Craft Junkie: 2019 Christmas Mitten Ornaments

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mitten color top

2019 Christmas Mitten Ornaments

Every year I make new ornaments… either felt, but often they have been knitted lately. I first saw these mittens written with numbers on them as Advent Mittens…  and first wanted to make all 25 of them, but after making the first one… I quickly realized that they were too time consuming, but knew they would be perfect for my granddaughters new Christmas ornament! I knitted one for each granddaughter with their age on the top… and the more I knitted them, the easier it became in following the pattern. Hmm… I just might make that Advent Calendar after all!


No. 5 (Grace) and No. 7 (McKinley) mitten

Following the graph wasn’t that difficult, especially after I began using sticky notes to keep my place… made it so much easier. I discovered a pad of 8-inch long sticky notes at a tag sale… and they worked perfect; sticky notes are my new best friend in knitting!


Knitted using magic loop!


Ella, Nina and Ana’s mittens!



If interested in knitting the mitten calendar, you can find the Mitten Garland Advent Calendar by Kathy Lewinski here on Ravelry  There is a paid version there, plus she gives you a link to her website which is free… I knitted from the free version. The color photo of them above is Kathy’s photo of the mitten garland.


After knitting five of them… I can easily see in my future making that full set!

Love to hear from you if you have knitted them or would like to… once I began, they were a fun knit!

Happy Knitting…


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2 Responses to Craft Junkie: 2019 Christmas Mitten Ornaments

  1. ReginaMary says:

    Those mittens are so sweet. Don’t you just love Magic Loop?

    Liked by 1 person

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