Nancy Drew: Season 1… Episode 3: The Curse of the Dark Storm

Nancy Drew: Season 1… Episode 3

The Curse of the Dark Storm

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From the moment I discovered a new “Nancy Drew” television series was premiering… I was hooked! Anyone who knows me… knows that I love Nancy Drew and everything that goes along with her. I missed out on watching the 1977 series with Pamela Sue Martin as I was a new mom with a one-year-old… not much time left to be hooked on Nancy Drew, as I was hooked on my son, Stephen! I vaguely remember hearing about the show on tv, but I had a one year old to chase after and it had been over fifteen years since I’d even cracked open a Nancy Drew book! Later when my daughter, Melissa, was born I began buying Nancy Drew books at tag sales… hoping to make her a Nancy Drew fan… but she never read past the Mystery of the Old Clock. But I saved her books and they now sit on her book shelves for McKinley and Grace to enjoy… and hopefully they will become Nancy fans!

Loved the opening scene… finally we’re seeing the classic nod to The Secret of the Old Clock!

From the last show, Nancy has learned that Nick has “two” cell-phones, George was punked when her bucket ran “red”, and Ace, somehow knew that Bess was really living in that white van!

Nancy pushed at Nick right away about his second cell phone… telling him that she knew who the other only call on the phone was… Tiffany… and demanding to see what was in the package that Tiffany left in her mom’s car… to which he refused… leaving Nancy no choice but to walk out!

And the Easter Eggs soon started…


I would thought we’d have seen the clock much earlier, but one of the first nods tonight went to the first book, Secret in The Old Clock!

Finally, Nick showed Nancy what was in the package that Tiffany left for him… Nancy’s mind is ticking away… “either there’s something inside it or it’s meant to lead us somewhere, she says.” “Tiffany loved her hidden treasures… with emphasis on “hidden“… that was a great line from Nick! He also mentioned a certain book to Nancy, written by Edith Wharton… nod to Edith Stratemeyer Adams.

spinning wheel

The Secret in the Old Attic was silently mentioned with that spinning wheel sitting on Nancy’s desk… the woman head pencil cup is also reminding me of something, but haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m leaning to it reminding me of Nancy’s face on the cover of The Mystery at Lilac Inn.

Ryan Hudson visits Carson to discuss his case… and not long after, he’s hearing footsteps and then a ghostly scream… of course, he’s the only one hearing them; hearing the footsteps reminds me of The Hidden Staircase. Later as Carson goes up the stairs, we see Dead Lucy hovering above him… and while he feels something… he sees nothing! It seems Dead Lucy’s spirit likes the Drew home!

Tiffany must have been a Nancy Drew reader as she likes puzzles and secrets… and this episode was all about puzzles, secrets and hidden items! She visited Nick in jail after Nancy’s mother pressured him into letting her come; Kate Drew was Nick’s social worker. From all the books Tiffany gave Nick…  as that is how they communicated… and now they are turning out to be the clues. One book, “Under the Lilacs” led them to visit “The Lilac Inn”… the old B & B that Tiffany was restoring.

Lilac Inn

Lilac Inn Bed & Breakfast… loved seeing all the blue Lilacs by the house… and don’t we all want to stay at The Lilac Inn.

The Lilac Inn is quite impressive, and there’s even more clues from Nick’s books… seeing all the great children series writers paintings on the wall as they walked in, such as Robert Louis Stevenson and E. B. White… more nods to children literature. Then we see a photo of the already mentioned Edith Wharton… possibly included because of her name, but she was a novelist and a short story writer. It seems our Nick is quite the reader… maybe some Hardy Boy books might show up at one point in his room. These writers have worked hard to constantly keep up with adding Easter Eggs as part of the plot in their writing… that’s not easy! Interesting how Nancy and Nick come up with the numbers of 812, being the time Tiffany saw him, and 428 being the date the murder occured… and soon a bottom drawer popped open… revealing a key! I knew the moment I first saw that clock, that something was hiding inside it… as I’m sure all Nancy Drew fans did!

In the cellar, I liked how Nancy and Ned worked together in figuring out clues to reveal what Tiffany hid! I could really see my Nancy coming up with those answers, and I loved the old clock having a hidden drawer!

  • Clue: Nick spots a bottle with the name… Aliento De Gato which reminded him of a book he read that Tiffany had given him… of how a guy crossed the wrong guy and was bricked up behind a wall.
  • Clue: Tiffany gave him the clock… meaning she wanted him to turn back time.
  • Clue: Nancy turned the clock to the time that Tiffany said she saw him… 812
  • Clue: Nancy then turned the clock hands to the date, 428… and the bottom front of the clock popped open to reveal a secret drawer… holding a key… and the key opened the safe they’d discovered behind the wall.. revealing what Tiffy hid. She truly liked puzzles in planning all that out.
  • Clue: Carson finds his own clue, when he notices a footprint showing where the broken wine bottle lay on the floor at The Lilac Inn… and later noticed wine on Nancy’s white sneakers.

George was certainly punked in the bucket of blood that runneth over on her steps, but when Rita walked in to The Claw and the glass carafe exploded in her hand… well, I think George was scared! Axe soon saved her from the whaling harpoon that slammed to where she was standing. It certainly seems George has spirits chasing her! The harpoon reminded me of the book, The Secret of the Wooden Lady. Rita soon enclosed George inside a protection circle… wasn’t that from a book… but which one? Nancy and Nick walked in just in time for Nick to save George from an exploding overhead light… and then poof Rita was gone. It wasn’t long before George discovered a newspaper clipping on the wall as she carefully rehung the whaling harpoon… there was Rita’s picture on a newspaper clipping… “Missing woman decapitated in boating accident on July 18, 1975.” The article read that Rita had summered in Horseshoe Bay, while waitressing at a diner… and wearing roller skates… just as she had told George! Very erie… but why would you have this clipping on the wall? Did George really see her… as Nick and Nancy saw no one!

At one point, Ace and Bess drove past Bess’s white van… and she saw her “home” had a huge tree limb impaled through a window. Ace remarked… “someone is sure going to be surprised“… poor Bess as she strained to look at her van!

This episode has them all showing more compassion of each other… building trust, while slowly becoming friends. Later, Nancy suddenly appeared at Bess’s van… no inquisition, but instead offering friendship… and inviting Bess to come and stay at her house… not judging her. 

But when that sparkly diamond ring falls to the floor in Bess’s van… Nancy picks it up and ponders… “did I just invite a killer to stay at my house?” Will Nancy pocket the ring, saying nothing, or question Bess?

Hope to see you back for my comments and thoughts on Episode 4… The Haunted Ring!

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6 Responses to Nancy Drew: Season 1… Episode 3: The Curse of the Dark Storm

  1. Luanne says:

    How many women have been influenced and inspired by Nancy Drew?! I imagine all the genealogists, for one group!
    I am reading the first book in a series I didn’t know about it. It’s by the original publisher of Nancy Drew, Grosset and Dunlap, and it is also written by a variety of writers using one pseudonym. The main character, Peggy Lane, is an actress and sort of an investigative reporter, more than a detective. The series started, though, in the early 60s, rather than as far back as Nancy Drew. I wish I knew if Harret Adams STratemeyer had anything to do with the books.

    Liked by 1 person

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