already a pro at setting it up and already designing new things to make for it besides a wall hanging… using a stick for the top. What really brightened my day was in McKinley telling me… “my teacher showed us how to work a loom, but yours is way much better than the one she made.” Now that was a great compliment… sure made me smile!

Every day we hear so much news, often more than we really want to hear, such as… talk about releasing inmates in prisons… mandated travel rules… huge events cancelled… on Monday they actually closed Disney World; did you ever fathom that place would close… no one hugs or kisses; it’s so unnatural not to hug and kiss your grandchildren… church has closed service… reports that the Summer Olympics of 2020 will be cancelled… and the list could go on and on. What will our descendants read about this in their history books… and what will they think?

I thought about going to the first of the “senior” early shopping at the grocery stores today… it was a 6 to 7:30 opening just for seniors. As I’ve become a late sleeper… I opted to not go… and also thinking how it might be really crowded. I was right on that, heard it was very crowded!

What is keeping my mind busy on these days… knitting… actually lots of knitting and writing! Hubby stays busy working on his cuckoo clocks… his new hobby! Does anyone reading this have a cuckoo clock? We actually bought our first one about 40 plus years ago at a tag sale for 15 dollars. I fell in love with it… brought it home… and it worked from the get-go… and remained working all through the years. Hubby became really interested in how they work after we bought a new one in Helen, Georgia a couple years ago. And since then, we’ve acquired more than I can count on my two hands… you always know what time it is in my house… just count the cuckoo’s and enjoy the music… several of them even have music and people that dance and swirl around. it’s quite an art in repairing… and he’s done a great job in learning the how to part… and all self taught! Do you have cuckoo questions… send them my way!

There are now more than 7,000 confirmed cases in the U.S., and at least 141 people have died. Connecticut has 1 death as of today. Stay safe… wash those hands!


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  1. ReginaMary says:

    Sending prayers and solidarity from New York.


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