Edgar “Leroy” McKinley: The Boy – The Man – The Soldier

My uncle Leroy McKinley… my mother’s only sibling was killed in action in Metz, Germany during the Battle of the Bulge. My granddaughter “McKinley” was named in his honor! Thank You for your service Uncle Leroy… an uncle I never had the chance to meet.

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Edgar “Leroy” McKinley: The Boy –  The Man  –  The Soldier

1924 – 1945

Feb topicsI participate on a monthly basis in Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Week 52 Ancestor stories challenge. It’s funny how my story today speaks to all four weeks of February themes. Week 6 was “So Far Away”, Week 7 is “Love” – Week 8 “Good Deeds” and Week 9 “Close to Home”. My Uncle’s story definitely fits in every week this month – being so far away in Germany, showing so much love in his letters to his mother, father and sister; his good deeds over there will never be forgotten and finally he came back, closer to home. Amy’s choices for February stories couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for Leroy’s story and the hardest one I’ve ever written. I thank you for taking the time to read.

Leroy boy man soldier_0006 Leroy held by his father, Edgar McKinley…

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