Family Recipes and Memories: Potato Pie

Family Recipes and Memories

“Potato Pie”


“Potato Pie”

What do you do when you too many potatoes… you make Potato Pie or as some call it…”frittata”. I remember my mother in law calling it a pie… so pie I call it. Whatever you call it, it’s super delish… and can easily become a complete meal… and don’t forget to add a few slices of Italian bread. And like a potato chip… bet you can’t eat just one slice… no matter how big you cut it!



  • eggs (I used 9 for my large pie)
  • parsley… a shake or two… or more
  • 1/2 cup grating cheese – abt.
  • salt & pepper
  • potatoes (abt. 4-5 large potatoes) chopped in bite size pieces
  • onion (half a large onion – cut in thin slices)
  • cast iron pan cooks the best crusty edges!
  • olive oil or vegetable oil
  • extras… anything extra you’d like!

Let’s Put it Together….

Peel potatoes… how many depends on size pan you use. I’d say 4 good size potatoes will fill an 8-inch or slightly larger pan. I cooked mine in a cast iron pan for that extra crispy on the bottom.

Heat either olive oil or veg. oil in your pan… when hot, add sliced onions and potatoes; cook on medium heat and keep lifting up the potatoes so they don’t stick… and believe me… they like to stick… it’s a constant battle of keeping them from not sticking. (add more oil to pan along, don’t let it dry out on bottom or the potatoes will stick even more.


Too many potatoes… means more than one potato pie!

While potatoes are cooking, crack eggs in a bowl, add parsley, cheese, salt and pepper and whisk till frothy. I read that if you whisk them up well together, it helps to puff up your pie… and it seemed to work for me. (I used 9 eggs in my bigger pan, as Grandma Minnie always said, use only odd amounts… and I didn’t want to be jinxed!)

Once your potatoes are cooked… pour in egg mixture. I let the bottom cook for a few minutes on top of stove, then I put pan in oven at 400… that’s why you need to use cast iron. I found it cooked better in the oven… and it did puff up slightly.

For some reason I had never written this recipe down, and had to go looking online to see what others were doing… while no one said onion… I added thinly sliced onions anyway… it added flavor. So I’m going to continue sticking with the onion and parsley in the future as I think this pie was one of my best! It came so good, I made 2… and I still have potatoes left, so I might be making a third one in a few days! This will be a good recipe to keep in mind for Uncle Jimmy’s Maine potatoes!

Besides serving this dish at dinner… it makes an awesome breakfast dish… remember it’s just potatoes and eggs! Add chopped ham or sausage and you’ve got your complete meal… even  perfect for brunch!

Do let me know if you make this… I’d love to hear if you changed it up any. Hubby said I kicked it up a notch adding the onion…


My daughter in law Rose… took up my challenge and baked this scrumptious “potato pie” today! It looks yummy!!!

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7 Responses to Family Recipes and Memories: Potato Pie

  1. Lyn Smith says:

    Looks good but I’d have to leave out onions, as I’m allergic. Honestly, I’ve never thought about adding eggs to my potatoes but one can always try new things.
    Thanks for the recipe.

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  2. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    Jeanne, are you shredding or slicing potatoes?

    Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 2 people

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