Family Stories: My Valentine

My Valentine

candy box

candy heart

A Valentine box and cards I saved! They don’t come in boxes anymore!

I found the “Valentine” prompt puzzling, as… what do I write about, but like all things… something comes along to jog you into the writing! Hubby brought up a raggedy plastic bag full of cards and letters he found in the cedar chest downstairs; he’s presently restoring the chest and that bag was among the things he pulled out. For a week, that bag sat on the floor in the living room… me ignoring it! Finally one night I picked it up, to finally go through and was surprised at my findings.


“Our Love Letters”

My “Valentine” of almost 47 years, as of May 3rd… wrote many of those letters to me… first as a guy I’d known for only a few months, then a man I was going to marry and finally as my husband stationed in Thailand. It’s funny to look back at all the letters he wrote… when today the only thing he writes by hand is a grocery list… although he will peck away for a political post on Facebook! I’m the writer… he’s not much of a reader either!

I could have sat all night reading through those letters, but I only opened a few and laughed at my writings to him… how different they were from before and after we married. So mushy and lovey-dovey… surely one day my granddaughters will ooh and ahh over them or laugh hysterically at how mushy their grandparents were! Yes, girls… one time we were young!

Most of the cards I saved from my “Valentine” doesn’t even have a signature on them… his answer was always, “you know who they’re from, why do I have to sign it!” But there are a few signed “Love Always, Steve.”

To show you how smitten he was with me… when in Maine, he even sealed the envelope with a wax seal of “Love” on the envelopes. When I think back now, I have a hard time envisioning him shopping for that stamp and wax… and I so wish I could have a vision of him melting the wax and sealing those envelopes!

love seal

A couple of the envelopes still have the wax stamp intact on them, but most have deteriorated over the years and crumbled off.


My other Valentine memory is my daughter’s wedding… she married the man of her dreams on Valentine day… Feb. 14, 2012… making such a beautiful bride! Until she met the man of her dreams… Valentines Day was never her favorite day, but today, it holds a much different meaning.

Melissa and Frank

Melissa (Insalaco) and Frank Gillon

Valentine Wedding – Feb. 14, 2012

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5 Responses to Family Stories: My Valentine

  1. ReginaMary says:

    What a great story! I loved seeing your letters to one another. I always loved the look and feel of air mail envelopes. Now with email, I wonder if they are common anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

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