15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 2

15 Days… Stop the Spread: Life has Changed… Day 2


The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic on March 11… and that was the first day I felt compelled to run to the grocery store. I felt scared after listening to television today. While I had been hearing about this virus in China… beginning in the town of Wuhan… it was 7,441 miles away from me… why was I worrying?

Today, March 17th is my granddaughter’s 10th birthday… and while she can’t have a birthday party with her friends, or go out to eat at her favorite restaurant… she didn’t complain. Even though she doesn’t fully understand what is going on… she’s still a happy 10 year old… enjoying her time off from school. I called to wish her a “Happy Birthday” and she was full of smiles as she and her sisters danced around in front of Alexa… and I was happy to see them all safe and happy at home. I love you girls!

Yesterday (Day 1) President Trump unveiled a 15-day plan for social distancing and measures, designed to flatten the peak of infections… he talked about how each one of us play a critical role in stopping the spread. We are asked to avoid unnecessary travel and social gatherings… to instead practice social distance from others. They are saying that this virus affects seniors more, especially those with having pre existing medical conditions… telling you to stay home. Seniors… hey that’s me at age 67… seems like just yesterday when I thought I’d never be this age… and now here I am… soon to be 68 next month! I’m not liking this age thing!

We are hearing countless ways of how this virus began in Wuhan… beginning in what they call “wet markets”… where live animals are all mixed in together. I can’t even wrap my head around these type of markets where these animals are sold for consumption… or even want to know what they do with them.

They talk on the news about people hoarding food and all the food items that have become scarce in the stores like toilet paper, paper towels, flour, bread, chicken, eggs and almost anything and everything. The more you listen… the more it makes you run to the stores on a daily basis… on a scavenger hunt for the hard-to-find items. I hate grocery shopping on a regular basis and recently had began using a “pick up” service… feeling why waste my time walking around in a grocery store, when you only buy more than you really need. Now I feel as I must go.. and buy what I may need tomorrow that I won’t be able to buy next week. It’s hard to think ahead like that, as we are accustomed to always being able to shop at our leisure… now we’re being scared in buying everything and anything. Sure they tell us not to hoard… but when you go to the store and see all those empty aisle… you become scared!

I’m on the hunt for cleaning supplies… good luck with that around here… and toilet paper and paper towels. Those are the coveted items for everyone… so it’s hit or miss when you go!

On the good side, our gas and home heating oil is going down… which helps us in cold weather climates. We were paying about $2.59 average when we drove to Georgia in February… now it’s dropped to about $2.29… and dropping more daily. Our home heating oil had me paying $2.39 a gallon in December and now it’s going around $1.79… I’ll be filling up soon… but I’m watching to see if it drops even lower.

And I’m already tired of washing my hands!


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  1. ReginaMary says:

    Can you tell I am catching up on all of your posts? xoxo


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