2019: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 7 (Feb. 11- Feb. 17) Love

2019: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 7 (Feb. 11- Feb. 17) Love

“first” joined Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks on its “first” year in 2014… and what a whirlwind year that was… writing, editing and researching daily for 365 days! As much as I wanted to continue the following year, I found that I didn’t have the time to continue another year with that type of research… although I did continue blogging and writing stories at my own pace, which allowed me to write on other topics as well as family stories when ideas came my way… but I’ve often missed it. The first year were no specific weekly prompts like today… but I’m taking a different spin on them. There will be some posts on a specific ancestor, but most will be memories that spring from those prompts. Head over to 2014 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks to read about my ancestors in the first years challenge.

If you’re new to genealogy, make your “first” stop to Amy’s website for genealogy ideas or even join in on this 52 Week challenge… you learn by doing… not procrastinating! There is no right or wrong… anything you do is a start!

Week 7 (Feb 11- Feb 17) Love

What’s your first love – your mom & dad… then gradually you begin adding more into this circle… best girl friends… boyfriends… then marrying your true love… who soon becomes first in your life. It’s often hard to say or even think about, but your spouse takes a high hierarchy in that love cycle when you marry!

My husband often says to me… “it’s just us, we love and depend on each other… and it’s only us who will be there for the other.” It’s true! Sure you have kids, but they have their own lives when they grow up… with their spouses… who now comes first in their lives.

My husband… of soon to be 48 years this year is the “love of my life”… we are like Nancy Drew and Ned… well almost… more like Barbie and Ken… you hardly ever see one without the other! From the time we married, we’ve shared everything in life… always having the same interest… going everywhere together… and still in retirement… together in almost everything.


A very large Valentine candy box and card I’ve kept for a long time… just too pretty to throw away!


What means more than writing your “love” everyday when he’s stationed overseas. It wasn’t long after we married, when he was whisked away to Thailand for a year; he asked me to marry him when he found out he was being shipped overseas… not wanting to leave me home single… awe… so sweet! I remember writing him a letter almost every night before bed… and he sent me many also! My mother told me she wrote to my father when he was in the Navy… but sadly the letters were lost… I made sure to save ours!

Retirement today for us is staying up late… sleeping in… and sharing some TV time during the day. While I work on crafts upstairs, the downstairs is his domain where he works daily on some project or another; finally getting to all the many things he put on hold through the years… now there’s time for those repairs. At present he’s making me a frame for my Nancy Drew game board. Yay… finished just in times for Valentines Day!

My Nancy Drew frame Hubby made me for Valentines Day!

We’ve shared several hobbies of antiquing and collecting through the years… from auctions to flea markets to tag sales. Several collections have come and gone through the years, but there always seems to be something on the burner that keeps us hunting through estate sales. I guess one day there will be a huge estate sale in our home… hope my kids have read through my “heirloom posts” so they know what’s what… or they might be sorry when they’ve tossed something that belonged to great aunt Lena! I’ve learned through the years to never toss something too quickly… I know… as I’ve done it!



My grandparents: Edgar and Ola (Askew) McKinley

My mother has always talked about her parents and how much her father loved her mother. He never denied her anything she wanted… although he might tease her, but he knew he was going to buy it for her; he was very protective of her. She called him “daddy”!


What’s better than marrying your Love” on Valentines Day? That’s just what my daughter did…sharing their special day with so many sweethearts!

gillon wedding

My favorite Valentine Couple!

Stay tuned for Week 8… (February 18-24) Family Photo

Feb 2019 52 Weeks

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